Why Conservatism is Doomed By Peter West

     Reading Tony Abbott’s piece; “Vote shows We Can Respect Views with which We Disagree”:
  I felt that conservatives “just don’t see it.” See what? The threat to Western civilisation posed by the progressives, who are not content to play nice and politely drink tea, but as shown in the US, which is a little ahead of us, will play hardball as hard as is needed:

     Abbott seems to think that the same sex vote went swimmingly well, when in fact there was intimidation and threats against the No side:

     Abbott does recognise that there may be a battle for Western civilisation going on here:

“Naturally, the supporters of marriage as it has always been understood would be disappointed; heartbroken, indeed, in the case of those who have always maintained the power of the “silent majority”, if it turns out that the cultural ground has collapsed from under them.
Yet defeat could turn out to be a blessing in disguise if it forces the defenders of Western civilisation out of their long complacency. For too long we have put up with the trashing of our country’s history and the rubbishing of our ethical norms because we didn’t want to upset people.

The most persuasive advocates of same-sex marriage have a point when they characterise it as merely the latest manifestation of the decency and generosity of spirit that has long characterised Western societies. But how long can we slice and dice the ethical understandings on which our civilisation has rested? How far can we accept the redefinition of concepts that have always been taken for granted; assert rights without corresponding responsibilities; allow every opinion to be equally valid; or seek to give what we haven’t actually got?  If we don’t want to end up at the bottom of a slippery slope, we have to be careful about starting down in the first place.”

     This is from a PM who could not defend changes to section 18 C because of pressure from the multicult lobby. Even Turnbull turned out to be better.  Sorry Tony, no credibility.

     Liberal tolerance, always with one eye on the sacred market, has dug a grave for the West. Abbot as PM, following in the footsteps of John Howard, in promoting globalism and the consequence values of cosmopolitanism, has contributed to undermining traditional Australia, because globalist capitalism is simply inconsistent with the preservation of local traditions.

     My guess is that the Yes vote will succeed, and that it will be yet another nail in the coffin of that which once was Christian Australia. Yet, the institution of the church is now almost unrecognisable, and feminism long ago destroyed the basis of family life. So, what we will see is simply the mopping up operation that began a long time ago.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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