An Intense China War by James Reed

The Rand Corporation has released a report about the nature of a possible war between China and the United States, saying that such a war would be “intense, destructive, and protracted,” as China is fast closing the technological gap. Indeed, with globalisation many crucial spare parts and goods the US would need are now “made in China.”

My guess is that the US under Hillary Clinton, who will continue the globalisation programme, will lose. They will run out of steam, assuming nukes are not fired. That is, if they even work.

The chattering class in Australia have had to consider the “unthinkable,” having a glazed-eye cargo cult mentality towards China. If China owns Australia’s basic infrastructure, perhaps in a war China may decide to shut down Australia. Really? It took some time for our Asianised experts to get an infinitesimal of common sense reality.

The more difficult question though is what happens in an all-out China war, if Australia does not join with China against the US: how will Chinese people in Australia be dealt with? Will they be placed in camps, as many Germans and Japanese were in WWII?

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Immigration: The Same Old Wrong Arguments by James Reed

The ruling elites are worried about anti-immigration sentiment, as has come to be symbolically, and now parliamentary represented in the form of one, Pauline Hanson. Thus, The Weekend Australian, August 6-7, 2016, p. 4, trots out the same tired old line that it has been pushing since that red Australian mast head was put on their newspaper, “Immigration ‘A Key to Our Prosperity.’” Scott Morrison is quoted, obviously enough, also pushing this line.

And then there is the human interest support story that always goes with this sort of propaganda. Here we will have a migrant who is either: (1) a super-achiever, and/or (2) would be afraid/feel “alien” if he/she went home.

In this story we are treated to a combination of both; the finance broker who “would feel alien if I went home.” Now that’s interesting, and says much about how migration itself changes cultures. And why, given the immigration ideology shouldn’t even migrants continue to migrate in a never ending chain of migrations? And with this “musical chairs” of migration, what meaning at all does “home” have anymore?

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So, Who Did Get Here First? by Brian Simpson

The headlines back in June 2016, loudly proclaimed:
New DNA Technology Confirms Aboriginal People as First Australians.” (ABC News, June 7, 2016)

With all the talk about recognition and “first people,” perhaps many were surprised to learn that the “New DNA Technology” reference is to a research paper allegedly refuting an earlier paper of 2001, that had argued that the oldest known Australian human remains, near Lake Mungo, New South Wales (“Mungo Man”), were alleged to not be Aboriginal at all, but from an extinct human linage. This would mean that the Aborigines, in pre-history “displaced” this race of people. This could have been by interbreeding, but more likely involved warfare. Things were tough and different from today.

This would directly challenge the “first person” ideology, but we did not hear much about it.
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The Forbidden History of Unpopular People by Topher Field

Topher takes an irreverent look back at the unpopular people of history and finds that sometimes it's the 'crackpots' who are right... meaning that there's a real benefit to ensuring everyone has a right to free speech, even if they're a crackpot!

Liberty & Democracy in Western Civilisation by Roger Scruton

Conservative philosopher Roger Scruton delivers the keynote address at the Institute of Public Affairs' 2014 Foundations of Western Civilisation Symposium.

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The Return of the Pharisee

The zealots will never desist.  Only their opinions matter and their oppressive decrees are not only to be accepted but enforced as absolute.  They have usurped the authority of God. 

How different from the 1960’s when I listened to the most outrageous and diverse tirades and expositions, often delightfully challenging and humorously insulting, in London at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.  How wonderful it was to be able to listen to and evaluate these messages for myself.  Some of the speakers knew themselves that many or all of the ideas they were uttering were nonsensical and they were just honing their literary and elocutionary skills. 

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Politicians and 'People Power'

Last month I placed a blog entry about 'The Responsible Vote'. It is a process of individual engagement with their representatives by regularly communicating about current issues.

...we must write to the successful representative telling them how we voted and why. We must also keep in regular contact with the representative and inform them of our views in regard to matters of concern. The electors responsibility does not end on polling day.

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Will Hungary Be Next to Exit the EU?

It is not at all surprising to see the breakup of that monolith called the EU.
Run by unelected bearucrats, answerable to only themselves (soviet style), people have finally had enough.

Similar to Australia, the ferment against the elites is taking shape, as people everywhere begin to take back their countries.

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ABC Bias or a Deliberate Government Tactic

from Andrew Bolt's Blog

VIEWERS of the ABC were recently shown an emotional, one-sided Four Corners program on juvenile detention in the Northern Territory. It was frightening, but deliberately misleading. It relied on old footage and I believe the program was an abuse of the ABC’s charter and an abuse of taxpayers’ money…

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After the Hacking – Now What? by Tom North

With my distrust of computers and all things IT and AI, I of course did not go on-line to fill out my census form. Why, it was invasive enough without Skynet looking over my shoulder. I predicted, the inevitable, that hackers would sneak into the site and drain away all vital information, described by one defense/IT expert as a “honey pot.”

What I have seen on the net, if that can be trusted, is that the hack occurred from “overseas.” I am not sure why a hack would bring a site down, for wouldn’t true professionals go in and out without a trace, not stomp around cybernetically like a proverbial elephant in a china shop?

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If Trump is a Threat, then What is Hillary? by Chris Knight

Following on from the publication of Clinton Cash, we have another media “debate” about how dangerous Donald Trump will be. Thus, Kim Beazley, the former Defence Minister said (The Australian, August 10, 2016, p. 1), that Trump would as president cause unnecessary confrontations with China, and thus threaten Australia’s security.

Regardless of what one thinks about Trumps’ promises to restore economic nationalism to America, which is unquestionably a threat to the globalist elite, Trump is much less of a hawk than Clinton. He has indicated that he wants fair trade deals with China, and is friendly to Russia. The media, of course, uses Trump’s fair view of Russia against him as well.

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Is Trump Trying to Lose the Election to Hillary Clinton on Purpose? by Tyler Durden

“There is an adage in politics: Don’t get in the way of a train wreck,” said Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, a top campaign aide to presidential candidates Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. And, as Reuters reports, Clinton’s advisers say they see little benefit in her going toe-to-toe with Trump over every personal accusation, generating sound bites that would dominate cable news broadcasts. Rather, they are happy for him to be embroiled in controversy while Clinton focuses on policy.

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Free Speech and Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act

Some salient points raised by Jennifer Oriel the other day.

21st-century Left waging new war on free speech by Jennifer Oriel

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Globalism: A Failed Experiment (No 1) by Ken Grundy

James Reed has described globalism as a “failed experiment,” and I could not concur more. I intend to devote a number of articles to this topic in due course. But to get the ball rolling, I draw the reader’s attention to an article which lets the cat out of the bag, and throws away the bag.

Alex Tabarrok, “The Case for Getting Rid of Borders – Completely,The Atlantic, Ontober10, 2015, is an article well worth reading just to see how the globalist mind ticks over.

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Race Commissioner:” Guilty Until Proven Guilty by Ian Wilson LL.B.

When I say cartoonist Bill Leak’s cartoon about an Aboriginal police officer approaching an Aboriginal father about his delinquent son’s behaviour, and the father giving a delinquent response, I knew that many would find the cartoon offensive.

Although I am a free speech advocate, I do not believe that such comments are particularly helpful, merely getting a chuckle out of a terrible situation where there is genuine human misery. Such comments do not help, although peole should be free to make them. But, then, I am a Christian.

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The Great Same-Sex Plebiscite ruse by Mrs. Vera West

We know that the high court of Australia, has ruled that the definition of “marriage” in the Constitution is such that it embraces same-sex unions. This was done through using a “living” method of constitutional interpretation, saying that words should not be defined as the Founders used them, but as, well, modern progressives use them. This is a handy dandy way of making the Constitution mean anything that progressives want.

Perhaps you hope that the same sex marriage agenda may be defeated in the plebiscite, and will then go away? Think again!

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China and the Grid by James Reed

There has been weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 8:12) in the media over Scott Morrison’s decision to reject two Chinese bids for majority control of NSW’s electricity assets, on national security grounds. This is seen as pulling the plug on china, a retreat from our “Chinese future,” and numerous other nauseous phrases.

But the decision is right, and a good start in regaining some sense of national identity and sanity from the insane cult of globalism. In a nut shell, China and no other Asian nation would even dream of allowing Australia to own its vital infrastructure, such as electricity assets.

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Pride: The Cause of Many a Fall by Mrs Vera West

Pride is said to come before a fall. But in actual fact pride is often the cause of a fall, what is called hubris. Research published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, studied the brain activity of 308 people using MRI scanning. The subjects evaluated their own performance in a cognitive test.

People who were confident about their performance in the test showed higher levels of brain activity in those areas of the brain normally associated with reward processing.
That would be all well and good, except for one fact; those over-confident people actually got poorer test results than more modest subjects. Over-confidence led to an inflation of these people’s abilities, and a delusion about their capacity to succeed.

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America’s Race War: A Product of the New World Order by Chris Knight

The headline from Natural, proclaims that a full-on race war is in motion in America.
Mike Adams does not mince words:
“it is now obvious that American society is breaking down into social chaos characterized by racially motivated black-on-white mob violence. As much as I have repeatedly called for peace and unity among all citizens to realize the TRUE enemy is a corrupt, criminal government, there are still sectors of society where so-called "Black Lives Matter" rioters have become de facto Black Power terrorists who are deliberately hunting down and targeting white people for beatdowns and murder.”


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A Wish List for a Royal Commission into the Financial Services Industry by Ken Grundy

The Labor Party, Greens, and independents Nick Xenophon team and Pauline Hanson, are supportive of a Royal Commission into the Financial Services Industry, especially the banks. There has been significant community concern over numerous scandals and consumer rip off such as Comminsure, the Commonwealth Bank’s life insurance arm.


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