After the Hacking – Now What? by Tom North

With my distrust of computers and all things IT and AI, I of course did not go on-line to fill out my census form. Why, it was invasive enough without Skynet looking over my shoulder. I predicted, the inevitable, that hackers would sneak into the site and drain away all vital information, described by one defense/IT expert as a “honey pot.”

What I have seen on the net, if that can be trusted, is that the hack occurred from “overseas.” I am not sure why a hack would bring a site down, for wouldn’t true professionals go in and out without a trace, not stomp around cybernetically like a proverbial elephant in a china shop?

Yes, china shop, indeed. Some sources say that the Australian Bureau of Statistics shut the site down after the hacking. But what good would that do, as the horse has already bolted.? Anyway, writing about this, a bit after the event, notice how there is now nothing in the media about the hacking. Who did it? Was it China? The Mafia? Russia? Guess.

So we have the most invasive census in history, with penalties for not completing it, and then all of the information gets hacked. Go figure. There is something mighty fishy about the whole affair.

Oh, excuse me, a black helicopter is circling overhead, probably wanting to collect my census form.



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Saturday, 23 September 2023

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