Here Come the Mind-Controlled Nanobots! by Brian Simpson

In general, people passively respond to technology, which in the name of corporate profits – and not the common good – is imposed upon them. Then, when ill-effects occur, there is a life-or-death battle to try to get back to lost ground. Seldom do people think in advance of the negative consequences of technology; they are seduced by possible benefits. And, as always, good men do nothing.

Consider nanotechnology, the engineering technology of the very small. It seems now that the latest thing is mind-controlled nanobots that can release drugs in response to human thought. (The Australia, August 29, 2016, p. 8) The idea, still being tested on cockroaches (I wonder what cockroaches think about), is to have DNA robots that can deliver a drug based on brain activity (= thoughts). This is to save on people being drugged all of the time.

Well, no it won’t! People will be nano-drugged all of the time! It is only a small step from using mind-controlled nanobots to deliver drugs, to cutting out the middle-man – the drugs – and just engaging in bad old fashioned mind-control.
If technology can permit something evil and oppressive to be done, then it will be done.
This is an iron law of this regime.



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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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