The Coming Ice Age By James Reed

     Survivalist John Steele put me onto this guy, who seems like me to believe in a coming ice age, since I argue that if bushfires prove global warming according the mainstream media, then cold spells just as easily prove global cooling, in my mind for sure.

“Astrophysicists and climate watchers are making immense amounts of observations around the world, with record September freezes across Europe and North America and Australia, even as the idiot Muricans drool before the Oracle of The Lying God and wring their hands about manmade global warming. Yo, Human, the Sun is taking a nap. Yes, no sun spot activity as predicted by the hated Russian scientists, for 32 days. According to the Russians some years in the Eddy Minimum might have no sunspot activity. This effects volcanism among other climate drivers on earth, which is a subordinate body to the Sun. While the elite tell us we are warming the earth the sun is letting it cool. You know, once, when a supermarket manager, I had this retarded parcel pickup employee, who a trouble maker on the crew had talked into believing that he made the decisions, and not this evil mother****** in the ill-knotted tie. When I finally informed the cart guy that he had not been hired as the store manger, and punctuated this by suspending the liar who was making sport of him, the 300-pound man cried on my shoulder and hugged me. Manmade global warming cultism is essentially the same thing. But the man in the tie who solves all problems will not be there to sort it out for the people duped into believing the climate is shifting south when it’s cutting a hard north. Our initial experiences in this, which I think is the Eddy Minimum and is the 27th on record, suggest that this Grand Solar Minimum is likely to be more severe and longer than the Dalton Minimum, which saw the “Year Without a Summer” in 1816, and is more likely to be as long and severe as the Maunder Minimum, which gave humanity a century of war, plague, genocide, deluge, storm, summer fires [London, 1666] witch burnings [which are a big deal in times of plague and bad harvests] and religious fanaticism as well as the birth of a brand new form of government, hitherto an oddity, called The Nation State in 1648. This icy hand of Fate seems to be ushering in the Surveillance State. For a good information clearing house on climate and food production check out Adapt 2030, a YouTube channel.”

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The Problem of Cow Farts! By James Reed

     Just in case one feels that there is not enough climate change mania, then we have an ecologically sensitive burger company trying to do something about cow farts, by a change of their diet, such farting, as you know, Princess Greta says, is the greatest threat to humanity. Do I believe her? Is that a trick question?

“Burger King is staging an intervention with its cows. The chain has rebalanced the diet of some of the cows by adding lemon grass in a bid to limit bovine contributions to climate change. By tweaking their diet, Burger King said Tuesday that it believes it can reduce a cow’s daily methane emissions by about 33%. Cows emit methane as a by-product of their digestion, and that has become a potential public relations hurdle for major burger chains. Greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture sector made up 9.9% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Of that amount, methane emissions from livestock (called enteric fermentation) comprised more than a quarter of the emissions from the agriculture sector. With an over-the-top social media campaign that teeters between vulgarity and science (sprinkled with more vulgarity), Burger King is banking on the heightened awareness of climate change and its responsibility to limit its own role.”

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Princess Greta is Back! By James Reed

     It is like something out of a new politically correct fairy tale, as despite the corona plague, Princess Greta a modern-day climate change Joan of Arc, presses on to deconstruct the world economies of the West, but not China of course which is immune to criticism.  Only whites pollute you see.

“Swedish activist Greta Thunberg said on Thursday the world needed an economic overhaul to have a chance of beating climate change and that countries should be prepared to tear up old deals and contracts to meet green targets. The 17-year-old spoke to Reuters TV after she and other activists sent an open letter to European leaders urging them to take emergency action and saying people in power had practically “given up” on searching for a real solution. “We need to see it as, above all, an existential crisis. And as long as it’s not being treated as a crisis, we can have as many of these climate change negotiations and talks, conferences as possible. It won’t change a thing,” Thunberg said, speaking via video from her home in Stockholm. Thunberg, who lambasted world leaders at a U.N. climate summit last year for believing in “fairytales” of eternal economic growth, said that only fundamental change to the existing system would bring climate change under control. She cited a U.N. study published in November that suggested planned investments to boost fossil fuel production are likely to push temperature goals enshrined in the 2015 Paris Agreement out of reach. “So that means that if we are to stay below these targets, we have to make it possible to tear up and abandon valid contracts and deals. And that is not possible within today’s system,” Thunberg said. Demands in the letter, released before Friday’s European Council summit, included an immediate halt to all investments in fossil fuel exploration and extraction, in parallel with a rapid ending of fossil fuel subsidies. The letter also called for binding annual “carbon budgets” to limit how much greenhouse gas countries can emit to maximise the chances of capping the rise in average global temperatures at 1.5C, a goal enshrined in the 2015 Paris climate accord.”

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Murder Hornets Deadly Immigrants Increasing Diversity and Vibrancy in Bee Hives By Brian Simpson

     These little monsters have now entered the US, not yet Australia. Basically, these insects attack honey bee hives, systematically killing every bee, then making food out of them. The Asian honey bee fights back by masses of them forming a bee-ball over the hornet, metabolically cooking them, but the European bee has not evolved to do this, so hives get wiped out.

      It is like a deadlier version of the corona plague, one to really worry about, since bee colonies are already under threat with colony collapse disorder, which while not in the news much, is still out there, and a threat:

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So, Climate Change is Not an Existential Threat! By James Reed

     Little Princess Greta told us that we adults are killing her world with climate change, and that we needed to do something, she was not sure what, but dismantling the economy would be a first step. Then letting China rule the world might be second, but like everything, she was thin on detail. But now some other intellectual climate gurus are breaking rank. How long before the entire house of cards, collapses? A corpse can only be paraded as living for so long. Before it falls apart.

“One of the heroes of the environmental movement has recanted his earlier views that “climate change” is an existential threat to human civilization. He says he is now embarrassed by his previous views, which he expounded for years as an expert in the field. In a column published at, and subsequently removed by the editors, Michael Shellenberger now says, “humans are not causing a sixth mass extinction, the Amazon is not the lungs of the world, climate change is not making natural disasters worse,” and denies many other shibboleths of the environmental left. Within hours of its publication, Shellenberger’s piece was removed from the Forbes website. Shellenberger is a long-time revered member of the environmental movement, the founder of many campaigns, and an author of several books related to environmental issues. He says he has remained silent about his controversial views for a long time because he was afraid of losing friends and funding. He points to what happened to climate scientist Roger Pielka, who was chased out of the climate movement for the heretical view that increased coastal damage is not caused by more hurricanes but by overbuilding in coastal areas. Though a climate skeptic for some time, Shellenberger decided only recently to speak up because of the increasingly hysterical statements of climate alarmists. Last year, U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the world would end in 12 years due to climate change. Green journalist Bill McKibben said climate change is the greatest challenge humans have ever faced said that it will wipe out civilization. And perhaps most concerning to Shellenberger was recent polling that shows half the people surveyed around the world think human extinction is coming. What’s more, one in five British children told pollsters they were having nightmares about climate change.

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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter By John Steele

     The politically correct are upset because a big game hunter has been appointed to be a state conservationist. Killing, or culling animals, is apparently inconsistent with the Green ideology:

“A big game shooter who proudly posed with the dead carcasses of giraffes, elephants and rhinos has been hired to be a state government conservationist. Jewell Crossberg was recently appointed acting district manager of the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions in Esperance, on the state's south coast. A Facebook album titled 'business and pleasure' has surfaced showing Mr Crossberg standing over dead giraffes, rhinos and zebras he's shot at South African game reserve in 2010. In one photo, Mr Crossberg kneels down next to the corpse of a giraffe with a rifle in one hand. The head of the dead animal rests over his knee while Mr Crossberg smiles for the camera. Mr Crossberg is also seen posing with a dead zebra in one photo, and grinning behind a felled elephant in another one. The album has since sparked outrage and calls have been made for Mr Crossberg to be removed from his role in the conservation department. Mr Crossberg will be acting as the Parks and Wildlife manager in Esperance where he will be responsible for looking after the wildlife and natural assets in the district. Though an online petition has called for him to be removed from the position. 'A man for sees [sic] no issue with hunting endangered and threatened species should not be in a role protecting Australia's native flora and fauna, as he clearly lacks the judgement to do so, despite the photos being taken at a South African Hunting lodge, where such hunts are legal,' the petition reads. The petition quotes a letter from concerned citizens of Esperance, calling for immediate action against Mr Crossberg. 'We the citizens of Esperance are very concerned about the recent appointment of Jewell Crossberg,' the letter reads. 'We think the director Jason Foster has made a very bad judgement call. 'We are so disappointed to see Mr Crossberg is not a true conservationist and shouldn't be in a position of this standing.' The department said in a statement Mr Crossberg had gone through a competitive recruitment process and that it was committed to wildlife conservation. 'The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions is committed to wildlife conservation and ensuring world’s best animal welfare practices. 'Jewell Crossberg went through a competitive recruitment process and demonstrated he had the appropriate skills for the acting district manager role.' Mr Crossberg has since deleted his Facebook page.”

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Cold Comfort By Viv Forbes

     Before sunrise yesterday, the grass temperature in Washpool, "Sunny Queensland" was minus 1.7 deg. There was no wind or sunshine. Wind turbines were becalmed and not even moonbeams energised our solar panels. In that still, frosty darkness, green energy failed again. Not a watt came from becalmed wind "farms" or from subsidized solar panels cluttering many roofs (including ours). But we didn't need our diesel in the shed - we were
saved by trusty Old King Coal, with maybe a dash of gas or hydro. Reliable 24/7 generators provided pre-dawn power-by-wire for lights, heaters and coffee before we checked the frosty flats for new-born lambs.

     Needs Some Warming here too (Canada) To download this article with all images click:

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Australian Evidence of a New Ice Age? By James Reed

     I am a great believer in global climate change; not warming, but cooling, always feeling in my water that a new ice age is coming, and scientists whom I read in the 1970s told me that, and that is about how up to date I am, which is impressive. Take the present cold snap, with Antarctica dumping its coldness upon us, no concern that I can’t even feel my fingers as I type this. I can’t afford heating and am locked down, like Victorian (i.e. 1800s) prisoners, in an icy dungeon, to keep safe from Coviddy.

     Even snow in South Australia, up in the Flinders Ranges, wherever they are, somewhere up north, maybe near Adelaide, it does not matter much to me, because I am an arrogant Victorian, made more arrogant by being shut up in a chicken coop for, what a year now? Anyway, I argue that this is due to global cooling, since whenever there is a bushfire, well it’s global warming. So, by parity of reason, when there is a cooling event, it must be evidence of the opposite namely an ice age. You can’t have your ice cream cake and eat it too.

Wasps and Figs By Mrs Versa West

     I like figs, and like most of us all I enjoy sitting under my back-yard fig tree, embracing my individual freedom, or what freedom I used to have before we in Melbourne lost everything. And I imagine that the anti-freedom police will be here soon to cut down my metaphorical fig tree. Shades of Adam and Eve! Anyway, blow me over, no easy task given my whale-like weight, there are wasps who live in figs. Didn’t know that, but now I do.

“If you’re a fig lover, this next sentence may be hard for you to swallow. The figs you’re eating could have a dead wasp stuck in them. I know that probably makes you squirm, but it sounds more dramatic than it is. You may think the idea of wasps inside a fig is gross, but it’s actually pretty amazing to see how nature knows exactly what it needs to do to allow both plant and insect species to survive. Figs and fig wasps have a mutually beneficial relationship — something that’s officially called mutualism — that developed over millions of years of evolution. They need each other to survive. Fig wasps help pollinate figs and, in turn, the figs provide a safe place for the wasps to lay their eggs. This relationship is crucial to a balanced ecosystem and is also crucial to you enjoying a fresh fig or that fig jam you love. So, don’t let this tidbit of information make you shy away from eating figs. The fruit, or technically flower, is full of resistant starch, potassium and other nutrients such as magnesium and choline, that help keep you healthy. Plus, you’re probably already eating a lot of bugs without even realizing it. Read on to see what I mean. Why Do Figs Need Wasps?

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Cannibalistic Crabs? By Brian Simpson

     A family, quietly minding their own business, munching away, are suddenly surrounded by huge cannibalistic crabs! My, that would make a great film or novel.

“A family who were trying to enjoy a spring camping barbecue were shocked to find they had been surrounded by a group of robber crabs. The giant crustaceans, also known as coconut crabs, measure up to metre in length and have a strong sense of smell. When an unwitting family were enjoying an al fresco barbecue while camping on Christmas Island, in Western Australia's far north-west, the the crabs swarmed around them. Photographs of the barbecue show more than 52 of the clawsome creatures eagerly awaiting a chance to snack on some leftovers. Winter McKendrick, the daughter of one of the other families on the trip, looked unfazed as the enormous crabs surrounded her as she ate her dinner on her fold-up camping chair. One brave crab was pictured scaling the side of the table to get better access to the family's delicious meal.” 

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How Social Credit Might Deal with Cosmic Catastrophes? By Brian Simpson

     I don’t write much upon economics, not knowing anything about it, but the feeling is that we should try to give every article, even those about impending destruction of the world, an optimistic spin, which I am happy to do, if possible. Always look on the bright side of life, I say:

     That applies to space rocks in the cosmic shooting gallery. For some reason, some of these are allowed to strike the Earth, wiping out life e.g. the dinosaurs, but not in the human era, but who knows, maybe that could be our Sodom and Gomorrah treatment, and who could blame the Supreme Being for losing His patience with rebellious humanity, yet again?,it%20were%20to%20hit%20Earth

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Energy Roadmap to Oblivion By Viv Forbes

     The LNP energy roadmap asks us to bet on “clean hydrogen, energy storage, green steel and aluminium, carbon capture and storage, and soil carbon”. Like the worst spec-stock spruiker they promise to streamline regulations and legislation to encourage these mal-investments. NOT ONE of these items will generate reliable low-cost 24/7 electricity. EVERY ONE will risk huge capital expenditure chasing green rainbows. NOT ONE will improve the climate. ALL obey foreign/UN agendas. If this is the best the LNP can offer we may as well vote Green/ALP to precipitate the inevitable energy crisis. When that real emergency comes, voters will punish this bi-partisan Parliament of Fools.

Mother Earth Anti-Goddess Speaks By Chris Knight

     The climate change fanatical religion has ben a bit quieter during the Covid-conspiracy, but it looks like things are warming up now on the global warming front, to throw in many clever weather metaphors.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday, during an interview on MSNBC, that raging wildfires in California, Oregon, and Washington are direct proof of the climate change disaster unfolding across the country. "Mother Earth is angry," Pelosi said. "She's telling us - whether she's telling us with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, fires in the West, whatever it is … that the climate crisis is real and has an impact." As Pelosi spoke about the climate crisis, MSNBC showed a series of short clips highlighting the widespread devastation in her home state. Pelosi is the latest in a recent line of leading 'Party of Science' Democrats to attempt to directly connect the wildfire situation in the western US to the climate crisis. For example, California Governor Newsom, on Sunday (Sept. 6), told reporters during a news conference that wildfires in California were "the realities of climate change." "California has always been the canary in the coal mine for climate change, and this weekend's events only underscore that reality," he said. "Wildfires have caused system failures, while near-record energy demand is predicted as a multi-state heatwave hits the West Coast for the second time in a matter of weeks." And none other than former President Barack Obama tweeted that humans were at fault for the orange skies over San Francisco.”

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Attack of the Giant Killer Mosquitos from Hell! By Brain Simpson

     Hey, if the mainstream false news media can tip out false news by the bucket load, then why not headlines like the above? Well, the thing is, apart from the hell metaphor, it is still pretty close to the truth.

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, massive swarms of mosquitos have laid waste to Louisiana, killing huge numbers of cows, as well as deer, horses and other livestock in the region. Two weeks after Hurricane Laura brought torrential rains to the southwest part of the state, thousands of mosquitos have set upon animals as large as bulls, draining their blood and leaving them anemic and bleeding. Livestock annoyed by the mosquitos have also been forced to pace around during the hot and moist summer in an attempt to avoid the insect. The hordes of mosquitos pushed out of their marshy habitats by Hurricane Laura have been nothing less than a menace for local livestock, according to a Louisiana State University AgCenter press release. “The population just exploded in the southwest part of the state,” said LSU AgCenter agent Jeremy Hebert. The problem has led to the widespread loss of cattle and even some horses across the five parishes neighboring the most severely impacted part of the state where the storm made landfall in late August. Experts estimate that anywhere between 300 and 400 cattle have been lost by local ranchers.”

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Going After Charles Darwin Now; Now Real Survival of the Fittest By Brian Simpson

     I was reading an article in The History Teacher, by Christopher Versen, “What’s Wrong with a Little social Darwinism (In Our Historiography),” which puts social Darwinism, the idea that evolutionary forces directly apply to human societies, in a more plausible historical light. Even so, in my opinion the ideas of Darwin and Spencer are much more reasonable than Marxism and all the Leftist bs that now fills the universities, such a critical race theory and postmodernist frog droppings. But, there will not be a fair debate about Darwin, and social Darwinism, since the present woke politically correct establishment is moving to eliminate his thought from the modern hellholes called universities.

“If you believe in the Theory of Evolution as put forth by the late Charles Darwin, then you are a “racist” who needs to be “decolonized.” This is the position of Great Britain’s Natural History Museum, which recently launched a review aiming to stamp out “offensive” and “problematic” collections specifically associated with Darwin and his evolutionary endeavors and expeditions. Audit rooms, statues and items such as exotic birds will all be pored over to identify any potential elements of racism that warrant their immediate removal from the facility. And this is all being done to show how “science, racism, and colonial power were inherently intertwined,” according to the museum’s curators. According to a document about the review, the Natural History Museum decided to take on this investigation “in light of Black Lives Matter and the recent anti-racist demonstrations around the world.” To please the BLM mob, in other words, the Natural History Museum of the United Kingdom is planning to go over each and every piece in its facility to see “whether any statues (or collections) could potentially cause offense. This will include taking a closer look at Darwin’s specimen collections gathered from the Galapagos Island, which the museum says represent just one of many British “colonialist scientific expeditions.” The word “colonial,” as used by the museum, may as well equate to racism, because that is what is meant every time it is used. And because the entire basis of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was built upon colonialist endeavors, his entire life is an embodiment of racism. “The Black Lives Matter movement has demonstrated that we need to do more and act faster, so as a first step we have commenced an institution-wide review on naming and recognition,” says Michael Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum.

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Opinion Piece: Not So Green By Viv Forbes

Solar energy is very dilute, so solar collectors usually cover huge areas of flat arable land, stealing farmland, starving wild herbs and grasses of sunlight and creating “Solar Deserts”.

A Solar Desert expanding at Gannawarra in Victoria, Australia
Not so Green
Picture Credit ARENA

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The Secret Life of Plants By Brian Simpson

     When I was in high school, there was a book The Secret Life of Plants, which was popular. I never read it, but I think it argued that plants are not mere mechanisms, but have a mental life. Well, the author was onto something, although mainstream scientists, dismissed the work as pseudo-science. Well, even so, it was more interesting than the unreplicable bs that they produce, usually for big business’ profits.

“In a major breakthrough, Italian researcher Umberto Castiello from the University of Padua gathered together a selection of studies supporting the idea that plants can sense, feel, think and even communicate among themselves. Castiello said he hopes to fuel a discussion regarding the cognitive abilities of plants, such as those often observed in humans and animals. Discussions on plants as cognitive agents could help lead scientists to the “roots” of cognition, he added. His findings appeared online in the Journal of Comparative Psychology.

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Cold Comfort By Viv Forbes

     Before sunrise yesterday, the grass temperature in Washpool, "Sunny Queensland" was minus 1.7 deg. There was no wind or sunshine. Wind turbines were becalmed and not even moonbeams energised our solar panels.
In that still, frosty darkness, green energy failed again. Not a watt came from becalmed wind "farms" or from subsidized solar panels cluttering many roofs (including ours). But we didn't need our diesel in the shed - we were
saved by trusty Old King Coal, with maybe a dash of gas or hydro. Reliable 24/7 generators provided pre-dawn power-by-wire for lights, heaters and coffee before we checked the frosty flats for new-born lambs. Yet politicians, academics and the UN-ABC relentlessly push unreliable "green"energy, promising it will promote global cooling. They should be careful what they wish for. Neither sheep nor shepherds like frosty darkness.

Now Even the Sun is “PC”! By Brian Simpson

     I read this article about disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field, and was about to move onto the next disaster, when I noticed something “PC.”

“On June 23rd, Earth’s quiet magnetic field was unexpectedly disturbed by a wave of magnetism that rippled around much of the globe. There was no solar storm or geomagnetic storm to cause the disturbance. So what was it? Lately, Earth’s magnetic field has been quiet. Very quiet. The sun is in the pits of what may turn out to be the deepest Solar Minimum in a century. Geomagnetic storms just aren’t happening. “That’s why I was so surprised on June 23rd when my instruments picked up a magnetic anomaly,” reports Stuart Green, who operates a research-grade magnetometer in his backyard in Preston UK. “For more than 30 minutes, the local magnetic field oscillated like a sine wave.” Green quickly checked solar wind data from NOAA’s DSCOVR satellite. “There was nothing - no uptick in the solar wind speed or other factors that might explain the disturbance,” he says. He wasn’t the only one who noticed. In the Lofoten islands of Norway, Rob Stammes detected a similar anomaly on his magnetometer. “It was remarkable,” he says. “Our magnetic field swung back and forth by about 1/3rd of a degree. I also detected ground currents with the same 10 minute period.” What happened? Space physicists call this phenomenon a “pulsation continuous” or “Pc” for short. Imagine blowing across a piece of paper, making it flutter with your breath. Solar wind can have a similar effect on magnetic fields. Pc waves are essentially flutters propagating down the flanks of Earth’s magnetosphere excited by the breath of the sun. During more active phases of the solar cycle, these flutters are easily lost in the noise of rambunctious geomagnetic activity. But during the extreme quiet of Solar Minimum, such waves can make themselves “heard” like a pin dropping in an silent room.

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The Van Allen Belt and the Moon Landing By Brian Simpson

     Here is a very interesting video, “NASA Admits We Never Went to the Moon,” which appears to have modern astronauts talking about the challenge of getting through the Earth’s Van Allen belt of radiation, without dying, or being cooked. But, if the US went to the moon in 1969, which we all saw on telly, then how was this possible?

“That may be the reason why, since the presidency of Tricky Dick, no manned mission to the moon, or even beyond low earth orbit, has ever been attempted. Remember, the International Space Station is orbiting at a distance of 250 miles from the earth, whereas the moon is about 237,000 miles away. On January 14, 2004, President George W. Bush, speaking at NASA headquarters, announced a new endeavor to “gain a new foothold on the moon” and beyond, remarking: “In the past 30 years, no human being has set foot on another world, or ventured farther into space than 386 miles—roughly the distance from Washington D.C. to Boston, Massachusetts” (quoted in Wisnewski 329). No manned mission to the moon came out of this announcement. Time is working to the advantage of the moon hoax theorists, for every year that passes makes people wonder: “If it was so easy to send a man to the moon between 1969 and 1972, why has it not been done again ever since?” Less than half of the British and Russians still believe in the moon landings. Among the educated, this percentage is falling fast. What will happen in twenty years, when Americans realize hardly anybody but them believes it? Will the United States of America survive the exposure of this giant hoax?”

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