Letter to The Editor - they were overthrown by an unholy coalition of communist terrorists, unprincipled international meddlers and foolish idealists

     The fall of Robert Mugabe from power in Zimbabwe inevitably arouses thoughts of how much better than his were the Rhodesian Front governments led by Ian Smith in the Sixties and Seventies. They knew from the experience of other ‘liberated’ African nations such as Ghana and the Belgian Congo the disaster that awaited if they were to capitulate to ignorant or corrupt demands for ‘majority rule now’.  With nobility they sought to maintain law and order and civilized standards in their land, while supporting African advancement at a slow but realistic rate.

     It was a great tragedy, especially for the majority of Rhodesian Africans, that they were overthrown by an unholy coalition of communist terrorists, unprincipled international meddlers and foolish idealists.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic.

Letter to The Editor - these peoples would have fared far better than they did under Mugabe

     John Howard often talks good sense, but his statement that Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe was ‘just as odious as the white regime he so despised’ (‘John Howard lauds the fall of Mugabe’, 18/11) is a gross misrepresentation of the nature of the Rhodesian governments between 1965 and 1978.

     The Rhodesian Front rule under Ian Smith was an unusually noble political order and it is a tragedy that it was sabotaged by a combination of African terrorists, international meddlers and foolish idealists.  Smith and his colleagues rightly sought to maintain law and order and civilized standards in their land, after observing the disasters that had occurred in other ‘liberated’ African nations, most notably the Belgian Congo.  They recognized that fruitful advancement of Rhodesian Africans needed to be achieved slowly; and had they been left alone, these peoples would have fared far better than they did under Mugabe.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Europe Falls Apart: The Future of the West By Peter West

     We need to be constantly examining overseas trends to see what new horrors will be washing onto our shores, since all of the things concerning us, were tried out on populations in other countries. Testing, one, two, three.

     A French academic has said that France has divided into two societies and that this division needs to be seriously recognised:

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Charlie Teo: Neurosurgeon reveals why he left his own charity

     “A SHOCKING amount of charity donations are spent on admin costs rather than the cause, Professor Charlie Teo claims.
Ben Graham, news.com.au <http://news.com.au>  November 18, 20179:02pm
     BIG charities in Australia are spending up to 98 per cent of donations on themselves instead of their causes, says Professor Charlie Teo.
The globally renowned neurosurgeon walked away from the brain cancer charity he set up in 2003, because of the huge amount of money spent on administration.
     Charities have burgeoned into a $103 billion industry in Australia which now accounts for almost 10 per cent of the workforce, he said in an interview with Weekend Sunrise.

“People don’t quite understand that a lot of the money they donate, hard-earned money, goes to the running of the charity and not to the cause itself,” the 60-year-old told the show.
“The defence is they need to spend this amount of money to run the charity. I can tell you I think that is untrue.
“The public would object if they knew the CEOs were driving a company car, putting it in company space, travelling first class, doing any travel at all.
“It is all about volunteerism. It is all about the cause, not the running of the charity itself. There is no reason why these cannot run lean.”
He pointed to ACNC figures which show some of Australia’s big charities are spending up to 98 per cent of donations on running costs....”

Scotland’s Sexually Slavery By Paul Walker

     Children in Glasgow Scotland are being sold by their parents into sexual slavery, which is even more shocking than the grooming gangs which have preyed on thousands of White children in decaying England:

“CHILDREN as young as primary school age are being sold for sex on the streets of Glasgow, an investigation has revealed.
Community groups in Govanhill, one of Scotland’s most deprived areas, say Roma children are being sold by parents and relatives – and that the practice has been going on for decades.
But authorities have failed to take action for fear of being branded racist, says the publication – Govanhill has the highest Roma population in Scotland after a dramatic increase in 2004.
Govanhill has come under fire in the past for fly tipping and slum conditions.
Locals say they have seen girls and boys propositioning people as they walk through the streets at night, reports The Times.
Cops say child sex exploitation enquiries were carried out ten years ago but residents say the problem has re-emerged.”

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Alaska Prepares for Nuclear War By James Reed

     With flash points erupting across the world, including the Saudi/Iran crisis, the MSM has gone quiet on the North Korea threat. However, the people in Alaska are already preparing for a war with North Korea, concerned that North Korean missiles would only take 20 minutes to hit Alaska:

     Alaskans are being urged not to evacuate, since probably they cannot, because there would not be enough time for it. People will need to find shelter and bug in, rather than out. The authorities recommend stockpiling emergency food and water, as well as the anti-radiation pill Prussian blue, to reduce the effects of radiation. Alaska has no bomb shelters.

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Same Sex Aftermath; The End of Religious Freedom By Michael Ferguson

     No doubt the average Aussie punter is feeling good with him/herself, giving the “fair go” with the Yes vote, as he/she was told to do by the elites. But, what about religious freedom, does the average Aussie want a “fair go” there?

     According to this, there will be same sex marriage for Christmas, which I suppose will help the economy, such a wedding cake sales, but there will be free discussion about the scope of religious freedom next year:

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Letter to The Editor - Policy Shock: Greens Promote Mining and Farming in Australia

Back to Bolted-Down Industries
     Once upon a time Australia was attractive to processing, refining and manufacturing industries using our abundant mineral and food resources, our reliable low-cost coal-fired electricity and a workforce trained in technical skills.  No longer.

     Australia used to have 11 oil refineries, spread around the country. There are just 4 left, all over fifty years old, and all in danger of closing down. Green barriers to oil exploration have forced most of them to rely on costly imported crude oil.
     Now, for the first time in at least 60 years Australia no longer produces motor vehicles.

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This Is How Our World Ends… By Peter West

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
T. S. Eliot, “The Hollow Men,” (1925)

     My mother Vera is too ill to write her usual column, having taken the Yes victory rather badly: 61.6 percent Yes, to 38.4 percent No.  Hopefully, her heart medications will keep her going, and hold together a shattered heart. She really believed that “Christian Australia” would arise, one last time. Poor darling.

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The Golden Rule: Those Who Have the “Gold” Rule By Michael Ferguson

     The rich are getting richer, and the poor, poorer, what else is new?  The top 1 percenters now own over 50 percent of the goodies:
  “The wealthiest one percent owned 42.5 percent of global wealth in 2008, the bank reports.

     “The downward trend reversed after 2008 and the share of the top one percent has been on an upward path ever since, passing the 2000 level in 2013 and achieving new peaks every year thereafter. According to our latest estimates, the top one percent own 50.1 percent of all household wealth in the world,” the report said.

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Liberalism and Open Borders: Dissolving the Body Politic By Paul Walker

     Why has it all happened?  Multiculturalism, Asianisation, open borders?  In an informative article from last year, Ricardo Duchesne argues that all of these horrors have occurred because liberal nations lack a concept of the political:

     Up until the early 1960s western nations operated in an ethno-nationalist way, accepting the right to refuse entry to various ethnic groups. Except for small, but soon to be powerful groups from the Left, this was accepted as normal.  But then, this all changed, arguably for the worst. Here is Duchesne’s explanation, derived from philosopher Carl Schmitt:

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Why Conservatism is Doomed By Peter West

     Reading Tony Abbott’s piece; “Vote shows We Can Respect Views with which We Disagree”:
  I felt that conservatives “just don’t see it.” See what? The threat to Western civilisation posed by the progressives, who are not content to play nice and politely drink tea, but as shown in the US, which is a little ahead of us, will play hardball as hard as is needed:

     Abbott seems to think that the same sex vote went swimmingly well, when in fact there was intimidation and threats against the No side:

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Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese, 
15 Nov 2017 

Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP

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Live From Baghdad: The Secret of Iraq’s Renaissance By Pepe Escobar

     November 14, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  On a sandstorm-swept morning in Baghdad earlier last week, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the legendary deputy leader of Hashd al-Shaabi, a.k.a. People Mobilization Units (PMUs) and the actual mastermind of numerous ground battles against ISIS/Daesh, met a small number of independent foreign journalists and analysts.

     This was a game-changing moment in more ways than one. It was the first detailed interview granted by Muhandis since the fatwa issued by Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani – the immensely respected marja (source of emulation) and top clerical authority in Iraq – in June 2014, when Daesh stormed across the border from Syria. The fatwa, loosely translated, reads, “It is upon every Iraqi capable of carrying guns to volunteer with the Iraqi Armed Forces to defend the sanctities of the nation.”

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Genes, Epigenetics and Biodoomsday By Brian Simpson

     It was once thought that the only genetic changes possible were those carried by genes, which were separate from the environment, except when random genetic mutations occurred, which then changed the genes, allowing evolution by natural selection to occur. Then came epigenetics:

“that genetic changes caused by environmental factors may be passed down from one generation to another.  According to a team of researchers at the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) in Spain, the genetic changes may even be inherited by up to 14 generations thereafter.  The experts have examined the genetically engineered nematode roundworms called C.  elegans in order to carry out the study.  The roundworms are known to carry a specific gene that makes them glow bright under ultraviolet light once it is activated.

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The Shape of Transgender Things to Come By Mrs Vera West

     Perhaps by the time you read this the results of the plebby on same sex marriage will be out. I am quietly hoping for a No victory, but the forces of globalism and big business are against this, and these people rule. So, what next?

     The Coalition is hoping to hose things down with a religious freedom clause in the same sex marriage bill. I have argued that any such clause will get watered down in parliament, and probably tossed out by the High Court, you know, human rights and all that.  But, Christian conservatives are not facing the fact that once these laws are in, the Christian institutions will inevitably change.  Feminism and the women’s liberation movement have changed the church’s view of women and marriage; I doubt whether a resurrected St Paul would approve of what goes down today, even the dress of women in church, let alone everything else. Then, there is this:

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Time to Abandon South Africa By Peter Ewer

     South Africa, it has been said, is the future of the West, given its present cosmopolitan path:
  There are preparations being made for evacuation once the present anarchy spills over into civil war.

     Yet, it is avoidable. Whites need to abandon the place totally, even if it means losing everything. It should have been done in the early 1990s. Walk away with the clothes on their back and their faith in Jesus. The West may not want to take Whites, but Russia may be open to taking enterprising people who could rebuild from scratch. They may be even able to get their own ethnostate going under Russian nuclear protection from the multicult madness of the West.

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Letter to The Editor - It is time to change the way you value your vote—the next election could be your last chance for a change!

To the Numurkah Leader
     Please allow me to comment on the article ‘No spilt milk for dairy farmers’, (Leader, November 8, 2017). This report is another tragedy in the sorry saga of Australian industry.
     Murray Goulburn Cooperative Dairy Company started on the faith of a few farmers and dedicated executives about 60 years ago in Cobram to become one of the greatest dairy cooperatives in the Southern Hemisphere. Now the final chapter is being written by Saputo—why?

     Not long ago it was Ardmona Fruit Preserving Company, a world leader in its class, and Shepparton Preserving Company (SPC) being amalgamated then finally being downsized in a takeover by an ‘international conglomeration’.
All three companies were leaders in their class and managed by ‘smart’ people but some extraneous force they could not understand finally overcame their efforts to remain ‘financially viable’.
     This same ‘force’ has been involved in the destruction of many primary and secondary industries which is accompanied by misery and heartbreak for individuals and their families.

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Coral Reefs? What Ever Have They Done for Me? By James Reed

     Oh, shock! horror! so it seems that mass coral bleaching is killing off Australian coral reefs, and we should care:

“Researchers from The University of Western Australia (UWA), ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, and Western Australian Marine Science Institution have examined the impact of the 2016 mass bleaching event on reefs in Western Australia (WA). They found significant bleaching occurred in the inshore Kimberley region, despite Kimberley corals being known as exceptionally stress resistant. They also found mild bleaching at Rottnest Island and that the Ningaloo Reef escaped bleaching.
The 2016 mass bleaching event is the most severe global bleaching event to ever be recorded.
Coral bleaching occurs as the result of abnormal environmental conditions, such as heightened sea temperatures that cause corals to expel tiny photosynthetic algae, called ‘zooxanthellae.’ The loss of these colourful algae causes the corals to turn white, and ‘bleach’. Bleached corals can recover if the temperature drops and zooxanthellae are able to recolonise the coral, otherwise the coral may die.”

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The Same Sex Marriage Apocalypse By Mrs Vera West

     If we believe the mainstream media, you know, those who failed to predict that Donny Trump would win the presidency, we can expect that the same sex marriage issue will be decided by Yes, with  27 billion  Yes votes, to one No vote. I exaggerate, a little.

     In any case the No campaign is disturbed about the threat to religious freedom, as it should be, and has threatened to campaign against the Coalition at the next election: The Australian, November 8, 2017, p. 5. That may or may not be a good thing, perhaps ensuring that Labor gets in and gives us a serve of political correctness harder than we ever anticipated.  Or, if they are sensible, they could campaign for One Nation to symbolically attack the cucked Coalition of fools.

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