The Same Sex Marriage Apocalypse By Mrs Vera West

     If we believe the mainstream media, you know, those who failed to predict that Donny Trump would win the presidency, we can expect that the same sex marriage issue will be decided by Yes, with  27 billion  Yes votes, to one No vote. I exaggerate, a little.

     In any case the No campaign is disturbed about the threat to religious freedom, as it should be, and has threatened to campaign against the Coalition at the next election: The Australian, November 8, 2017, p. 5. That may or may not be a good thing, perhaps ensuring that Labor gets in and gives us a serve of political correctness harder than we ever anticipated.  Or, if they are sensible, they could campaign for One Nation to symbolically attack the cucked Coalition of fools.

     The Coalition has, ready to roll, a same sex marriage bill, apparently complete with “religious freedoms.”  It will offer protection to people believing in traditional marriage, as well as having a “safe schools” clause for parents who do not want their kids to have “safe schools” poured into their brains.

     It is too good to be true, as a consolation prize.  If the bill becomes an Act at all it will be watered down to insignificance because the whole point of this politically correct adventure is to tear down traditional marriage.  And, the Labor Party will see to it that any such Act is repealed once they establish their tyrannical regime.

     The point was to defeat same sex marriage.  If not, then nothing helps conservatives to start to think more than to have freedoms and institutions destroyed.  The progressives are crowing that progressive values always win.  They have a narrow view of history.  They, this moth-eaten multicult country, and the bitter dregs of Western civilisation, will all pass away.  I predict that there will be no same sex marriage in the 22nd century or progressive values at all:

     The fundamental differences of race, sexuality and core values are already causing nations that have been based on “civic nationalism,” rather than the traditional ethnoracial ideal of a bind by blood, to begin to split at the seams:



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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