"Catastrophically" Compromise Australia's Electoral System

Yesterday (sunday, 10th July) the outcome of the election became more apparent. Both major party leaders immediately moved into ‘endorsement and support’ for electronic voting, arguing that the delay of eight days in achieving a result is too long.

Electronic voting has the potential for massive fraud. In 2014 a federal parliamentary committee recommended against e-voting because it was vulnerable to hacking and could "catastrophically" compromise the Australia's electoral system. Read the Joint Standing Committee Report here:

The fact is, the two party system is on its knees and fighting for its political survival.
The ‘leaders in unison’ now turn to electronic voting, no matter how potentially destructive to Australia as a nation, to bolster their precarious positions.

There are two points of significant interest I turn to to take this discussion further.

The first is that to have confidence in any voting system it must be transparent.
Scrutineers are at each electoral booth observing what goes on, including the count, to achieve just that. 

Hypothetically, if we ever did vote electronically, in order for me to have confidence in the system, there would have to be a fully transparent electoral database. I would need to be able to see the results recorded, which booth I voted in and when, that I personally voted for X party and my preferences were such and such. I should also be able to see that my dad, who recently passed away, had his name removed from the roll or if not removed, that he did not vote for anyone, nor my children and also my mother, who was unable to attend a polling booth on the day, is also correctly recorded as having ‘not voted’.
That I am number 'such and such' in an electoral role total number of 'such and such' in the
fully transparent electoral database. And that the 'fully transparent electoral database is independently audited by a fraud expert who then reports the outcome to the Governor General (as National Umpire between a hostile electorate towards their politicians).
You would have assumed that I view the proposed electronic voting system, even before it is legislated, as possibly a haven for fraud and run by gangsters. You would be right in that assumption.

The second point, which is equally as important as the first, is about my relationship with my government and representatives. You need to ask yourself ‘why do we vote?’
It is in order to inform the future government of our wishes by placing our choice of representatives in a position of power to serve us, not an abstract majority, but us as individuals. This vote should not end after election day, but continue for the life of each parliament.

Geoffrey Dobbs has produced an excellent paper titled ‘Responsible Government in a Free Society’.
It is 10 pages of social credit wisdom that will take 20 minutes or so to read. I recommend you print out the document and read it a few times because the truths revealed within the text will ‘change your way of thinking’ about government and voting.


Further reading: http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/604722/nsw-evoting-system-under-fire





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