An Apple a Day Keeps Diabetes Away by Brian Simpson

A study by I. Muraki (et al.), “Fruit consumption and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Result from Three Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Studies,” British Medical Journal, vol. 347, 2013, examined the fruit consumption of 12,198 participants who had type 2 diabetes. The researchers examined the consumption of fruit juice versus the consumption of the raw fruit.

It was found that those who consumed one or more servings of fruit juice per day, increased their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 21 percent.
However, the consumption of whole fruit – particularly apples and blueberries – resulted in a 7 percent reduction in type 2 diabetes risk.

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The Face of Economic Collapse by James Reed

An article in The New York Post, “These are the Signs of an Economic Collapse,”  is one of many articles appearing in the mainstream media, speculating about the long-anticipated big economic breakdown, one to dwarf the last GFC. The article gives a check lists of the signs that a crash is coming:

“What does the beginning of an economic collapse look like? Do you see grocery stores closing? Do you see other retailers, like clothing stores and department stores, going out of business? Are there shuttered storefronts along your Main Street shopping district, where you bought a tool from the hardware store or dropped off your dry cleaning or bought fruits and vegetables?
Are you making as much money annually as you did 10 years ago? Do you see homes in neighborhoods becoming run down as the residents either were foreclosed upon, or the owner lost his or her job so he or she can’t afford to cut the grass or paint the house? Did that same house where the Joneses once lived now become a rental property, where new people come to live every few months?

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Hillary’s Health; America’s Health by Charles Taylor

Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, said on Fox News Sunday, that Clinton has exhibited several signs of illness, including coughing fits, her inability to sit for long periods of time without a pillow, her inability to climb even small slights of stairs unassisted, and her seizure-like motions of head-shaking – have not been scrutinized by the press, who are giving her a dream run. He said that all one needs to do is to look at the videos on-line at “Hillary Clinton illness” to see this.

Further, the mainstream media is actively protecting Clinton from any damage health reports would produce. The Huffington Post recently sacked one journalist for daring to report on Clinton’s state of ill-health: The offending article has been deleted from the site.

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How have our politicians, bureaucrats and leading journalists all conspired to sell out the Australian people and the Australian nation? The questions that matter begin to be asked - at last.


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed trade agreement between the European Union and the United States, with the aim of promoting trade and multilateral economic growth.

Corruption in the European Union: Scandals in Banking, Fraud and Secretive TTIP Negotiations
by Graham Vanbergen

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The Soviet Strategy for Destroying the West by Peter West

Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet KGB agent defected to the West at the height of the Cold War. In the West, he tried to warn us – unsuccessfully – that the real threat from communism was ideological, through sowing the seeds of collectivist ideologies in the West, as detailed in, Love Letter to America

Ideological subversion involved seeing the West and its institutions as the enemy. Hence the West can be viewed as racist and imperialist while communist regimes have slaughtered hundreds of millions and are “pure” people. “American privilege” was pushed by the Left in the 1960s, but this has now morphed into “white privilege” and there seems to be no end in sight on the ride down.

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The World-Wide Persecution of Christians by Mrs Vera West

A very good article by Greg Sheridan (“Western Media Shuts its Eyes to Persecution of Christians,” The Weekend Australian, August 6–7, 2016, p. 21), needs to be noted.

Sheridan quotes research by the Pew Research Centre, which states that Christians are the most persecuted minority in the world, being persecuted in 108 countries in 2014. The worst offender is the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and Libya, and by Boko Haram in Nigeria. In Iraq, for example, the Islamic State systematically killed Christians, primarily males, and subjected the women to sexual slavery. There was once 1.5 million Christians in Iraq, but only 10 percent of that figure are there now. This is only one part of a trend to drive Christians out of the Middle East by “severe harassment and discrimination.” One hundred years ago there were about one in seven people in the Middle East Christian, but that figure is now less than one in 25 and falling, fast.

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Ban the Burkini? Are You Joking! by Mrs Vera West

Recently, the media reported on French policeman surrounding a Muslim woman who had been swimming at the beach and forced her, by law to remove her burka, or head coverings. France, until a few days ago, had championed the ban as something of a show-and-tell, to cover for the socialist governments porous, near-open borders and embrace of mass migration.

The French position of liberty, equality and fraternity, has it that the burka and burkini are symbols of female oppression. The Islamic idea is that women invite sexual attack by their dress and that modesty is a protection against this. Commenting on this Jennifer Oriel (The Australian, August 29, 2016, p. 12) says “The burkini is a symbol of surrender to archaic sexual mores that divide moral from immoral women by dress code.”

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The Domestic Violence Ideology by Mrs. Vera West

In Australia today, very little is written by men opposing feminism, the gender agenda and the “end of men.” Even in the “Freedom Movement” many of  the major players are female, and the issues associated with the implosion of masculinity, are not their concern. They may, indeed, support some aspects of the agenda, in an unthinking way.

Hence it is good that manhood has one interesting advocate, Bettina Arndt, whose article, first in a planned series of articles, seeks to restore balance and rationality. A recent piece “Always Beating Up on Men,” (The Weekend Australia, August 20–21, 2016, p. 17), points out that “domestic violence groups have built an industry on skewed figures.” She quotes Swedish politician Eva Solberg, who last year lashed out at the ideology that it is men, misogynist men, who are the cause of domestic violence. The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project database indicated that at least half of domestic violence is carried out by women.

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Wise Words on the Gender Diversity Program by Mrs Vera West

Nick Cater (“‘Diversity’ Now a Weasel Word for Gender Warriors,” The Australian, August 30, 2016, p. 12) wrote a good piece on the Safe Schools program and the gender diversity program. Some notable quotes:

“In a relatively short space of time the theory of gender fluidity has changed from a fringe academic obsession into semi-official government policy, thus demonstrating that today’s uncontested nonsense becomes tomorrow’s accepted wisdom. Under the guise of “diversity and inclusiveness” – the weasel words of contemporary morality – the notion that gender is decided by providence has been assigned to the sin bin of political incorrectness.”

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 We stand up for a better Australia - and that means black, white and brindle.

 We stand up for our own people - and so does Hayley.

 Yes, that means white people and black people - because that's who we are - one mob.
Comment:  This young lady deserves every recognition and commendation she can get for her act of bravery and maturity amongst scenes of violence and chaos. To stand between the police and her own people in an effort to keep the peace and prevent further harm is something that needs to be shared.

Missing The Point

Colin Rubinstein is correct in pointing out ('Free speech warriors are missing the point about 18C', The Australian, 1/9) that 'there have always been legitimate limits placed on free speech', but the six examples he gives, unlike 18C, do not threaten to seriously impede free speech in national forums on sensitive topics connected to ethnicity such as Aboriginal constitutional recognition, the disadvantages of multiculturalism and the history of Nazism.

His comment that 'laws similar to 18C exist in the overwhelming majority of Western democracies' is misleading. Many nations, such as France and Germany, have much harsher 'anti-racist' laws against 'hate speech', as a result of which many thoughtful dissidents have had their careers ruined and some even been imprisoned.  Do we want that here? 18C is a step in that direction.

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What Sarah Gill calls 'tribalism' ('Hope for a mad world', The Age, 1/9) has greater importance and more beneficial nature than she admits. For example, quoting lunatic fringe comments during and after the Brexit referendum does not negate the obvious truths that very many  Britons value their membership within the British people and justifiably feel that their group identity is at threat from excessive immigration of relatively unassimilable others.

Loyalty to Britain in the past and in the present was and is a profound driver of cultural and political achievement. The same can be said of the 'tribalism' of many other peoples from the French to the Japanese.

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How Could Donald Trump be More Psychopathic than Hitler? by Charles Taylor

An Oxford University researcher, psychologist Kevin Dutton, has claimed that Donald Trump has more – yes, more – psychopathic traits than Adolf Hitler. That headline got around the world, but Hillary Clinton ranked as a psychopath between Napoleon and Emperor Nero! See:

The “research” involved completing a psychometric tool known as the Psychopathic Personality Inventory-Revised (PPI-R), and examines eight component traits: social influence, fearlessness, stress immunity, Machiavellian egocentricity, rebellious nonconformity, blame externalisation and carefree nonplanfulness. Trump scored 171 and Hillary Clinton 152.

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Here Come the Mind-Controlled Nanobots! by Brian Simpson

In general, people passively respond to technology, which in the name of corporate profits – and not the common good – is imposed upon them. Then, when ill-effects occur, there is a life-or-death battle to try to get back to lost ground. Seldom do people think in advance of the negative consequences of technology; they are seduced by possible benefits. And, as always, good men do nothing.

Consider nanotechnology, the engineering technology of the very small. It seems now that the latest thing is mind-controlled nanobots that can release drugs in response to human thought. (The Australia, August 29, 2016, p. 8) The idea, still being tested on cockroaches (I wonder what cockroaches think about), is to have DNA robots that can deliver a drug based on brain activity (= thoughts). This is to save on people being drugged all of the time.

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The Clinton Emails are Just the Tip of a Dark Iceberg by Charles Taylor

An important comment on the Hillary Clinton email scandal was made in a small section of the Editorial, The Australian, August 29, 2016, p. 13.
The FBI has uncovered 15,000 more Clinton emails that she failed to hand over. Along with this was the revelation, if it can be called that, that when she was Secretary of State, she met with people outside of government who donated money to the Clinton Foundation in a “pay for play” arrangement, raising $200 million from 85 donors, including some described as “tyrannous.”

The Wall Street Journal concludes that the 15,000 additional emails are “further evidence that Mrs Clinton set up her private server to prevent the public from seeing how Hillary and Bill mixed public power with their personal financial and political ambitions via the family foundation… everyone in the world understood that a gift to the Clinton Foundation was a way to influence the US government.”

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Ban Doctors, Not Guns! by John Steele

The medical establishment in both the United States and Australia are big on gun control. But, as observed by a News article, August 23, 2016 (, doctors are killing an incredible 2,450 percent more Americans than all gun-related deaths combined! An American is 64 times more likely to be killed by a doctor through mistakes and mishaps than by gunmen.

In 2011 there were 31,940 gun deaths and 19,766 of them were suicides.  That makes the homicide figure 12,174. By the way, doctors usually chirp in and say that without guns we would not have gun deaths by suicide. True enough – we will have suicides still by other means that could harm others such as jumping off buildings.

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Chinese Food and Unfree Trade by James Reed

An increasing amount of the food – including vegetables – at the supermarket, now comes from China. This shows the madness of globalisation, where Australian-grown produce must compete with the always cheaper Chinese imports.
Who dares ask: why should there be this competition in the first place? If an answer is given by the Dark Lords of Commerce, it usually goes along the happy capitalist lines of promoting individual choice. It is truly amazing how when socially harmful doctrines are critiqued, the elite always go back to “individualism” or “diversity.”

Peter Navarro and Greg Autry, Death by China (Pearson Education, New Jersey, 2011), present a full-scale assault on this free trade mythology. The book covers a lot of ground, but for the purposes of this note, is a good source on the dangers of imported Chinese food “infused with all manner of banned antibiotics, putrefying bacteria, heavy metals, or illegal pesticides.” (p.1)

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Crisis in dairy industry escalates to new level by Patrick J. Byrne

A perfect storm has hit the dairy industry – deregulation of dairy and water, falling export prices, drought, the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, duopoly supermarket price wars, debt and issues of corporate governance.
In Victoria, a rural tragedy is unfolding as herds of cattle are going from dairy farms to saleyards to abattoirs.
While nature and global markets are beyond the control of farmers and processors, some of the factors behind the crisis are man made, and similar problems are facing other industries across the Murray-Darling Basin.

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How Not to Die in One’s Seat by Brian Simpson

There is considerable scientific evidence which indicates that the more time spent seated, the greater the risk of death from all causes. Sitting can literally kill us. This is obviously not good news for most of us, who even if we don’t watch TV or play computer games, still must spend a large part of the day seated.

However, a recent study in The Lancet, by U. Ekelund (et al.), “Does physical activity attenuate, or even eliminate, the detrimental association of sitting time with mortality? A harmonised meta-analysis of data from more than 1 million men and women,” (2016), offers us hope. It was found, contrary to some previous research, that 60-75 minutes of moderate physical activity, such as walking the dog, is enough to counteract the ill-effects of a desk job, even with 8 hours seated. Even 25 minutes’ exercise is of some help.

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