Cannibalistic Crabs? By Brian Simpson

     A family, quietly minding their own business, munching away, are suddenly surrounded by huge cannibalistic crabs! My, that would make a great film or novel.

“A family who were trying to enjoy a spring camping barbecue were shocked to find they had been surrounded by a group of robber crabs. The giant crustaceans, also known as coconut crabs, measure up to metre in length and have a strong sense of smell. When an unwitting family were enjoying an al fresco barbecue while camping on Christmas Island, in Western Australia's far north-west, the the crabs swarmed around them. Photographs of the barbecue show more than 52 of the clawsome creatures eagerly awaiting a chance to snack on some leftovers. Winter McKendrick, the daughter of one of the other families on the trip, looked unfazed as the enormous crabs surrounded her as she ate her dinner on her fold-up camping chair. One brave crab was pictured scaling the side of the table to get better access to the family's delicious meal.” 

     The headline got me in thinking that the crabs were man-eaters, but not so, just huge hungry critters wanting a feed. I say, give them your food, and run for your life. Since the crabs are protected, and there are stiff penalties for eating them, plan B, of grabbing them and putting the tasty little fellows in a pot of boiling water for a delicious crab dinner is simply out of the question. Illegal and cruel.



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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