Thought Crimes are Here! By Ian Wilson LL.B

     The New South Wales government has now introduced thought crime laws:

“The NSW upper house has passed a bill which will allow the Attorney General to apply to keep an inmate behind bars beyond the completion of their entire sentence if he thinks they may commit a terrorism-related offence sometime in the future, even if they have never committed or even been suspected of engaging in such as offence before.
The Terrorism (High-Risk Offenders) Bill 2017 – which was introduced to parliament by NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman – gives him the power to make rolling applications to the Supreme Court to extend an inmate’s sentence for up to 3 years at a time, up to the end of their life, regardless of what they were originally sentenced for.”

     The obvious explanation for such laws is to anticipate Islamic terrorists of the future, Muslims who go to jail, then get radicalised in jail. But, in the past our legal system has given people the presumption of innocence, and has never before punished merely because it is conjectured that a  crime may be committed. A little thing called evidence beyond reasonable doubt was needed, to punish for a crime. There has not been punishments for no crimes at all,  outside of police states and nations using terrorism against their own populations. That, now changes.

     Such a law would lead to massive abuse and injustice. One could postulate without any evidence any number of hypothetical crimes, and keep someone behind bars for eternity. And, beyond this, such laws create a precedent and a slippery slope. Why stop with people behind bars? Why not use the law to target anyone who may be thought to be able to commit a crime? Following that line, we arrive directly at a police/terrorist state. Australia is now fast going down that road.

     The people should be in the streets, raging in anger at this injustice, for, these are the same sensitive souls who saw fit to deliver “justice” on the same sex vote. Where are you now, social justice Australians, the great 61 percenters? I can’t hear your protest.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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