An Intense China War by James Reed

The Rand Corporation has released a report about the nature of a possible war between China and the United States, saying that such a war would be “intense, destructive, and protracted,” as China is fast closing the technological gap. Indeed, with globalisation many crucial spare parts and goods the US would need are now “made in China.”

My guess is that the US under Hillary Clinton, who will continue the globalisation programme, will lose. They will run out of steam, assuming nukes are not fired. That is, if they even work.

The chattering class in Australia have had to consider the “unthinkable,” having a glazed-eye cargo cult mentality towards China. If China owns Australia’s basic infrastructure, perhaps in a war China may decide to shut down Australia. Really? It took some time for our Asianised experts to get an infinitesimal of common sense reality.

The more difficult question though is what happens in an all-out China war, if Australia does not join with China against the US: how will Chinese people in Australia be dealt with? Will they be placed in camps, as many Germans and Japanese were in WWII?

That would be staggeringly unjust given the vast number of people, and that most Chinese Australians are loyal to Australia, not China. Yet, there will still be spies and “terrorists” among many, no doubt loyal, Asian Australians. I have no idea what will be done here.

Did the Immigration Department and the academics ever seriously think about this one?
I have no answer.



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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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