Letter to The Editor - insistence on erroneous theology (‘the deposit of faith’) and superstitious bibliolatry have profoundly weakened the impact on Western societies of the Christian sacred tradition

     The old-world magnanimity of Graham Richardson is admirable (‘Religious freedom is sacrosanct’, 24/11) but not his commendation of ‘happy-clapper churches’. Large numbers in the congregations, ‘funky’ music and ‘charismatic’ service leaders do not hide the truth that this sort of religion is superficial and worldly, rather than numinous and able to help mankind to perceive and respect the mysterious beyond.
     Societies wither and become corrupt if they are not guided by brahmins, sages and saints, and it is ‘old-style religion’ that can provide the environment needed to nurture such figures. Unfortunately, insistence on erroneous theology (‘the deposit of faith’) and superstitious bibliolatry have profoundly weakened the impact on Western societies of the Christian sacred tradition. Mindless revivalism won’t right the situation.
     NJ, Belgrave, Vic


     In 1964, when I was working as an inexperienced D-grade reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald, I made the acquaintance of a newcomer named John McFlinn, who had just been appointed a courts reporter. He was a lonely and sad-looking middle-aged man for whom I soon felt sympathy, after hearing his personal story. Originally a New Zealand journalist, he had recently spent ten years, he told me, on the staff of a Southern Rhodesian newspaper, but had resigned and returned to his native land because his wife, suffering from terminal cancer, had wished to die among her relatives. After her death, he had come to Sydney to try to start a new life. It was thanks to John that I first became interested in Southern Rhodesia, which was already, a year and a half before the Unilateral Declaration of Independence that created Rhodesia, a ‘hot’ topic in our newspapers.

     I remember well having a drink somewhere with him and asking him about the emerging Rhodesia Front party and its espousal of full independence from Britain. Speaking of its then leader (I can’t recall whether this was Winston Field or Ian Smith), John told me that he had met him personally as well as watching him in his public activities. ‘He is as trustworthy a man as I have ever met,’ he said. From that time on, partly because of my Anglophile perspective, I became a supporter of the Rhodesian independence project, and began to read widely on the subject.

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Letter to The Editor - He was a proven man of violence only enabled to take power by communist and other financial interests outside Rhodesia

     Commentary on the fall of Mugabe in Zimbabwe (‘Down with the dictator’, 23/11) is misrepresenting the character of the Rhodesian governments under Ian Smith and the Rhodesian Front. They were principled, civilized and realistic about the rate of advancement of native Africans if law and order were to be maintained. They had seen the disasters that accompanied ‘liberation’ in other African nations such as Ghana and the Belgian Congo.

     The world should have supported them and refused money and arms to already known terrorists such as Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo. In intelligent heads Mugabe in 1980 was not a ‘revered liberation fighter’ or ‘an inclusive leader cultivating ties to the West and goodwill with the country’s white minority.’  He was a proven man of violence only enabled to take power by communist and other financial interests outside Rhodesia.    
     NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - The heroism of Rhodesia needs to be remembered and revisited for its warning of the evil that ‘political correctness’ can cause

     In contrast to Steven Katsineris (23/11) I supported the Rhodesian governments of 1965 to 1978.  White minority rule was not ‘brutal’ and the whites had the respect and confidence of the majority of the blacks and their chiefs until outside interests financed and armed African terrorists led by Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo and others. Your editorial reference to ‘racial tyranny’ is equally misleading.

     It was quite clear before Mugabe came to power what sort of misrule he and his rivals would bring in. The corruption of earlier ‘liberated’ African nations, notably Ghana and the Belgian Congo, showed it.  So did the behaviour of Rhodesia’s ‘African nationalists’ with their policy of terrorising ordinary Africans by murder and torture.
     The heroism of Rhodesia needs to be remembered and revisited for its warning of the evil that ‘political correctness’ can cause.
     NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Australia: Silent Invasion Making Us Chinese Puppet State By James Reed

     Look, I have been writing about this topic of the Chinese colonisation of Australia for so long, my fingers are almost worn to the bone. Here is what the  New York Times has to say:

“The book was already being promoted as an explosive exposé of Chinese influence infiltrating the highest levels of Australian politics and media. But then, months before it was set to hit bookstore shelves, its publisher postponed the release, saying it was worried about lawsuits.
The decision this month to delay the book, “Silent Invasion: How China Is Turning Australia into a Puppet State,” has set off a national uproar, highlighting the tensions between Australia’s growing economic dependence on China and its fears of falling under the political control of the rising Asian superpower.
Critics have drawn parallels to decisions this year by high-profile academic publishers in Europe to withhold articles from readers in China that might anger the Communist Party.
But the case has struck a particularly sensitive nerve in Australia, where the book’s delay is the latest in a series of incidents that have raised concerns about what many here see as the threat from China to freedom of expression.”

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Migration is All About White Genocide By Paul Walker

     There is a good article by economist Judith Sloan about the lack of economic benefits of migration:

“And what the best quality studies show is that the economic benefits of immigration are zero or slightly positive, with most of the gains being captured by the migrants themselves.
Employers and incumbent workers with complementary skills gain, but incumbent workers who have similar profiles to new migrants miss out in terms of employment prospects and wages.
Then there is the myth about immigration being useful in the context of an ageing society. The Productivity Commission has made the point at least three times that the impact of immigration on the demographic profile of Australia is minimal. After all, migrants themselves age.
What does surprise in the context of the immigration debate in Australia is the now active role being played by the Reserve Bank. After all, the Reserve Bank really does only one thing and that is to set the cash rate on a monthly basis, although it has January off (how last century). One wonders what the more than 1300 bank staff members do all day.
The governor and now an assistant governor of the bank have become active players in promoting high rates of immigration.
While accepting that high population growth — note that immigration accounts for more than half of our population growth — is contributing to high house prices, newly appointed governor Philip Lowe recently expressed the view that “our immigration program I see as a source of national strength. To give that advantage up just so that we can take some pressure off housing prices, I find kind of problematic.”

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Money and Muscles Make Ladies Get Round! By Sue Robbins

     Well, they could have asked any normal girl – oops, what is “normal’ today?  Anyway, it seems that, horror of horror, most straight  women, remember them(?), like men with muscles and money:

     What the establishment would want though is for women to love antifa men who sit with legs crossed over each other. I mean, can a real men sit like that without pain?

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The Joys of Diversity By Tom North

     An update on the joys of diversity in Europe. Remember, if diversity is good, it must be a universal truth that it is good.  So, all of this is relevant to “our” future, whatever “our”now means.

     Muslims in France are demanding 2,500 more mosques be built, presumably at taxpayers expense, and they promise not to conduct illegal street prayer:

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Romping and Stomping about Nothing By Peter West

     Apparently, there will be a TV series Romper Stomper, based on the 1992 cult movie:

     The old movie’s plot can be easily summarised: bad, evil Nazis fight beautiful migrants. After one migrant is killed there is a big fight and the migrants kill lots of Nazis. Nazis flee, fight over girl. Leader dies on beach. The TV series, apparently, has the modification of the masked antifa, who are, it appears more beautiful than a mountain woodland, pure and fighting for anti-racism and immigration. That, anyway was the impression I personally  got from viewing the film clip. I could be wrong.

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     But come, let us not lose hope in the world, prematurely:
     The world is not quite given up to diplomacy,
     Combinations and finding of formulas.
     There are always the young, the devoted,
     The enthusiasts, breakers of fetters.
     T.S.Elliot from ‘The Rock’

Accept Gender Agenda, or Else By Peter West

     Thanks to everybody who sent a message inquiring about the health of my mother Vera, after she had collapsed following the same sex marriage apocalypse. She is doing well now, and soon may regain her will to write. She has not said anything yet suitable for publication, such is her level of disgust with the Australian sheeple.

     Well, look at what is likely to come our way, given events in Canada, section 18 C on steroids:

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White Genocide, Anyone? By Tom North

     Just when you thought that the story about the British Muslim child rape gangs could not get more disgusting, along comes this:

     The female detective who tried to protect the young White girls from that “predominantly Asian paedophile ring,” was bullied by fellow police:

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Hopefully We Dodge that Bullet By Brian Simpson

     Geophysical doomsday events are an all-time fan favourite; anyone remember the prophecies associated with 2012?  So, the Mayans were limited in counting. But, still:

     It seems that the Earth’s rotation is slowing down a bit, and that will release energy leading to earthquakes, mainly in the tropics. Whew, that was a close one; go back to sleep now Brian:

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The Reduce Immigration Write-On By James Reed

     Dick Smith’s latest media splash is to claim, quite rightly, that overpopulation will destroy Australia, and lead to young Aussies not having jobs:

     Indeed, it is happening right now. We are, already, the dispossessed majority/minority.

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Western Civilisation: In the University Rubbish Bin By James Reed

     There have been spirited outlines of the noble goals of the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation:
and predictably enough there have been the critiques:
http://theconversation.com/the-concept-of-western-civilisation-is-past-its-use-by-date-in-university-humanities-departments-87750?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Latest%20from%20The%20Conversation%20for%20November%2021%202017%20-%2088357390&utm_content=Latest%20from%20The%20Conversation%20for%20November%2021%202017%20-%2088357390+CID_1f975c9744221b3917ccd24b3a4d9013&utm_source=campaign_monitor&utm_term=The%20concept%20of%20western%20civilisation%20is%20past%20its%20use-by%20date%20in%20university%20humanities%20departments     Is it really necessary to have a URL this long? If man has got to the moon, surely something could be done about it?

     The concept of Western civilisation is past its use by date for university Humanities; you know, multicult, Asia, Asia, Asia, and all of that.

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Israel and African Migrants By Robert J. Evans, Florist

     Relevant to the immigration restriction/control issue is this news item, which ran at The Jerusalem Post:
 “Netanyahu was discussing an initiative announced last week by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Interior Minister Arye Deri to close Holot, an “open” detention center.

     It is time to increase the pace of deporting African migrants, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet on Sunday.
 Netanyahu said he has a three-pronged policy regarding getting migrants to leave the country, with the current focus being to encourage most of them to self-deport to a third country – which reports have identified as Rwanda.”
     How does that old phrase go: what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander?

Sleepers, Awake! By Brian Simpson

     Jürgen Graf, White World Awake! Stopping the Planed Extermination of Our Volk, (The Barnes Review, 2016), is a very interesting book which covers all aspects of the White genocide hypothesis. The book is 540 pages long, and attempts a comprehensive survey of the ethno-racial demographic threats to Western civilisation.

     Included here are detailed accounts of feminism, homosexualism and genderism, and off course multiculturalism and immigration. There are some other topics discussed which we are not at liberty here in Australia, to discuss, so if interested, you can read this for yourself. I sealed up those pages with duct tape, just to protect any innocent people from viewing if they wandered into my house.

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There Goes the Internet By James Reed

     I remember well the pre-internet days, where everything counter-cultural and resistant, was done by means of paper, newsletters, posters and letter boxing. I remember as well pounding the streets getting out anti-immigration and CIR material, hoping that the sheeple might just wake up in time to prevent the new World Order destroying them. Please lift a finger to save yourself. Pretty please. Baaaaaaaa!

     As noted by Mike Adams:
 the establishment/Left nexus are using “hate” and terms of service to silence conservative sites, as if they really needed to do this, but I suppose no stone in our destruction must be left unturned.

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Will the Pope Lose His Head? By Peter West

     Many thought that when the communist Pope spoke of the “Arab invasion” of Europe being a good thing:
  that he had lost his mind, whereas he was just being a good Leftoid. But, the Pope could lose his head, if ISIS have their way:

     This threat comes as part of an ISIS package of propaganda claiming forthcoming terrorist attacks at Christmas, their Christmas present! If this is so, it is ironic that a man, who has done so much for migrants and Muslims, the Pope, should be threatened by beheading. That’s gratitude for you!

Has the Bush Escaped Political Correctness? Don’t Bet on It By Paul Walker

     We love rural people. Yet, regarding the same sex vote, there was no country/city divide:

“Is Australia a nation divided between city and country? Not on the question of same-sex marriage. Although the strongest levels of support were recorded in east coast, inner-city electorates — overwhelmingly the same electorates that in 1999 backed a republic — majority support for same-sex marriage was recorded in all regional and rural electorates in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. In Queensland, four of six electorates outside greater Brisbane voted yes.
And what of Queensland, lazily lampooned as the redneck state? The results of the Australian Bureau of Statistics survey suggest that Queenslanders are more comfortable with gay marriage than their southern neighbours in NSW. Tasmania, the last state to decriminalise homosexuality just 20 years ago, recorded a yes vote above the national average. In South Australia and Western Australia, not one electorate voted no.
Greater western Sydney, long considered the heartland of Australian national politics, is revealed as a statistical outlier. No other population area, metropolitan or regional, rejected the proposed change to the marriage act with the uniformity and strength of western Sydney. Is it simply a matter of religious affiliation and influence, of ethnic cleavages and homeland values held by first and second-generation immigrants, or did voters in western Sydney accept the invitation of Tony Abbott and others to lodge a cultural protest vote against political priorities, political correctness and the social straitjacketing of public discourse? The answer to this question will shape the tone and tenure of the next federal election.”

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