A New Initiative

Yesterday the elders (they know who I mean) met to discuss a new initiative by the ALOR.

With the development of social media, we intend to embark using every means available, to communicate the social  credit message.

This blog will become the main source of articles feeding into the printed version 'OnTarget', to ensure our loyal supporters who don't have computers and the Internet are kept up-to-date on current issues.

The format for OnTarget is going to change. Some of the feedback we are getting is that some articles are lengthy and difficult to follow. This is to be expected because social credit is about the science of the living community and how we can achieve what we desire. However, this new initiative with social media is about presenting the social credit message to the young. Social media is their medium and we must meet them there.

Our plan is to continue with the printed OnTarget to inform our loyal subscriber-base, to ensure they are not left behind, with a particular Australian focus of up-to-date news dissemination, analysis and the social credit answers.
The printed OnTarget will also be the source of information going into our archives for future reference and study.

NewTimes Survey will also continue but also in a changed format. Its message will concentrate on the successful implementation, and the  ongoing struggle trying to implement, policies that could originate from the social credit philosophy, from around the world.

This new religion of scarcity and climate change (carbon rationing and technocracy) is not embedded in the canon (natural law). It requires ongoing propaganda from all available sources, especially the mainstream media, as the only possible answer, which it is not.

God "has already given" us an abundant world for which we must be good stewards and look after.

As part of the League's ongoing program of personal training and development we recommend the Social Dynamics Training Course for all new readers.

In order to overcome this new religion we must first stop believing in it and look to the abundance of God. These videos will assist in that unbelief.




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Tuesday, 21 May 2024

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