Immigration: The Same Old Wrong Arguments by James Reed

The ruling elites are worried about anti-immigration sentiment, as has come to be symbolically, and now parliamentary represented in the form of one, Pauline Hanson. Thus, The Weekend Australian, August 6-7, 2016, p. 4, trots out the same tired old line that it has been pushing since that red Australian mast head was put on their newspaper, “Immigration ‘A Key to Our Prosperity.’” Scott Morrison is quoted, obviously enough, also pushing this line.

And then there is the human interest support story that always goes with this sort of propaganda. Here we will have a migrant who is either: (1) a super-achiever, and/or (2) would be afraid/feel “alien” if he/she went home.

In this story we are treated to a combination of both; the finance broker who “would feel alien if I went home.” Now that’s interesting, and says much about how migration itself changes cultures. And why, given the immigration ideology shouldn’t even migrants continue to migrate in a never ending chain of migrations? And with this “musical chairs” of migration, what meaning at all does “home” have anymore?

The claim is always made in these sorts of articles, that “we are all migrants.” The extra-politically correct will add “except the Aborigines,” but by the same logic, even they are, if one goes back in time, are also migrants. Thus, on the immigration logic, no-one at all should restrict immigration and open borders would follow, which is what this is all about.

But, the establishment of Australia as a nation, rather than as a land mass, was done by the British people, primarily (statistically), the English speaking peoples. Australia does not have a national Aboriginal or Chinese language, but ENGLISH!
Until the age of white genocide, the population was largely Anglo-Celtic. Thus, the globalist idea that Australia is just a set of deracinated consuming atoms, is false.

There is a background of race, tradition and culture, and thousands have died for what the elites are now seeking to eliminate. Yet, each Anzac Day, the racial memory of this is revived, even in the young.

It is one of the stated objectives of the League of Rights is to defend British Australia, and to do this involves deconstructing the ideology of immigration, which is now a political weapon of dispossession.

Dispossession, indeed. Consider one of the many negative consequences of immigration; “French Widow Evicted from Calais Home to Make Way for New Base for Britain-Bound Migrants,” Express, December 2, 2015. The French widow has now been evicted from the marital home that she inhabited for more than 40 years, so that a new migrant reception centre can be built.
How exactly does immigration benefit her, and the others dispossessed like her?



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Thursday, 29 September 2022