Babes in Hijabs By Mrs Vera West

     What’s this? Yet another multicult scandal in our wonderfully diverse and vibrant, vibrating culture, over in merry England:

“The Church of England has responded to criticism of the sexualisation of infant students wearing the Islamic headscarf by encouraging its schools to continue setting “culturally and religiously sensitive” uniform policies.

Last week, it was reported that school inspectors will begin speaking to primary school girls wearing hijabs to ascertain why they are covering their hair, amidst concerns children as young as four are forced to cover by teachers and parents.

The Chief Inspector of Schools, Amanda Spielman, said the hijab “could be interpreted as sexualisation of young girls” and should be questioned, as it is not traditionally worn until puberty.

She also explained that schools could also be in breach of equality laws if girls are required to wear religious clothing but boys are not.”

     OK, one would have predicted that boys should be required, in the spirit of transgenderism, to wear the uniform, but that kind of conflicts with the religious bit. But, in this case multiculturalism won:

“However, the Church of England did not appear to share these concerns, seemingly justifying the garment in the “communities they serve”.
A spokesman from Church House, the headquarters of the Church of England, responded to Mrs. Spielman’s comments on Tuesday, telling the Church Times: “Research shows that there are many reasons why pupils wear the hijab in school.

“Our approach is to encourage local schools to set uniform policies having due regard to the cultural and religious sensitivities of the communities they serve, in balance with the well-being of their students.”

     The answer to this debate is; who cares?  White English people need to abandon the Church of England, which no longer serves them, but instead is a slave of the globalist regime. Return to the philosophy of the early church, grassroots faith and worship, home services and home schooling, to preserve the faith and protect children from degeneration. One room in someone’s house could be made into a simple church. I know of one enterprising young man who has even built his own church under his house! That is excellent, but for most people, we could get by with one large room, or sleep-out area. Gosh, worst comes to worse, worship on the back lawn, because God is there too, you know!



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022