Australian Evidence of a New Ice Age? By James Reed

     I am a great believer in global climate change; not warming, but cooling, always feeling in my water that a new ice age is coming, and scientists whom I read in the 1970s told me that, and that is about how up to date I am, which is impressive. Take the present cold snap, with Antarctica dumping its coldness upon us, no concern that I can’t even feel my fingers as I type this. I can’t afford heating and am locked down, like Victorian (i.e. 1800s) prisoners, in an icy dungeon, to keep safe from Coviddy.

     Even snow in South Australia, up in the Flinders Ranges, wherever they are, somewhere up north, maybe near Adelaide, it does not matter much to me, because I am an arrogant Victorian, made more arrogant by being shut up in a chicken coop for, what a year now? Anyway, I argue that this is due to global cooling, since whenever there is a bushfire, well it’s global warming. So, by parity of reason, when there is a cooling event, it must be evidence of the opposite namely an ice age. You can’t have your ice cream cake and eat it too.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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