Politicians and 'People Power'

Last month I placed a blog entry about 'The Responsible Vote'. It is a process of individual engagement with their representatives by regularly communicating about current issues.

...we must write to the successful representative telling them how we voted and why. We must also keep in regular contact with the representative and inform them of our views in regard to matters of concern. The electors responsibility does not end on polling day.

Today's press notes that the current front bench have no intention of taking any notice of public opinion, but rather will do the bidding of the paid lobyists and party donours.

Bernardi’s 18C amendment proposal doomed after Coalition free vote ban
Jared Owens

, The Australian
Senator Cory Bernardi has vowed to sponsor a bill to remove the words “offend” and “insult” from the law’s controversial section 18C. Coalition frontbenchers have been banned from supporting firebrand senator Cory Bernardi’s proposal to amend the Racial Discrimination Act, dooming the free-speech crusade to failure...
Mathias Cormann, the deputy leader of the government in the Senate, today said there would be no free vote on the issue, binding Liberal and National frontbenchers to support the position espoused by Malcolm Turnbull.

Australian people are having their debates and discussions stifled by the threat from the 'NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal' about Homosexual Vilification and the 'Racial Discrimination Act Section 18C' on several important political issues that will affect many generations to come: 'national security', 'immigration', the 'definition of marriage' and 'Aboriginal recognition in the constitution'.

Democracy needs the individual to engage in the process of controlling thier politician. Pressure must be brought to bear against all those front bench (and no doubt opposition front bench as well) members who fail to yeild to the public will.

Democracy cannot function in a vacuum. The responsible vote is every day over every issue!



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Thursday, 29 September 2022