Javanka Rules By Charles Taylor

     This is a good article which says what I have said before, that Trump has been a fool to put his daughter Ivanka and son-in law Jared Kushner, as key advisors in the White House. On every politically correct issue you can name, these two supported the pc side, such as on gay issues and climate change.

“The liberal first daughter was believed to be a staunch supporter of the Obama-era Paris climate change agreement and fought to keep the U.S. in the job-killing deal. According to Politico, Ivanka brought Democrat climate-change peddler Al Gore into Trump Tower to talk it out with her dad and met with former Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio to get his opinion on the topic.
  Despite telling friends that she was choosing that issue to push her father on, she failed and Trump announced his intention to ditch the deal. Neither Ivanka nor Jared were present at the announcement.”

     Both Ivanka and Kushner are globalists, and are more akin to Hillary Clinton, than the rhetoric that Trump gave during the election. Donald Trump by allowing these two uber-liberals to run the presidency, has betrayed his voters, and sealed the doom for America, unless daddy makes some hard disciplinary decisions about his little princess.



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Thursday, 08 June 2023

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