Going After Charles Darwin Now; Now Real Survival of the Fittest By Brian Simpson

     I was reading an article in The History Teacher, by Christopher Versen, “What’s Wrong with a Little social Darwinism (In Our Historiography),” which puts social Darwinism, the idea that evolutionary forces directly apply to human societies, in a more plausible historical light. Even so, in my opinion the ideas of Darwin and Spencer are much more reasonable than Marxism and all the Leftist bs that now fills the universities, such a critical race theory and postmodernist frog droppings. But, there will not be a fair debate about Darwin, and social Darwinism, since the present woke politically correct establishment is moving to eliminate his thought from the modern hellholes called universities.

“If you believe in the Theory of Evolution as put forth by the late Charles Darwin, then you are a “racist” who needs to be “decolonized.” This is the position of Great Britain’s Natural History Museum, which recently launched a review aiming to stamp out “offensive” and “problematic” collections specifically associated with Darwin and his evolutionary endeavors and expeditions. Audit rooms, statues and items such as exotic birds will all be pored over to identify any potential elements of racism that warrant their immediate removal from the facility. And this is all being done to show how “science, racism, and colonial power were inherently intertwined,” according to the museum’s curators. According to a document about the review, the Natural History Museum decided to take on this investigation “in light of Black Lives Matter and the recent anti-racist demonstrations around the world.” To please the BLM mob, in other words, the Natural History Museum of the United Kingdom is planning to go over each and every piece in its facility to see “whether any statues (or collections) could potentially cause offense. This will include taking a closer look at Darwin’s specimen collections gathered from the Galapagos Island, which the museum says represent just one of many British “colonialist scientific expeditions.” The word “colonial,” as used by the museum, may as well equate to racism, because that is what is meant every time it is used. And because the entire basis of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was built upon colonialist endeavors, his entire life is an embodiment of racism. “The Black Lives Matter movement has demonstrated that we need to do more and act faster, so as a first step we have commenced an institution-wide review on naming and recognition,” says Michael Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum.

“We want to learn and educate ourselves, recognizing that greater understanding and awareness on diversity and inclusion are essential.” Because many of Darwin’s finds occurred in places like South America where people have darker skin, this also amounts to racism because white people are apparently not supposed to travel to places where the natives are not also white. At the same time, white people keeping to themselves in their own predominantly white areas is also considered to be racist, which begs the question: Is there anything white people can do that is not automatically racist, according to the Left? As for the Natural History Museum, the entire place needs to be gutted and “decolonized” – there is that word again – in order to eliminate all traces of racism from the building. One curator argues that the museum itself is racist because “museums were put in place to legitimize a racist ideology.” This same curator contends that “covert racism exists in the gaps between the displays,” whatever that means. Other figures on the chopping block at the U.K.’s Natural History Museum include pieces by Sir Joseph Banks, who journeyed with Captain James Cook on behalf of the British Empire. Because both of these men had lighter skin, they are racist and must be removed from the museum. The Democrats have a similar agenda, by the way, as they push for the elimination of “whiteness” from American society. “How does a collection of birds legitimize a racist ideology?” asked one Breitbart News commenter. “Only when you’re so racist that you view anything done by white people as ‘racist.'” “When you’re that racist that you see racism where there is literally nothing except possibly dust, then you’re probably as racist as anyone else in history,” this same commenter added.”

     Well, I guess it all comes down in the end to survival of the fittest, so that the Left may win in the short term, but overall, they are setting in place the conditions which will utterly destroy them for all time. And when that happy event happens, we will all be like the unknown iconic dancing man:



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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