Dealing with Barking Dogs By Paul Walker

    The following article by Israel Shamir is so politically incorrect, it is steaming, but is based on little discussed events in Saudi Arabia:
     One wonders how Mr Shamir would conduct an Australian banking inquiry?

The Great Coalition Death Wish By James Reed

     As Alan Jones has Tweeted:
“Labor will win power narrowly in Queensland as a result of the Coalition preferencing Labor over One Nation. The Coalition must have a death wish. More Coalition voters completely angered.”

     This is a spot on observation, which has now been shown to be utterly true. The media were lightening quick off the mark to proclaim that One Nation had done poorly in the Queensland election, even though the facts show that the projected swing was + 12.8 percent, good by any measure, taking 14 percent of the vote:
     One Nation would have returned a much better result if the major parties had not done the usual and put them last:

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Royal Diversity Wedding Bells! By Carlyn Marks

     I am sure that all the Royal watchers out there are as excited as me about a new Royal wedding:

“I knew she was the one from the very first day’: Beaming Prince Harry says he is ‘thrilled’ to announce engagement to Meghan Markle as she proudly shows off a sparkling ring made with Diana’s diamonds and designed by HIM.

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Letter to The Editor - The current persecution of revisionist historians is a public disgrace which should be brought to an end

     Paul Williams offers the Jewish community good advice (28/11) in pointing out that ‘the best way to counter anti-Semitism is to encourage free speech.’  By contrast, Henry Herzog makes an ethical error in claiming that there is justification for legally censoring dissident views on the nature of, and extent of, Nazi wrongdoing towards Jews between 1933 and 1945. The current persecution of revisionist historians is a public disgrace which should be brought to an end.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Let the Universities Die! By James Reed

     Can you imagine my utter excitement? As readers will know, for well over a decade I have been proposing that the universities be closed down, and the utilitarian practical areas such as medicine, taken up in hospitals, while the Arts are totally abandoned. My critique at this site has been to show how most of the degeneracy which we as traditionalist, Christ-believing people oppose, comes from the universities. And, now, it seems US radical journalist Jim Goad has independently reached the same conclusion in a magnificent hard-hitting article, at the great site:

“At a symposium in May, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen predicted that “50 percent of the 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years.”

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The Foul, Violent Minds of the Chattering Class By Charles Taylor

     Here is an interesting piece because it is so explicit in its hatred, and makes it clear, that there is a cultural war from the Left (totalitarians-ed) and their controllers against traditionalists:

“British musician Morrissey says if given the chance, he’d kill President Donald Trump to ensure the “safety of humanity.”
The 58-year-old former Smiths front-man said in an interview with der Spiegel this week that if he were presented with a button that could instantly kill Trump, he wouldn’t hesitate to press it.
“I would [push it], for the safety of humanity,” Morrissey told the outlet. “It has nothing to do with my personal opinion of his face or his family, but in the interest of humanity I would push.”
The singer also explained that it was the media, who so derided Trump during the 2016 campaign season, that ultimately created Trump, ensured consistent coverage of his campaign, and led to his victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.”

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Truly Dr Frankenstein: The Elites Live Forever! By Mrs Vera West

    Apparently the world’s first head transplant, on corpses, has been conducted, and proclaimed a success:

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Thought Crimes are Here! By Ian Wilson LL.B

     The New South Wales government has now introduced thought crime laws:

“The NSW upper house has passed a bill which will allow the Attorney General to apply to keep an inmate behind bars beyond the completion of their entire sentence if he thinks they may commit a terrorism-related offence sometime in the future, even if they have never committed or even been suspected of engaging in such as offence before.
The Terrorism (High-Risk Offenders) Bill 2017 – which was introduced to parliament by NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman – gives him the power to make rolling applications to the Supreme Court to extend an inmate’s sentence for up to 3 years at a time, up to the end of their life, regardless of what they were originally sentenced for.”

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Letter to The Editor - Those who wish to venerate saints and their shrines, a devotion which, properly practised, is not shirk at all, but authentic piety, must be free to do so

     There is an irony in the behaviour of the Muslim fanatics in Islamic State and al-Qaeda (‘Branded heretics, Sufis face IS wrath’, 27/11). Starting correctly from the premise, endorsed by all the great sacred traditions, that God (‘the Unknowable’) is one, they then make the mistake which they accuse their enemies of making. They treat their particular religious discourse and theology as perfect and inviolate, arguing that therefore they can justifiably attack and kill all those who do not acknowledge it. Thus they themselves commit shirk (the identification of God with contingent phenomena of this world).
     In the Middle Ages hard-line Christians behaved in a similar way.  A major reason why we need adequate protections for religious freedom in Australia is to checkmate religious fanaticism of whatever kind, including atheistic fanaticism. Those who wish to venerate saints and their shrines, a devotion which, properly practised, is not shirk at all, but authentic piety, must be free to do so.
   NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - attempts to discount the reality of formidable Jewish political and financial power in the modern world have not helped win friends

     The latest report of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (‘Attacks on Jews a threat to all society’, 27/11) needs to be taken with caution, as it has not been prepared by an impartial and objective body. For example, it may exaggerate the significance of Antipodean Resistance, which is very likely an annoying gnat rather than a dangerous tiger.
     While it goes without saying that anti-Semitic fanaticism needs to be both publicly condemned and checked by appropriate legal safeguards, Jewish groups at times engage in unwise public actions and statements which unnecessarily draw opposition to Jews generally. Responsible conservative opinion is at times defamed under coloured language such as ‘far right’ and ‘neo-Nazi’. The belated and protracted campaign against ‘Nazi war criminals’, the persecution of revisionist historians and attempts to discount the reality of formidable Jewish political and financial power in the modern world have not helped win friends.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

The Future is Baltimore: “Out of Control Genocide” By Chris Knight

     This is the future of Western cities, where social decay is leading to social hysteria, and the willingness of people to accept New World Order policing and social control:

     It can’t happen in Australia, the land of same sex marriage, one might conjecture? Think again, for the poverty of Baltimore is fast coming to Australia as another brilliant article at the same site explains:

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God, Faith and Reason by Chris Knight

   Michael Savage, popular US radio host and critic of the Left:
  has published a book about the need for the restoration of the Christian faith as the foundation of American society, and I think he would agree, the West as well.  But the mainstream media, surprise, surprise, are not looking at his book, God, Faith, and Reason:

“I’m banned from Fox News,” he remarked. “They’ll have Charles Manson on, they’ll have an ISIS killer on, a rapist, a murderer, deviant, pervert – they don’t mention my name. This is what was done to people in the Soviet Union.”

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Javanka Rules By Charles Taylor

     This is a good article which says what I have said before, that Trump has been a fool to put his daughter Ivanka and son-in law Jared Kushner, as key advisors in the White House. On every politically correct issue you can name, these two supported the pc side, such as on gay issues and climate change.

“The liberal first daughter was believed to be a staunch supporter of the Obama-era Paris climate change agreement and fought to keep the U.S. in the job-killing deal. According to Politico, Ivanka brought Democrat climate-change peddler Al Gore into Trump Tower to talk it out with her dad and met with former Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio to get his opinion on the topic.
  Despite telling friends that she was choosing that issue to push her father on, she failed and Trump announced his intention to ditch the deal. Neither Ivanka nor Jared were present at the announcement.”

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Babes in Hijabs By Mrs Vera West

     What’s this? Yet another multicult scandal in our wonderfully diverse and vibrant, vibrating culture, over in merry England:

“The Church of England has responded to criticism of the sexualisation of infant students wearing the Islamic headscarf by encouraging its schools to continue setting “culturally and religiously sensitive” uniform policies.

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Death by Social Media By Brian Simpson

     We knew that there was something terrible that was going to come from the IT/communication revolution.  Humans, because of original sin, just don’t get it right, and always overdo things, even if the elites are not working away to destroy them, which, of course, they are:

“Besides smartphones being dangerous to our physical health, smartphones also have the capacity to vegetate our minds. These electronic devices give us access to the Internet, which then expose us to platforms that use up all our time and consciousness. While the Internet gives us access to vital and useful information on anything we could ever think of, it is also most likely the beginning of the end for human independence (from technology).

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Anyone for Throuples? The Next Big Thing By Mrs Vera West

    No, unfortunately “throuples” is not something one orders at a restaurant and goggles down – that is truffles.  No, throuples are three people in a sexual relationship, or polyamory. Polygamy differs, it is said, and involves multiple partners in a marriage.

     There will now be a movement towards polygamy, based on the need to accommodate Muslims. In fact, it is already underway:

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The Death of Politics By James Reed

     The Australian ran an interview piece from Howard and Rudd, to  get their views about what is wrong with politics, and why increasingly, the electorate think politicians stink (spoiler alert: I think that they do stink is the better explanation):

     Here is their joint wisdom in a nutshell, so that you do not have to drag your feet through the article, unless you want to drag:

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Euthanasia Via 3D Printer By Mrs Vera West

     How about this, combining politically correct death and gee whiz IT: print-your own-euthanasia capsules. No, not exactly death pills, but a place to die: The Australian, November 25-26, 2017, p. 5.

The capsule which can be 3D printed, allows one to die via liquid nitrogen, not freezing you to death, but by a peaceful hypoxia death, from lack of oxygen.

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Some Lefties are Great!? By Brian Simpson

     Brian, have you taken leave of your senses? No, I am referring to left handed people, of which I am one.
     A paper in biology letters, “Left-handedness and time pressure in elite interactive ball games by Florian Loffing,
Published 22 November 2017.DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2017.0446, has affirmed the long observed phenomenon, that left handed people are usually better fighters, and better in fast reaction sports, probably because of different neural wiring. As well, right handers really have difficulty dealing with lefties, while lefties live in a biased right handed world, and come to be great with both hands:

“According to the fighting hypothesis, frequency-dependent selection gives relatively rarer left-handers a competitive edge in duel-like contests and is suggested as one mechanism that ensured the stable maintenance of handedness polymorphism in humans. Over representation of left-handers exclusively in interactive sports seems to support the hypothesis. Here, by referring to data on interactive ball sports, I propose that a left-hander’s advantage is linked to the sports’ underlying time pressure. The prevalence of left-handers listed in elite rankings increased from low (8.7%) to high (30.39%) time pressure sports and a distinct left-hander over representation was only found in the latter (i.e. baseball, cricket and table tennis). This indicates that relative rarity and the interactive nature of a contest are not sufficient per se to evoke a left-hander advantage. Refining the fighting hypothesis is suggested to facilitate prediction and experimental verification of when and why negative frequency-dependent selection may benefit left-handedness.”

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Letter to The Editor - Nor is it true that the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s proposals ‘won conservative support.’

     Noel Pearson’s latest intemperate attack on Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull (‘Warring PMs betray recognition: Pearson’, 25-26/11) will only damage further his standing in the eyes of Australians generally.  For someone who has long advocated a sympathetic approach to Australians having Aboriginal ancestry, he shows a remarkable lack of sympathy for those of us of British ethnicity who cherish the monarchy, admire Prince Philip and enjoy watching ‘Downton Abbey’.
     Nor is it true that the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s proposals ‘won conservative support.’ They have been strongly opposed by the true conservatives: Keith Windschuttle, Frank Salter, Greg Sheridan, Gary Johns and Andrew Bolt.
     NJ, Belgrave, Vic.