The Return of the Pharisee

The zealots will never desist.  Only their opinions matter and their oppressive decrees are not only to be accepted but enforced as absolute.  They have usurped the authority of God. 

How different from the 1960’s when I listened to the most outrageous and diverse tirades and expositions, often delightfully challenging and humorously insulting, in London at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.  How wonderful it was to be able to listen to and evaluate these messages for myself.  Some of the speakers knew themselves that many or all of the ideas they were uttering were nonsensical and they were just honing their literary and elocutionary skills. 

Humour with its potential for provoking serious thought was still alive.  There is no humour and no life in the law of the tyrant which destroys the spirit of man.  “The Law Killeth; the Spirit Maketh Alive”. 

The New Tyrants care nothing for Life borne of the Spirit which because of their envy they wish only to destroy.  Naked power, “legitimized” and exercised behind the mask and hypocrisy of unjust law is the only Truth which they recognize.

Wallace Klinck, Canada



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Thursday, 29 September 2022