Election Outcome Day 4

We are a little closer to seeing a clear conclusion to the federal election. I note that Labor Party is already calling for another snap election. There is also a call for electronic voting.

Electronic voting is riddled with fraud and easily hacked. The advantage of a paper based voting system is where mistakes have been made, these votes can be recounted, reviewed and scrutinised to correct the error. Electronically this cannot be done.

I plan to give  a future blog in regard to the 'Responsible Vote'. It allows the verification of any vote given as to the authenticity, preferences and responsibility. If we were to go to electronic voting, a 'Responsible Vote' allows a full review of the process and ensures impartiality of the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) and it's agents. The opportunity for fraud is almost negligible.

On another issue, BREXIT, I note what appears to be the collapse of effective leadership to support the outcome of their vote. This is a deliberate policy of the elite in order to ignore the vote and continue on as per the existing agenda. A point to note here is that Magna Carta 1215 was not signed once, but several times over many years. The elites attempted to avoid accountability on this issue and the barons and community had to rally again and again and again. It is no different today.

Part of the psychological preparation of individuals to accept circumstances that they think they have no influence over are movies such as Superman, Captain America, Batman et cetera which depict a superhero coming to save an inadequate and ill-prepared citizenry. You become either a superhero or a hapless citizen. These movies are part of the psychological softening-up of the electorate in order to control them. Most people believe they can never be like Superman so resolve themselves to do nothing.

ED Butler would often say the first thing to overcome black magic is to stop believing in it. We must stop believing that we cannot do a thing. We must now realise it is up to each individual to do what they can. The only question that each person must ask is "what can I do?" and then go and do it.

There is an excellent booklet titled “Voters Policy Association Handbook" which provides organisational guidelines for setting up and running effective action groups. This is what you can do if you try. VPA groups are an excellent environment for encouragement and guidance amongst friends.

Once established, set yourselves targets, commit to meet regularly, (recommended once per week), and work through one issue at a time. This may be in the form of letter writing to the media, or phone-ins to radio stations or comments to existing blogs. The critical point is to start something and have a go.




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Tuesday, 21 May 2024

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