Part 2: Neo-Liberalism and the Destruction of the West: A Review of The God that Failed By James Reed

Continued from Part 1

         The bulk of Publius’s book is taken up with the documentation of the destruction of the West, and it covers most of the topics on race, immigration and political correctness discussed by journalists at our site, which I find pleasing, if that is the word for agreement about Gothic horror. The great merit of Publius is to constantly link the political evils back to the issue of economic domination. Thus, to counter the diversity crowd, who maintain that former White nations need a constant transfusion of diversity, he counters: at what cost? Thus: unemployment among young French Africans was estimated to be 32 percent; France is experiencing high unemployment and the OECD has said that migrants account for 40 percent of French youth unemployment.

         In 2018 in the Netherlands, 85 percent of migrants were unemployed. In mid-June 2017 in Germany, the unemployment rate for refugees was an astonishing, or maybe not so astonishing, 83 percent, and the cost to Germany of taking in largely economic opportunistic migrants in the “migration crisis” was 878 billion Euros, and likely to reach 1.54 trillion euros. Political correctness does not come cheap, with the average asylum applicant in Europe costing 10,000 Euros and upwards. Sweden, the capital of “woke,” devotes 3.2 percent of its GDP to refugee benefits, or in 2017, US $ 58, 490 per refugee.  The Dutch devote quarter of their budget to these “migrants.” Page after page documents the economic costs of the new mass migration.

         Then there are the socio-cultural costs that comprise a large part of the book, which is hallowing reading even for those like myself who are veterans in the field. For example (pp. 30-32), there is a discussion of cannibalism across the Third World, which is more widespread than we might think (Africa, Syria, Laos etc), with cases now occurring in the West, along with paedophilia and bestiality, and the epidemic of rape, which is becoming the new normal in Europe. Thus, at present, one in eight Swedish women and girls have been sexually assaulted, and this is estimated to rise to one in four by 2030. Rape in Sweden has risen 1,666 percent since 1975, the year large-scale immigration began. A survey by Patrick Jonasson of rulings on sex-related crimes in Sweden in Swedish courts between 2012 and 2014, showed that 95.6 percent of rapes were committed by men of foreign descent. “Approximately 40 % of rapes in Sweden are of minors (10 % of whom are boys). Afghans are seventy-nine times more likely to rape than native Swedes.” (p. 44)

         Then there are the mass rapes, such as occurred on New Year’s Eve 2015-2016 in Cologne, and  a number of European cities, and the grooming and rape of up to one million young British
white girls and children, by “Asian” men. (p. 53) Such rapes were protected by the police at the time, who did not want to appear “racist” doing something about the rape of White children.  Publius documents how the European courts have generally given a free pass to the migrant rape of children, some as young as 10-years, seeing sex with children as part of their, and now, our, culture. Mrs Vera West has done many articles expressing moral outrage at, and the strong-stomached can access them via our search engine.

         The book also covers topics such as the rise of female genital mutilation, which has been directly correlated with migrant populations; there have been 53,000 cases reported in Australia, and 70,000 in the UK, with only two UK convictions! Sweden once more tops it all, with an estimated 140, 000 cases.

         Ethnically diverse societies, the book documents, usually face ethnic conflict, and are not economic powerhouses. Diversity is a social curse, not our “greatest strength” as the mass immigration/big business slogan goes. This can be seen in ethnically diverse nations such as Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Congo, Uganda, Liberia, Cameroon, Togo, South Africa, Congo-Brazzaville, Madagascar, Gabon, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Guinea-Bissau. Yet, this sort of society is what globalists such as the United Nations want, as documented in one of its policy papers, “Replacement Migration: Is it a solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?” This paper advocates replacement migration, so how can the “Great Replacement” be a false news?  (p. 58) The creation of diverse conflicting societies, like those cited above, is the fate of the West intended by the globalist neoliberals.

         The work of mainstream social scientists such as Robert Putnam, Matthew Kahn and Dora costa, have linked increased levels of diversity with increased levels of social capital, such as trust. Conrad Ziller has shown that “immigration-related diversity is negatively related to social trust.” (p. 73) Increased racial and ethnic diversity also limits innovation according to research by B. Ramasamy and M. C. H. Yeung, “Diversity and Innovation,” Applied Economics Letters, 2016.  This is another reason to suppose that ethno-racially diverse societies will eventually implode, as the tech fix  presently keeps these societies afloat, until it finally sinks under the tides of social decay.

         Publius makes a very good point that there is a fundamental contradiction between the Leftist notion that all people are equal and racial differences do not exist and the idea that diversity is a strength. If all people are equal, then how can diversity even exist in the first place? (p. 196)

         The God that Failed also covers in detail the fall of the universities, political correctness, transgenderism, and all aspects of the cultural wars. I am not going to summarise this very well-presented material, since writers at our site have covered all of this in great detail. That material constitutes a fair chunk of the book, and it is fascinating. There are speculations of there being a biochemical basis to White pathology, with the Gene ADRA2b being the culprit, influencing the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, being found in about 50 percent of the Caucasian population, but much less in other populations, making Whites dopes for affective empathy and universal suckers.

         While that gene could play a part, it is almost certain that pathological altruism and insane White guilt have deeper socio-cultural causes. This issue has also been discussed by Professor Kevin MacDonald, and critiqued by Brian Simpson at our site. The fact that Whites not so long ago did not embrace these racial poisons, but now do, and this change in less than 60 years is too soon for biological causes to be total explanations. Thus, there must be a cultural cause, perhaps overlaid upon the genetics and biology. However, there is a fascinating discussion of the decline of manhood, which Publius links to declines in the male sex hormone, testosterone. Environmental factors are highly relevant here – such as plastics and other hormone disrupters – but social factors such as depression, and lower male status, also lower testosterone. The perfect storm is created to make a passive population, with no resistance to what the New World Order is doing, and will do to the West.

         Publius’ book is entitled, The God that Failed: Liberalism and the Destruction of the West. I think “neo-liberalism” would be more appropriate, but perhaps Publius seems to see the seeds of destruction already in the heart of traditional liberalism, once race blindness, anti-discrimination and openness to all via cosmopolitan universalism, are embraced. The doctrine of universalism would seem to lead opportunistic capitalistic parasites and their white ants, to undermine traditional societies, eventually. Thus, early in the book, Publius says “the implementation and expansion of neo-liberalism has now proven apocalyptic, at least in the sense that its demise is now guaranteed. The liberal moment is already passing, done in by its own worst excesses. The truly apocalyptic in the form of racial and civilizational extinction is not off the table, though. Things really do have the potential to get that bad.” (p. 22) And: “the wholesale replacement of populations as occurs under the banner of “free trade” of “human rights” is unprecedented in human history and produces a level of misery and genocide the likes of which humanity may never recover from.” (p. 22) There is a further discussion of what to do to resist this in the conclusion, “The Returner.” He follows many Dissent Righters in advocating a return to the natural order against the false one of neo-liberal globalism. Any such system should allow Euro-man to have free expression of his Faustian nature, the striving for excellence and self-transcendence, as discussed by theorists from Oswald Spengler to Ricardo Duchesne. But, typically, such Spenglerian thinkers see the West in a “winter stage,” which could be a prelude to collapse, as in the fall of ancient Rome. Certainly, all of the factors that destroyed ancient Rome are active now; in fact, thousands of times worse, and only technology basically holds the whole sorry mess together. Without it, if there is some breakdown in the technological system, such as a new Carrington event or all-out nuclear war, the entire house of cards will collapse rather quickly.

         Publius recognises that the Faustian spirit of the West will remain in the Euro-White race/Nordics, after the present system has collapsed. The collapse of neo-liberalism, and the political system that supports it, will be like the turning off of a mind-controlling machine, as seen in sci fi films, and survivors, the remnant, may at last be able to regain a sense of the natural order, of traditional manhood and womanhood, strength, courage and natural wisdom. While Publius lists over four pages (pp. 308-311) of stop-gap measures to strive for, such as tax breaks for small businesses and family farms, it is clear from reading the entire book, that none of these measures are capable of saving the “system,” as it is in terminal decline. As he says, it will fall because of its own internal rottenness, being ultimately self-undermining. The building of a new world on the rubble of the old will give survivors a chance to get economics right this time.

         The book concludes with a proposal to reject the operation of interest in an economy, however primitive, as occurred in numerous other societies, including Muslim ones; a good idea indeed.

         In conclusion: “To fully grasp the problem before us, you must understand that it is not just a political, or even civilizational, struggle; this is the ultimate revolution against the entire rotten edifice of neo-liberalism. It is a revolt against enslavement to our vices and devices, against usury and debt slavery, against the selling away of our birthright for pennies. It is a revolt against Mammonism. It is a revolt against the modern world, but even more important, it is the restoration, the Return, which signals the end of the old cycle and a new, harmonious dawn.” (p. 317)

         We can only hope that the greatest mess in human history does indeed, all come out in the wash.  



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