ABC Bias or a Deliberate Government Tactic

from Andrew Bolt's Blog

VIEWERS of the ABC were recently shown an emotional, one-sided Four Corners program on juvenile detention in the Northern Territory. It was frightening, but deliberately misleading. It relied on old footage and I believe the program was an abuse of the ABC’s charter and an abuse of taxpayers’ money…

The old Don Dale Juvenile Centre had been in use for many years but in August 2014, the then CLP minister, John Elferink, decided to close it. Its facilities were unacceptable…
The government renovated the unused Berrimah Prison, which became the new Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre. The move took place in early 2015…

Also in 2014, Elferink employed Michael Vita to prepare an independent report into the juvenile detention system… [B]etween $20 million to $30 million has been spent since early 2015 implementing those recommendations.

No mention of those positive steps was in the ABC report, which was based on three pieces of footage, the most alarming of which showed guards rushing an individual and throwing him to the ground — in fact, on to a mattress. That was on December 9, 2010, almost six years ago. Yet the ABC gave the impression the incident was recent and the fault of the current government. 

As a result of that incident, charges were laid by the DPP against a Youth Justice Officer and heard in the NT’s Court of Summary Jurisdiction in December 2013. The officer was acquitted. The NT DPP appealed to the Northern Territory Supreme Court but on December 1, 2014, Justice Barr upheld the magistrate’s decision. He said in part “the force that was used was within the parameters of the law”.

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I noted from scanning the main stories from this morning's news, that our main stream media has gone deftly silent on the immigration issue. Without detracting from the importance of the "NT 'in custody' issue and the calling for a royal commission of same", I suspect this issue has been sitting on the sidelines for quite some time and has been strategically rolled out to distract the community from any further discussions about immigration.
(Much of the footage shown in the ABC’s damning Four Corners program, which initiated the inquiry, was shot in 2010.

This tactic of media silence is intended to stifle further debate (on immigration-ed).





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