The Problem of Cow Farts! By James Reed

     Just in case one feels that there is not enough climate change mania, then we have an ecologically sensitive burger company trying to do something about cow farts, by a change of their diet, such farting, as you know, Princess Greta says, is the greatest threat to humanity. Do I believe her? Is that a trick question?

“Burger King is staging an intervention with its cows. The chain has rebalanced the diet of some of the cows by adding lemon grass in a bid to limit bovine contributions to climate change. By tweaking their diet, Burger King said Tuesday that it believes it can reduce a cow’s daily methane emissions by about 33%. Cows emit methane as a by-product of their digestion, and that has become a potential public relations hurdle for major burger chains. Greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture sector made up 9.9% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Of that amount, methane emissions from livestock (called enteric fermentation) comprised more than a quarter of the emissions from the agriculture sector. With an over-the-top social media campaign that teeters between vulgarity and science (sprinkled with more vulgarity), Burger King is banking on the heightened awareness of climate change and its responsibility to limit its own role.”

     This is all for nothing, for as I have covered at this site, even if every cow was given a cork, it would not matter as the fanatical vegan Greenies are against meat eating, full stop. All controlling cow farts does is put off the evil day when the company faces politically correct closure, when meat is banned.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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