The New Zealand Defence Force Covid Mandate Case Decided: Lessons for Australia - A Legal Opinion Sought Out By Arnis Luks

The New Zealand Court of Appeal has ruled that the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDEF) had acted illegally with its Covid-19 vaccine mandate. A government public order had required New Zealand defence persons and police to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or be terminated. Three unvaccinated NZDEF challenged the order seeking a judicial review. Various g...

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Cultural Marxism, Eroding the Common Law - A Legal Opinion Sought Out By Arnis Luks

Following on from the article outlining the New Zealand climate change case, a case which is set to see the High court consider issues of traditional Māori lore as this is interpreted to relate to climate change issues, it is relevant to reflect upon the wider agenda which is impacting upon law in the West. Cases like this are no coincidence and Au...

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The New Zealand Climate Change Tort Case - A Legal Opinion Sought Out By Arnis Luks

A recent climate change case from New Zealand raises important political and jurisprudential (legal) issues, that are relevant to not just New Zealand but other Western countries, especially Australia and the United States. First, by way of general background, before going into details, the climate change case involves the applicant, Mike Smith, wh...

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McKinseygate: The Rule of the Corporate Technocratic State By Dr Kimberly Clarke

Freddie Ponton has published in 21st Century Wire, a long investigative journalist coverage of what he argues is the creation of a new shadow government parasitic to the corporate state: “McKinseyGate: France’s Shadow Government and the Rise of the Corporate State.” The essay exposes the role played in this by consultancy firm such as the globalist Accenture, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Cap Gemini, Deloitte, Eurogroup, EY, McKinsey & Company, PwC, Roland Berger, and Wavestone. Among these firms, the name of McKinsey & Co should be familiar to Australians, and there will be more about their role in the discussion below.

Ponton’s essay is motivated by the recently released report by the French Senate, Summary report of French Senate Commission Inquiry into the Growing Influence of Private Consulting Firms on Public Policy. The conclusions of the report are discussed in detail in the extracts reproduced below for readers wanting details about how this played out in France. In summary, these transnational corporations have been paid billions of loot for work done in recent times, especially for consultancy on the Covid pandemic, the implementation of vaccine strategies and the rollout. This has occurred not only in France, but also the United States and Australia. The French Senate Report expresses alarm at the power and secrecy around these consultation firms, and the way the government bureaucracy has been taken over, to serve corporate agendas. In particular, the separation of the corporate sphere and government, something as important as any separation of powers, has been broken down and what the French call “pantouflage,” has arisen, as people move from the corporate sphere to government and back again, bringing enormous conflicts of interest, let alone security issues, since most of these big firms, as referenced this article, work with CCP China on projects as well. Their interests are globalist, not to the local nation.

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Covid as a Chinese Bioweapon: The Latest Revelations By Brian Simpson

A media storm was created on the weekend when The Australian published revelations that the Chinese military had discussed using SARS coronaviruses as a bioweapon before the outbreak. The question then to be asked: is this a smoking gun, or rather, smoking virus? Well, it is not definitive proof, but needs to read alongside the lengthy critique of the natural origins hypothesis advanced by Nicholas Wade, recently featured in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, also at this bog. The plot thickens.

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Covid’s Origin: The Lab Hypothesis By Brian Simpson

I tried posting this material from science writer Nicholas Wade, with a pun in the title, but some IT problems with the site led to me not being able to plant the juicy bits here. Hopefully this goes through, and we are not being censored. Here is a mainstream journalist coolly dismantling the natural origins hypothesis. This is the best over-view I have read, and it takes apart the mainstream position, that there is a natural origin for Covid-19. Australian readers need to be aware of this article from The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the same folk who have a doomsday clock.

The God of the Left Hemisphere : Blake, Bolte Taylor and the Myth of Creation By Roderick Tweedy

Twilight of the Psychopaths  
The title of the present chapter derives from an article in the March 2008 edition of the Idaho Observer by Keith Barrett This piece, whilst occasionally rather literalist in its interpretations, is nevertheless energetic and thought-provoking.

It was also the first time that I came across references to a book by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman called On Killing. This neglected masterpiece of analysis and original research does to the subject of killing what Freud a hundred years ago did to the subject of sex. Grossman’s book is based on a remarkable piece of research conducted by the American military in the 1940s by Brigadier Gen. S L A Marshall, relating to firing rates. To their surprise they found that only fifteen to twenty per cent of World War II soldiers along the line of fire would actually use their weapons. As Grossman summarises it:

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Letter to Your Politician -Veterans PTSD

I am a local constituent. I have read of the very high suicide rates amongst returning veterans. I have witnessed PTSD with a neighbour's son-inlaw after deployment and my uncle after WW II and have this to say.
In Lt. Col. Dave Grossman book called "On Killing", shows that only 2-3 % will fire their weapons willing against an enemy without thought. 10-12% will follow suit under duress, but 85% will not naturally use their weapons against another human being.

Governments pursue policy leading to war but fail to recognise as a direct consequence of their policy the great trauma inflicted on the combatants and the enemy as well.
All wars are bankers wars, to control another's resources and balance the National debt. The war on terror was for oil resources, nothing more.
We need a royal commission to hold those responsible for initiating wars to account and equally important to respond adequately to our returning combatants.

Letter of Dissent from the Bushfire Coalition of the Fair Dinkum

MEDIA RELEASE 27 October 2020   


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to the Letters Editor of The Australian

to the Letters Editor of The Australian               27th October 2020

from NIGEL JACKSON      Belgrave, Victoria

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to the Editor of The Australian

to the Editor of The Australian                24th October 2020 

from Nigel Jackson     Belgrave, Victoria

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to the Editor of The Australian

to the Editor of The Australian                   26th October 2020 

from NIGEL JACKSON    Belgrave, Victoria

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Part 2: Neo-Liberalism and the Destruction of the West: A Review of The God that Failed By James Reed

Continued from Part 1

         The bulk of Publius’s book is taken up with the documentation of the destruction of the West, and it covers most of the topics on race, immigration and political correctness discussed by journalists at our site, which I find pleasing, if that is the word for agreement about Gothic horror. The great merit of Publius is to constantly link the political evils back to the issue of economic domination. Thus, to counter the diversity crowd, who maintain that former White nations need a constant transfusion of diversity, he counters: at what cost? Thus: unemployment among young French Africans was estimated to be 32 percent; France is experiencing high unemployment and the OECD has said that migrants account for 40 percent of French youth unemployment.

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What!!! Now a Second Biden Laptop!!! By Charles Taylor

         We are in the fascinating position of being able to see in real time the unfolding of pure evil in the political scene; it has always been there, but with the Biden laptop we get to see how corruption and rottenness go right to the top of the decaying tree:


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Hunter Biden; Paedophile By Charles Taylor

         Many have noted how old man Joe Biden likes to do creepy things with young girls, making them mighty uncomfortable. It is all on film. And, the apple has not fallen too far from the tree with his son, Hunter, and his infamous laptops.

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Twitter Now Silencing World Top Scientist By Brian Simpson

         Big Tech is totally out of control and must be reigned in by legislation. Now a top scientist has been censored:

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China Now World’s Largest Economy By James Reed

         Who says that Covid-1984 was not a Chinese conspiracy, as while the economies of the West have been crashed, China has surged ahead, with a 4.9 percent growth, making it now the world’s largest economy, way ahead of the anticipated moment.

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Part 1: Neo-Liberalism and the Destruction of the West: A Review of The God that Failed By James Reed

         John Q. Publius, a pen/protection name of presumably an American academic, has published The God that Failed: Liberalism and the Destruction of the West, (Black House Publishing, 2020). The book has already gone through two editions; the first in May and the second in September, 2020. This is in itself good to see, as a number of Right-wing presses, including Arktos and Counter-Currents, and Black House as well, have had titles knocked off by the usual censoring e-publishers.

         The God that Failed offers an analysis of the philosophical basis of globalism in its present form: neo-liberalism, which is an ideology usually characterised by its economic parameters, such as so-called “free markets,” the mass movement of people through unending migration, creating a reserve army of the unemployed, or casual workers at a subsistence level, and deregulation of the economy, for the West at least. All of this is supposedly supported by a libertarian philosophy which makes “liberty” and “freedom” core values. While this sounds good on paper, and is quite intellectually seductive to our side of politics, neo-liberalism, based upon libertarian economic philosophy, is a sham view of freedom, for it is only concerned with the freedom and liberty of big business and international corporate finance. George Monbiot, quoted by Publius, gives his insightful outline of the origin of neo-liberalism:

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The Ancestor Effect By Brian Simpson

         Going through my files I came across a remarkable paper that I intended to discuss years ago, but postponed it until it was forgotten, until now. Perhaps I should think of my ancestors more. I now explain.

         The paper in question is by P. Fischer (et al.), “The Ancestor Effect: Thinking about Our Genetic Origin Enhances Intellectual Performance,” European Journal of Social Psychology, vol. 41, 2011, pp. 11-16. The hypothesis is a remarkable one for a mainstream journal: thinking about one’s genetic origin, ancestors, increases intellectual performance by providing a “positive psychological resource.” This is the reason why people search for information about their ancestors and while most of us have photographs of our ancestors, used to navigate our identity. Our ancestors typically lived through tough times and exhibited resilience and resourcefulness. And “because we are the success of our ancestors and thus their genetic heritage, we tend to attribute successful problem-solving of our ancestors to our problem-solving abilities.” (p. 12)

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The Biden Family Corruption: Down the Email Rabbit Hole By Chris Knight

         Dr Steve Turley has done a great job explaining the Biden email controversy, which is unfolding as we read. Each day brings a new revelation of evil and corruption, so terrible that it is difficult for seasoned veterans to grasp, let alone the general public. It seems that Joe Biden is implicated in receiving a payout as part of a deal with a Chinese energy firm, which shows, if true, that he has been completely bought by the Chinese, with links, as with all such businesses, to the Chinese Communist Party. Now if Biden was running for president of China, that might not be such a problem. The rest of the mainstream media is blaming Russia for releasing the emails, but they have not discredited the emails, and the director of National Intelligence, Ratcliffe, has denied that the Hunter Biden laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

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