The Great Coalition Death Wish By James Reed

     As Alan Jones has Tweeted:
“Labor will win power narrowly in Queensland as a result of the Coalition preferencing Labor over One Nation. The Coalition must have a death wish. More Coalition voters completely angered.”

     This is a spot on observation, which has now been shown to be utterly true. The media were lightening quick off the mark to proclaim that One Nation had done poorly in the Queensland election, even though the facts show that the projected swing was + 12.8 percent, good by any measure, taking 14 percent of the vote:
     One Nation would have returned a much better result if the major parties had not done the usual and put them last:

     Further, One Nation has always had some strategic problems, and putting the sitting member last, as a crash and burn strategy reinforced the idea that One Nation had to be destroyed, that for the Coalition, they were the enemy, not Labor, or not so much as Labor:

“Fraser Anning, who was sworn in as a federal senator for One Nation before exiting the party, also criticised his former colleagues about the preference strategy they followed during the Queensland poll.
“This crazy policy of indiscriminately preferencing against sitting members means that lefties will be returning to George Street and good conservatives will lose their seats, compliments of a supposedly right wing party,” Anning said Monday.
“As the conservative protest party, you would expect One Nation would be supporting the most conservative candidates or members in each seat.
“That’s what I would do and I’m sure it’s what a majority of One Nation voters want.”
(Which side of politics is Fraser Anning really batting for?-ed)

     So, in summary, things are a mess as usual, but life goes on. Hopefully, One Nation will get their act together, and abandon their scorched earth policy. But, beyond this, the major parties will always be against them because they are both sides of the globalist coin.

     Like professional wrestling, mainstream politics looks real, but there is just the illusion of opposition, because the two parties present only sham opposition. We saw this back in the 1990s when Mal Fraser contemplated both the Coalition and Labor joining forces to crush One Nation.  And, crush it, they did. This goes on across the West as a way of the globalists preserving their power.

     There has to be a greater effort made to undermine the credibility of both major parties and to show the sheeple that their comforts or what they still have, will be soon gone under the present regime. The writing is maybe not on the wall, but it is on the internet, that the economic storm is already blowing in, dumping its first rubble:



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Wednesday, 17 August 2022