Has the Bush Escaped Political Correctness? Don’t Bet on It By Paul Walker

     We love rural people. Yet, regarding the same sex vote, there was no country/city divide:

“Is Australia a nation divided between city and country? Not on the question of same-sex marriage. Although the strongest levels of support were recorded in east coast, inner-city electorates — overwhelmingly the same electorates that in 1999 backed a republic — majority support for same-sex marriage was recorded in all regional and rural electorates in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. In Queensland, four of six electorates outside greater Brisbane voted yes.
And what of Queensland, lazily lampooned as the redneck state? The results of the Australian Bureau of Statistics survey suggest that Queenslanders are more comfortable with gay marriage than their southern neighbours in NSW. Tasmania, the last state to decriminalise homosexuality just 20 years ago, recorded a yes vote above the national average. In South Australia and Western Australia, not one electorate voted no.
Greater western Sydney, long considered the heartland of Australian national politics, is revealed as a statistical outlier. No other population area, metropolitan or regional, rejected the proposed change to the marriage act with the uniformity and strength of western Sydney. Is it simply a matter of religious affiliation and influence, of ethnic cleavages and homeland values held by first and second-generation immigrants, or did voters in western Sydney accept the invitation of Tony Abbott and others to lodge a cultural protest vote against political priorities, political correctness and the social straitjacketing of public discourse? The answer to this question will shape the tone and tenure of the next federal election.”

     This journalist cannot say it, it seems, but the truth about western Sydney is its high Muslim population which rejected the progressive Left values that the majority of Australians now embrace.

     Perhaps we were wrong about immigration limitation? Maybe what Australia needs is a massive influx of Muslim migrants, say one or two  billion, evenly distributed across  electorates, all in the name of diversity, diversity, diversity!!!!!! See if multiculturalism will allow progressive values to flourish then:
  (Satire, of course.)



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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