Hillary’s Health; America’s Health by Charles Taylor

Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, said on Fox News Sunday, that Clinton has exhibited several signs of illness, including coughing fits, her inability to sit for long periods of time without a pillow, her inability to climb even small slights of stairs unassisted, and her seizure-like motions of head-shaking – have not been scrutinized by the press, who are giving her a dream run. He said that all one needs to do is to look at the videos on-line at “Hillary Clinton illness” to see this.

Further, the mainstream media is actively protecting Clinton from any damage health reports would produce. The Huffington Post recently sacked one journalist for daring to report on Clinton’s state of ill-health: http://www.jeffereyjaxen.com/news/huffpost-censors-terminates-second-journalist-in-5-months. The offending article has been deleted from the site.

This is all somewhat ironic because Clinton herself, under question from the FBI about whether she had been briefed about how to preserve government records as she was about to leave the State Department, said that she could not remember, blaming concussion for her memory lapse: http://www.newsweek.com/hillary-clinton-concussion-fbi-report-495401. So, it is highly relevant to scrutinize Clinton on health issues, because lapses such as a mishandling of classified information has already occurred. This incident clearly demonstrates that the mainstream media is a biased political tool, as if we needed further proof of that.

The Editorial, The Australian, September 5, 2016, does, to its credit address Clinton’s memory lapse before the FBI, and finds her behaviour unsuitable for a president, noting, of course, that Donald Trump is also unsuitable (“there is little sign that either of them is up to it.”) Trump’s latest failure is to discuss policy with Mexico’s president, which somehow “antagonised” the Mexican government.

Maybe they needed it. But Clinton may have used the private email server: “to cover up more sensitive issues, such as donations to the Clinton Foundation.” That seems more important a transgression that some imagined offence to Mexico, who offends the American people daily with illegal immigration.

In this context, it is interesting to speculate about the deeper meaning of an article which recently appeared in the US News & World Report, which discussed how the US election could be delayed or cancelled: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-08-30/candidate-death-could-delay-or-eliminate-presidential-election. The article speculated about the state of play, if a candidate died or pulled out of the race, with various possibilities existing, including popular elections being abandoned, and the Electoral college, deciding on the president.

Although there is much speculation that Clinton may collapse, there is also the possibility that Donald Trump could have an “accident” and fall out of the running.

Mike Adams at Natural New.com, August 30, 2016, at http://www.naturalnews.com/055146_social_chaos_election_results_popular_revolt.html, predicts that America will be hit by waves of violence whichever candidate is elected, given that the election represents the major division between the politically correct and politically incorrect.

A Trump win, he predicts, would result in the Left resorting to terrorism. However, 44 percent of American households have guns, and it is unlikely that those people have those guns just to hide cracks in the wall. A country with a Second Amendment may see the need to use it in a time of self-defence. And a similar situation may arise if Clinton wins.

Adams sees many in America, who have lost everything as having nothing left to lose in fighting a civil war. He also notes that the globalists seem to be pushing for a mixture of civil and race war to bring America down. Maybe they might just get their wish.

The results of this, if the worst-case scenarios are realized, will have profound effects upon the world.
Life in Australia, as a consequence, will not be the same again.



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