Rocket Man By High Flier, Uncle Len

     Here is a man, just like me, who believes that the Earth is flat, but instead of just dreaming about it, he built a rocket to fly into space to see for himself. But, he was stopped by authorities, for, after all, he could have crashed into a university, which would have been a great tragedy:

     He did not seem to have a plan for landing… maybe he hoped to parachute out, or fly? Any way, the moral of the story is that everybody has to have a dream, however crazy.  But, it is a pity that more people with this sort of manic energy, did not devote their steam into the political fight, such as immigration and the money question. Aaaah, my moment of sanity.

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The Bitcoin Bubble By James Reed

     Mike Adams continues his outpouring of critique on Bitcoin:

     I have no competency on this matter, but I find his articles informative, and personally, if I had money to invest, which I do not, I would not be acting as many young people are, and having faith in this cryptocurrency, just because it is gee whiz, high tech, computer based. I do not see what prevents the entire system from collapsing. The reply is that conventional fiat currency faces the same problem.

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Murdering Kate: The End of the Rule of Law By Charles Taylor

     The Kate Steinle case may be a turning point in the cultural/racial war that is gripping America:

     “Help me, Dad.”
Kate Steinle’s dying words after she was shot by an illegal alien are heartrending to any father—and should be to any American.
But apparently not. Steinle’s killer, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, has just been found Not Guilty in San Francisco.”
An article at explains:

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Letter to The Editor - It has enhanced human living conditions throughout history

     Jon Jovanovic is himself irrational in equating ‘religions of all persuasions’ with a ‘hurtful and damaging irrationality’ that is ‘faith-based’ (4/12). Not only does he neglect to consider the massive wickedness perpetrated by atheistic regimes (France post-1789, Russia post-1917 and China post-1949), but he fails to see that there are two kinds of irrationality, one of lesser cognitive value than logical reason but the other superior.
     We have various names for this ‘higher irrationality’: conscience, intuition, inspiration, mysticism, imagination, second sight, the sixth sense, and so on. It has enhanced human living conditions throughout history and sacred traditions are essentially its guardians and advocates, wrongdoing by benighted religious persons and groups notwithstanding.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - the raking up of past grievances to foment national division or for other dubious purposes should be condemned and shunned.

     Jennifer Oriel is right (Commentary, 4/12) that Australia Day can be celebrated in an inclusive way that should offend no one. We can indeed dance with the descendants of our first peoples, of seafaring British adventurers and the pioneers who followed, and of later immigrants from countries all around the world.
     This does not mean ignoring the fact that, as with most if not all historic events, there was loss as well as gain involved in the 1788 landing of the First Fleet and the subsequent transformation of human living conditions on this continent. One way of honouring this awareness could be the institution of a very brief period of public silent remembrance at, say, eleven in the morning each January 26th. By contrast, the raking up of past grievances to foment national division or for other dubious purposes should be condemned and shunned.
  NJ, Belgrave, Vic.

The Coming of the Zombie President By Charles Taylor

     Just when you thought Hussein Obama, America’s first black Muslim president was gone, along comes the movement to put his wife, Michelle Obama on the meaningless, globalist  throne:

“The Dems need a proven commodity, a Princeton under-grad with a Harvard Law degree. Magna cum laude. A spotless record, no sordid affairs, embarrassing arrests or spotty personal history. A paragon, a shining example of strength, virtue, perseverance. A telegenic, charismatic pillar of the community who can deliver a barnburner with the best of them. A black woman whose name recognition makes her the most formidable candidate in the country today, bar none.
Michelle Obama. It’s as plain as the nose on your face.

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Lights Out for America and… Australia By Brian Simpson

     The significance of this week’s North Korea missile launch needs to be noted. First, the high altitude missile, indicating that it is capable of hitting anywhere in the world, raises the grim prospect North Korea is likely to try an EMP attack on the United states, which would fry electronics, and make the US a post-apocalyptic wasteland, as that common phrase now goes:

     Australia has also been threatened by North Korea with nuclear annihilation, and since we followed the “populate or perish” mania of mass immigration after 1946, instead of getting nuclear missiles, and as we have no defence against them, Australia could be used as a scapegoat example by North Korea to show the US it means business. The US would not retaliate if an Australian city, or cities, bit the radioactive dust. Why should it? Wake up silly Aussies.

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Britain and the West: Dark, Zombie Apocalyptic Waste Lands By Peter Ewer

     The elites have made Britain into something resembling the TV show The Walking Dead. That may seem to be an exaggeration, since the zombies, and some groups allegedly eat terrified “normies.”
But consider:
 shops on the Blackpool Promenade. She was last seen on the evening of Saturday Nov 1 2003. After kissing her mother goodbye she left alone - and vanished, Mr Holroyde said.

     A missing persons inquiry began but police later launched a murder investigation after receiving information that Charlene had been “killed and chopped up”, the court heard.
No trace of Charlene’s body has ever been found.

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Libertarianism Is An Immoral Philosophy By James Reed

     Here is a great article cutting down, fairly, American libertarianism, the extreme free market, hyper-individualist philosophy of Big Business:

    The article quotes from Murray Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty:
  where in chapter 14, “Children and Rights,” he says: “the parent should have the legal right not to feed the child i.e. allow it to die.”

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Shocking Racism: Dogs are Smarter than Cats!! By Brian Simpson

     This one has really put a cat amongst the pigeons, or a dog amongst the cats: dogs have been found to have more neurons in their cerebral cortex than cats (530 million versus 250 million), and thus are “smarter”:
     Not to worry cat owners, for academic elites are already preparing numerous books and peer reviewed articles to refute this example of species racism. No doubt, the Left will hit the streets in hot protest.  In this universe, everything is equal at the bottom of the wheelie bin.

The Nightmare of Sleeping Beauty By Mrs Vera West

     As expected, the present sex assault mania has spiralled into a deconstruction of even fairy tales, with Sleeping Beauty now coming in for a bashing:\
    You see, it is all a rape tale, with unconsenting touching.  Ok, then all the films made about it have cashed in on rape culture too, and their profits need to go to…well, how about women raped by migrants in the West?  Whooaaaha, that went off the track fast.

University ThoughtLESS Police By James Reed

     Believe it or not, a “zealous form of cultural policing” is going on in the taxpayer funded universities: The Australian, November 30, 2017. You know, the Left activists, trigger warnings, anti-intellectualism, and all of the fetid trimmings. We hear about this at least once a week as something monstrous gets created in the swampland of the universities.
But, they could have got right down to it, and described the courses offered in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, which are no more than attacks on the West and White males.

     As I have said, taxpayers should not have to pay for their abuse, for digging their own graves. Join me in advocating the closing down of the universities: we have nothing to lose but our pains.
Who wants to join me in a protest outside a university next year? We will stand united, in our wheel chairs, with our walking frames and walking sticks, our banners proudly flowing in the breeze: when do we want it? Now! Close down the universities!  It would be racist not to! Yo, yo, yo, universities have got to go! Hey, hey hey, close them down today!!!

Letter to The Editor - This is the same sort of misguided idealism that half a century ago turned peaceful and prosperous Rhodesia into the nightmare of Zimbabwe.

     Promoters of constitutional recognition of our ‘first nations’ habitually ignore the substantial arguments that have been mounted against this project. This is true of the fourteen signatories to the recent full-page advertisement (1/12). There is not a word about the dangerous impact that any such tampering with the constitution would have on our national unity, stability and security, nor about its implicit separatist drive, nor about its inequitable treatment of other Australians, nor about the questionable nature of the authenticity of all those identifying publicly as Aboriginals, nor about the obvious fact that demands for more and more will follow any acquiescence to the Uluru Statement’s proposals.

     Reassurances offered by some of the signatories are worthless and misleading; and Aboriginal welfare, where there are legitimate grounds for it, can be effected without any need for constitutional change. This is the same sort of misguided idealism that half a century ago turned peaceful and prosperous Rhodesia into the nightmare of Zimbabwe.
   NJ, Belgrave, Vic.

Medical Totalitarianism? By Mrs Vera West

    The government has set up the Australian Digital Health Agency:
as a one-stop shop for medical records, or so they say.

     The My Health record system will collect the following information:
•    “Shared Health Summary – a clinically reviewed summary prepared by an individual’s key healthcare provider;
•    Event Summary – to capture key information about a key healthcare event relevant to ongoing care;
•    Discharge Summary – to support the transfer of a patient from a hospital back to the care of their nominated primary healthcare provider;
•    Specialist Letter – to capture key information about specialist visits;
•    eReferral – currently from GPs to specialists;
•    Prescription and Dispense Records.

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There Will be Britain No More By Chris Knight

     The elites have their knickers in a knot, as the saying goes, because President Trump dared to retweet a so-called “far Right” tweet:

     Theresa May criticised Trump for probably both the source and the content of the videos. The videos from Britain First, show an Islamist mob pushing a teenage boy off a roof, and then beating him to death. The Left wants Trump banned from multicult Britain. You see, it is a sin to point out these inconvenient multicult truths, and doing so is worse than pushing someone off a roof and beating them to death.  In a less insane age, all of this would have been dismissed as insane.

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On the Question of Fertility By Mrs Vera West

     Here is an interesting article about the question of Western fertility: it is bad, but not as bad as most people think:

“With period fertility having risen in many low-fertility countries, an important emerging question is whether cohort fertility trends are also reversing. We produce new estimates of cohort fertility for 37 developed countries using a new, simple method that avoids the underestimation typical of previous approaches. Consistent with the idea that timing changes were largely responsible for the last decades’ low period fertility, we find that family size has remained considerably higher than the period rates of 1.5 in many “low-fertility” countries, averaging about 1.8 children. Our forecasts suggest that the long-term decline in cohort fertility is flattening or reversing in many world regions previously characterized by low fertility. We document the marked increase of cohort fertility in the English-speaking world and in Scandinavia; signs of an upward reversal in many low-fertility countries, including Japan and Germany; and continued declines in countries such as Taiwan and Portugal. We include in our forecasts estimates of statistical uncertainty and the possible effects of the recent economic recession.”

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South Australia Made the International News! For Being Dopey By James Reed

     First, the same sex marriage result, now this:

“Whoever handles Elon Musk’s public relations deserves a medal.
  The slippery snake oil salesman and rent-seeker extraordinaire has been down to South Australia – now reduced, pretty much, to a third world state under its disastrous left-wing administration – and conned the hapless locals out of $50 million to build them an all-but-useless giant battery to make up for the energy they have lost by blowing up their coal-fired power station and relying on wind power instead.
And how are the lickspittle media reporting this outrageous scam?”

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Kiddie Drug Mules: More Wages of Diversity By Peter West

     The rape of British children, reduced to slavery, is said to continue. But running alongside of sex slavery has been the crime gangs using children as young as 12 years as drug mules:

“The National Crime Agency described the situation as “out of control” as it has been revealed that there have been more than 700 operations of smuggling Class A drugs out of major cities into regional towns using young people.
According to The Times investigation, one police chief described the situation as “bigger than Rotherham”.

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More Terrifying Laws By Paul Walker

     Here is the latest in freedom limitation:

     Preventative Detention Orders, where a person can be held without charge merely because authorities believe that there is danger of some imminent threat, will be extended from 16-year-olds, way down to 14-year-olds. The children will be held for up to 36 hours, but with an order from the Supreme Court, they can be held longer.

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The Insanity and Disability of the Liberal Elites By Charles Taylor

     The US chattering class is obsessed with removing Donald Trump. They see him (as an obstacle-ed) on the path to war with North Korea, and ignore the threat that North Korea poses to their selfish lifestyles:

     The ancients, such as Plato and Aristotle, would immediately have proclaimed the liberal elites as insane, with a social death wish. The old schoolmen surely would have been astonished that a society could have degenerated to such levels. Were there demons, witches and evil spirits working away to produce this, they might ask?  What would we tell them?