Chinese Food and Unfree Trade by James Reed

An increasing amount of the food – including vegetables – at the supermarket, now comes from China. This shows the madness of globalisation, where Australian-grown produce must compete with the always cheaper Chinese imports.
Who dares ask: why should there be this competition in the first place? If an answer is given by the Dark Lords of Commerce, it usually goes along the happy capitalist lines of promoting individual choice. It is truly amazing how when socially harmful doctrines are critiqued, the elite always go back to “individualism” or “diversity.”

Peter Navarro and Greg Autry, Death by China (Pearson Education, New Jersey, 2011), present a full-scale assault on this free trade mythology. The book covers a lot of ground, but for the purposes of this note, is a good source on the dangers of imported Chinese food “infused with all manner of banned antibiotics, putrefying bacteria, heavy metals, or illegal pesticides.” (p.1)

Death by China documents that lack, or non-existent food safety standards have led to dangerous chemicals entering food, such as melamine, used to make plastics. (p. 17) Melamine-tainted pet food killed tens of thousands of cats and dogs in Europe, the United States, and South Africa in 2007. Some Chinese-exported chicken and pork, at that time, had been raised on food that had been contaminated by melamine. (p. 18) In 2008 around 300,000 Chinese babies became ill and 6 died after Chinese dairies added melamine to the milk, done, apparently, to artificially boost the protein content.

Apart from melamine, there is also the “heparin homicides.” Heparin is an anticoagulant drug, widely used in medicines, and made from the mucous in pig intestines. China, the pork capital of the world, having plenty of pig intestines, supplied the drug. But some Chinese manufacturers cut costs by using a heparin-mimicking agent called “overly sulphated chondroitin sulphate,” which can have deadly effects. Hundreds of people have died and thousands sickened (p. 20).

The book documents the Chinese use of illegal arsenic-based pesticides, the presence of deadly insecticides in food, heavy metals and deadly bacterium. But why?
Professor Luo Yadong says in his paper “A Strategic Analysis of Product Recalls: The Role of Moral Degradation and Organizational Control,” Management and Organization Review, July 2008, that this poisoning of the world’s food is a product of the poisoning or “moral degradation” of the “Chinese soul,” as traditional Confucian philosophy was displaced by the untidy mixture of Chinese communism and turbo-charged capitalism. Profit at any cost leads to all of the above problems.

Beyond Food: Security and Insecurity
Food though is just the tip of a dark iceberg. Alan Dupont (“China Wants What We Have, So it Won’t Risk a Spat,” The Australian, August 30, 2016), points out that the “establishment” are becoming concerned about China’s aggressive nationalism. He cites a 2015 poll by the Australia-China Relations Institute, which found that 77 percent of respondents believed that if China becomes the region’s dominant power, this would be a threat to Australia’s security.

Dupont says that our politicians are allowing China “to ride roughshod over Australia’s political and strategic interests.” He observes:
“The US is already worried about the level of economic influence China has established in Australia and the political and strategic leverage this provides Beijing. There is no doubt that a subtle process of conditioning is taking place in which Australian business and political elites are becoming more receptive and sensitive to Beijing’s concerns. Any lessening of resolve on the South China Sea will confirm Washington’s worst fears that a Turnbull government lacks the stomach to stand firm against Chinese pressure and coercion.” Those fears I believe will almost certainly be realized.

I have said for over a decade in these pages that the ultimate colonisation of Australia by China is the most likely end-point of the Asianisation program. What could be more obvious? – it is Asianisation, which means becoming Asian, leaving past identities behind. 

Since the end of World War II, first by Arthur Calwell’s “populate or perish,” then with multiculturalism, traditional Anglo-Australia has been slowly destroyed. Now, even “multiculturalism” is being transformed into a new kind of consumer-commerce based trans-culturalism, where the only culture is money. The agenda was based on race-replacement and making money (e.g. real estate), while this was being done.
The “Freedom Movement,” being scared of this issue “just did not see it” at its source. And so, here we are, and here we fall.

“Our” elites always sell us out for their 30 pieces of silver.
If after the collapse, by some miracle our tribe can rebuild, let’s not make the same mistakes again.



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