Same Sex Aftermath; The End of Religious Freedom By Michael Ferguson

     No doubt the average Aussie punter is feeling good with him/herself, giving the “fair go” with the Yes vote, as he/she was told to do by the elites. But, what about religious freedom, does the average Aussie want a “fair go” there?

     According to this, there will be same sex marriage for Christmas, which I suppose will help the economy, such a wedding cake sales, but there will be free discussion about the scope of religious freedom next year:

“The political fight over religious freedom will be pushed into next year, in a bid to guarantee same-sex marriage can be legislated by Christmas, as conservatives agitate over parental rights and scramble to gain enough numbers to secure their changes.
The plan sets up a wider debate about freedom of conscience once the parliament votes on marriage equality, as politicians from all sides vow to act on the resounding 61.6 per cent support for changes to the Marriage Act in the nationwide postal vote.
In a strategic intervention late yesterday, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton called for a “free discussion in the new year” over the full scope of religious freedoms in a way that would not stymie the vote on marriage in the coming weeks.
However, conservative Liberal and National senators yesterday confirmed to The Australian that they would defy calls for the issue of parental rights to be pushed back until next year and intended to put up a range of amendments including parental rights.
The Senate opened debate on marriage reform yesterday but is yet to find a consensus on amendments such as protecting free speech, mandating parental rights, exempting civil celebrants or shielding religious charities from funding cuts if they believe in traditional marriage.”

     Your guess is as good, maybe better than mine, about how religious freedom will survive. Surely, it is already dying the death of a thousand cuts, because same sex marriage trumps freedom of religion.

     I wonder what the Founding Fathers would have thought about that?  Would, if we took back footage of the world today, our ancestors have even bothered building this country, because for what point if our fundamental values are not protected?  What point if the fundamental nature of a people can be changed by the elites over the decades?  Why should we care about this thing called “Australia”?  It is not my home; it is a foreign land:

     The great divisions in this country are now so great, that as in the US, we do not have a “society” anymore, but merely a capitalist consumer nexus, so we should seriously consider secession, breaking up this country so the progressives can live in peace, and pursue their ideas in Leftoid  over-drive.

The future is the US:

     Global economic collapse would help things along, nicely:

     The possibility of completely abandoning Australia, and moving to an ethnostate to be built in Russia, under Russia’s nuclear protection may need consideration soon:



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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