Pathological Altruism or Just Plain Old Competition? By Brian Simpson

     One of the big problems in any resistance movement, be it alternative finance or immigration control, is the lack of ability of White people to unite. Why?
    According to Brett Stevens:
 the answer is internal competition, so that we struggle against each other without recognising our common interests.  External threats thus become secondary. Stevens thus rejects the idea of pathological altruism:

“More accurately, our problem is individualism, or people deciding that no one can say “no” to them and as a result, social order, values, standards, heritage, religion and all other systems of order above the level of the individual go out the window.  From this, people invent altruism, because it is a way to show they are “good” without having to do good except in a symbolic role.
Think of politicians kissing babies, or public donations to charities. Your older brother getting you ice cream once to make up for all the times he pounded you flat in the last few weeks. Cubicle workers showing up on the weekend to demonstrate loyalty after screwing off all month. This is symbolism, which like language can be used to manipulate, in lieu of doing the deed the symbolism refers to.

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Paedophilia the Next Big Thing By Mr Vera West

     A psychologist writing on the Redditt network has said that paedophilia is a sexual orientation, like heterosexualism and homosexualism:

“The idea that sexual attraction to children is an “orientation” is highly controversial as it suggests that offenders cannot change.
But, writing on the Reddit networking website, the psychologist said it was possible to treat child sex abusers on “the understanding that the attraction may always remain”.

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Breeding Like Rabbits By Mrs Vera West

     With declining white populations in the West from white genocidal policies most nations are accepting with joy the inevitable displacement of White populations, given cuckiness, apathy, and the desire, about all for comfort. But, Poland may be the exception:

“Unlike Germany, which believes mass migration from third world countries is the only way to solve their demographic decline, Poland is encouraging couples to make their own citizens by ‘breeding like rabbits’, with the help of an educational video from the Polish health ministry.
Stopping short of a tutorial of baby making, the 30-second video put out by the National Health Programme opens with a field of rabbits and closes with a shot of a lovestruck couple enjoying a picnic, with a bunny seen popping out of a picnic basket.”
     This seems a good start and shows that Poland has its heart in the right place.

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A Libertarian Critique of the Police Monopoly By John Steele

     We take it as granted that the police are justified with their monopoly of force in society, but an organised police force is only a relatively new thing in social development, the first European police force being in Paris in 1667, although various forms of policing have been conducted since ancient times.

     This article, written by a libertarian, those who hold to the extremes of freedom, individualism and the joys of Adam Smith style capitalism, raises many doubts about modern policing, most importantly that citizens are really on their own in terms of self-protection, for the real role of the police is to protect governments and big business:

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Communism Rides Again, and Again By Michael Ferguson

     Sorry, more bad news. It seems that our battles are eternal and fought ever generation, over and over again.
     I bet that you thought that communism was dead, maybe not cultural Marxism, which rules the universities, but at least the communism of say the Russian revolution 1917 style? Think again:

“Despite the fact that capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system ever created by man, millennials apparently want socialism or communism instead.
According to a recent study conducted by Victims of Communism Memorial Fund-YouGov, 44 percent of millennials say that they would rather live in a socialist country than a country that embraces free market capitalism, and an additional seven percent say they prefer to live under communism. This means that more than half of today’s youth would rather live under socialism or communism instead of capitalism, a clear sign that the upcoming generation is becoming increasingly detached from America’s roots.
As if this wasn’t bad enough, 23 percent of Americans between the ages of 21 and 29 consider Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin to be a “hero,” 26 percent believe Vladimir Lenin was a hero, and 23 percent feel that Kim Jong Un of North Korea is a hero.  Additionally, “Millennials also named Karl Marx (18 percent), Che Guevara (26 percent), Vladimir Lenin (17 percent), Mao Zedong (16 percent), and Nicolas Maduro (12 percent) as a personal hero, hero for their country, or hero to the world.”
In a press release, Victims of Communism executive director Marion Smith explained what the results of the survey mean for American society.  “Millennials are increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism and even communism as a viable alternative,” Smith said. “This troubling turn highlights widespread historical illiteracy in American society regarding socialism and the systemic failure of our education system to teach students about the genocide, destruction, and misery caused by communism since the Bolshevik Revolution one hundred years ago.”

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The Cryptocurrency Illusion By James Reed

     There is considerable evidence that the world is heading towards another global financial crises, more severe than the 2008 version. Many people are preparing this time by going the way of investing in cryptocurrencies, which appears to the decentralisation financial movement.

     But, 300 million in Ether currency recently vanished due to a wallet error committed by just one user:

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Go, One Nation, Go! By Tom North

    Fingers crossed, but One Nation seems set to make an electoral breakthrough in the Queensland state elections, set to gain 18 percent:

     With Labor at 35 percent and the LNP at 32 percent, we are likely to see a repeat of the New Zealand elections.  It serves the elites right, and is a great sign for nationalist politics.

The Elephant in the Room Regarding the Citizenship Crisis By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Now it looks like another four MPs will face the High Court over their dual citizenship and the legality of holding office: The Australian, November 10, 2017, p. 1:
     All this will apparently be solved by a round of by-elections.  Many pollies want a referendum to get rid of section 44 (i) of the constitution.
     Instead, how about politicians getting their act together and obeying the Constitution before standing? Section 44 (i) is perfectly clear, and there is no excuse for not obeying it.
     Beyond this, we need to ask how the ineligibility of the various politicians affects votes on laws which have occurred.  If someone was ineligible to hold office, they were also ineligible to vote.  Consequently there needs to be an audit of how laws might be affected.  Nothing has been said by the politicians about this, their only concern is how to sweep everything under the carpet.

Digging in for the End of Days By John Steele

     The Advertiser, October 28, 2017, p. 48-49, had an article, “Surviving the End or a Load of Bunker,” with no “?”.  The article looked into Australian survivalists getting bunkers, you know, if global nuclear war breaks out.  Survival complexes in the US and Europe can be expensive, costing millions.  They may be made from abandoned missile silos, minus the missiles.  Intelligent, rich people are now buying into what was once a field dominated by cranks like me.

     University types say that such survival preps are a “distraction” that takes people away from the social issues.  I disagree; one can have a Noah’s Ark as a fall back solution just in case we fail to beat the bad guys, which is a reasonable bet.  Sure, if all the plants and animals die off, it will not matter how many cans of baked beans one has.  Yet, the quest then may be just to stick things out for a long as possible.  Maybe there will be a Second coming. If not, survivors make the most the disaster, and go down fighting.
     After all, we have to die of something, so death may as well be heroic and interesting!

Middle East War? How Many Wars Do We Need? By James Reed

     Saudi Arabia is undergoing a geo-political realignment, turning away from the US, to embrace China, while all the ruling families continue their traditional battles against each other.  Sorting it all out gives me a pain in the neck… so here, all done:

     Add to all this increasing tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran:

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The End of Europe By Chris Knight

     The German ministry of Defence issued a 102-page report, Strategic Forecast 2040, which was kept secret until recently. The report describes the breakup of the EU, and the breakdown of European nations by 2040. Nations are torn by internal conflict, and ultimately collapse:
     The elites, by design or foolishness or both, have set out to make the collapse of the West inevitable, with globalized immigration. The only question now is whether or not nuclear war will occur with the collapse, making a rebirth of civilisation, impossible. Grim thoughts, but somebody has to have the courage to state them.

Guns are Good and Save Lives By John Steele

     The gun grabbers say that guns take lives, but it can be equally argued that guns are tools, capable of being used for good or evil and often save lives. Here are some examples from the United States:

     Then there is the classic American argument that ultimately only armed citizens can resist government tyranny:
     That argument does not get much track in Australia, but then again, not much does, because this is a culture which has not yet experienced great suffering, beyond a rise in beer prices.

Letter to The Editor - Thus these key themes should be weighed carefully by those framing legislation

     Magnanimity towards a loser is an important aspect of our cultural tradition. That is why, if the postal survey results in a clear yes for same-sex marriage, the Government should move cautiously and judiciously in framing enabling legislation.
     This is not a situation of ‘those who opposed change seeking to be the authors of a bill for change’  (‘”Blizzard” of changes likely for bill’, 10/11), but of reasonable requests for adequate and fair protections for dissidents being incorporated as part of the bill.  It is not a matter of further attempts to ‘delay the inevitable’, but of respecting the substantial number of no voters.
     Waleed Ali is misleading (‘When yes means yes but’) in suggesting that the no campaign has ‘lost’ on its key themes of ‘protections for parents, freedom of speech and religious freedom.’ It is more likely that the yes campaign has won on what was perceived as fairness to same-sex couples. Thus these key themes should be weighed carefully by those framing legislation.
     Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - the full force of the law should be brought to bear on these public nuisances in our capital

     Who are these ‘Ngunnawal elders’ who are ‘asserting their ownership’ over land in Canberra’s parliamentary triangle (‘Talks fail over Indigenous activists’ occupation of eatery’, 9/11)?  I question their authenticity as well as their claim and behaviour, especially when their spokesperson bears two European names.
     The Aboriginal people lost control of this continent long ago and nothing can be done to reverse that historic change.  Today’s descendants of those tribes must accept that reality.  The huge folly of the ‘constitutional recognition’ campaign, now exposed for all to see, has alerted most Australians to the danger of separatist movements.  We need to defend our nation and the full force of the law should be brought to bear on these public nuisances in our capital.
     NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Variety is the spice of life and too much cosmopolitanism can be enervating to the spirit

     There are indeed great benefits to be gained from membership of  ‘a rich social and cultural identity’ and, like Simon Haines (‘From slaves to senators, we’re all human’, 9/11),  I’m proud and grateful to be part of the civilization of Western Europe.  His richly referenced meditation on the relevance to us all of Terence and his famous inclusive statement about human nature does honour to our tradition.
     However, there is also a place for political activity based on race, gender, class and power.  I cherish my British ethnicity (sometimes against ‘anti-racists’); I am ready to defend manhood against over-the-top feminism; I am comfortable being a middle class person by both inheritance and my own efforts; and I actively seek to extend my power (letters to the editor, for example) in reasonable ways.  Variety is the spice of life and too much cosmopolitanism can be enervating to the spirit.
     NJ, Belgrave, Vic.

Drowning in Our Own Filth By Brian Simpson

     Air quality across the world has reached toxic levels, and although much publicity is given to Beijing’s life-threatening air,  London is even worse with 197 micrograms of particulate per cubic metre, almost enough to eat it:

     The World health organisation recommends that particular matter in the air stay below 25-50 micrograms per cubic litre in a 24 hour period, but 92 percent of the world’s population live in areas where this air quality is not met:

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The Universities are Nervous By James Reed

     I continue my diatribe against the universities, entities which I believe should be closed down and replaced by occupational training centres.

The Australian, November 8, 2017, p. 31 carried an article:

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It’s a Trans, Trans, Transgender World By Mrs Vera West

     An update on all the exciting transgender news, because if the No side loses the plebby, why, we had better get used to all this and more.

     For example, the first openly transgender person to be elected in a US statehouse, is Danica Roem of Virginia:

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Uncle Dick on Immigration and Population By Peter West

     By some miracle the great Dick Smith got an article in The Australian (November 6, 2017),  criticising  our immigration-fuelled population increase.  We have covered most of the points he raises at this site in other articles, but his opening paragraph is instructive:

“I believe we are on our way to destroying Australia as we know it today.  Renowned building developer Harry Triguboff wants an Australia of 150 million people.  My friend the billionaire retailer Gerry Harvey says Australia’s population is more likely to grow to 100 million by the end of the century and we have no control over it.  How can that be?  Surely as a democracy we have control over the size of our country.”

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The Free Trade Fetish By James Reed

     The Australian November 6, 2017, p.1,  moans about the world turning in a protectionist direction, while Australia, under Mal turn the Bull, wants to play free trade games.  Can I say here that this is like wanting to be a virgin in a … no, my Christian prudery censor software, which I installed to control my use of bad metaphors just kicked in.

     Anyway, Aussie households are supposed to have benefitted by $8,500 a year in household incomes from 30 years of free trade.  I simply don’t believe it, and refuse to.  Before all of this globalist nonsense, families could survive on one wage from dad, the family wage.  Now, two parents working barely makes ends meet.  US statistic indicate that real incomes have not risen since 1970, and I expect the same is true for Australia.

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