A New Initiative

Yesterday the elders (they know who I mean) met to discuss a new initiative by the ALOR.

With the development of social media, we intend to embark using every means available, to communicate the social  credit message.

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Smart Meter EMF (electro-magnetic field) and a Carbon Rationing Future

It is that time of the year again for our electrical meter to be read. In South Australia it is read every 3 months. We decided about 6 months ago against the offer to install a smart meter and opted out.  As part of that opt-out I placed a padlock across the meterbox-door to stop any unknown entry without significant effort. I also informed the power company that we did not wish to participate in the exercise. We also placed a weather proof sign to inform anyone who approached the meter that to install this type of meter was against our wishes.

We have had to install a new air-conditioner and fridge in the previous 12 months, so the smart technology within each appliance was a contributing factor in our selection.

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Calls for a Banking Royal Commission

There has been numerous calls  from coalition, green, NXT and other independent politicians, for a Royal Commission into banking and the financial services sector, and for very good reason:


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Election Outcome Day 4

We are a little closer to seeing a clear conclusion to the federal election. I note that Labor Party is already calling for another snap election. There is also a call for electronic voting.

Electronic voting is riddled with fraud and easily hacked. The advantage of a paper based voting system is where mistakes have been made, these votes can be recounted, reviewed and scrutinised to correct the error. Electronically this cannot be done.

I plan to give  a future blog in regard to the 'Responsible Vote'. It allows the verification of any vote given as to the authenticity, preferences and responsibility. If we were to go to electronic voting, a 'Responsible Vote' allows a full review of the process and ensures impartiality of the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) and it's agents. The opportunity for fraud is almost negligible.

On another issue, BREXIT, I note what appears to be the collapse of effective leadership to support the outcome of their vote. This is a deliberate policy of the elite in order to ignore the vote and continue on as per the existing agenda. A point to note here is that Magna Carta 1215 was not signed once, but several times over many years. The elites attempted to avoid accountability on this issue and the barons and community had to rally again and again and again. It is no different today.

Part of the psychological preparation of individuals to accept circumstances that they think they have no influence over are movies such as Superman, Captain America, Batman et cetera which depict a superhero coming to save an inadequate and ill-prepared citizenry. You become either a superhero or a hapless citizen. These movies are part of the psychological softening-up of the electorate in order to control them. Most people believe they can never be like Superman so resolve themselves to do nothing.

ED Butler would often say the first thing to overcome black magic is to stop believing in it. We must stop believing that we cannot do a thing. We must now realise it is up to each individual to do what they can. The only question that each person must ask is "what can I do?" and then go and do it.

There is an excellent booklet titled “Voters Policy Association Handbook" which provides organisational guidelines for setting up and running effective action groups. This is what you can do if you try. VPA groups are an excellent environment for encouragement and guidance amongst friends.

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Election Outcome Day 3

As the repercussions of the election continue to unfold, there is a pressing need for traditional labour voters and traditional conservatives to come together and work for the good of our country. The two-party system was designed to fragment and keep people of like mind apart, but we know that underneath it most people have similar wants. It is better to work on the issues we agree than argue about disagreement.

Class warfare are words that we have some idea about. They mean different things to different people.The elites will be doing everything in their power to keep like minded but divergent groups apart.
We must resist that at all costs. Old feuds must be worked through and new ground found. Public meetings must be called to settle these historical issues.

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No political movement can exist in a moral vacuum, and Australians have traditionally accepted that it is the Christian Faith that generated our heritage of representative government. While the League maintains a small full-time staff primarily motivated by Christian service, it is the extensive network of volunteers from all walks of life who form the backbone of the Movement.

The League of Rights seeks to help create a body of dedicated men and women who serve not for their own material gain, but as custodians of those truths and values which must form the basis of all successful efforts to defeat the enemies of human dignity and freedom.

The League encourages and equips individuals to independently exercise their own initiative in the service of freedom.

Election Outcome Day 2

Looking at the election results lunchtime Monday the most striking issue has been the rise of voting for ‘other parties’. In fact it's been reported in the media that the labor vote of 34.9% is the second lowest primary vote for labor since 1949. Labor is not back. Turnbull may not survive as leader and the minor parties in the lower house may hold the balance of power. For Australia this is an excellent result. Significant negotiations will be necessary for all legislation and each member will now have to bargain vigourously on behalf of their electorate. The Australian people can only benefit from this position. The Senate results are equally as impressive. Minor parties appear to have increased their presence and will be defending the rights of each state, especially with issues such as the TPP and the demise of Australian manufacturing industry.