How can an electorate vote in or out representatives when those encumbent members fail to disclose vital public issues prior to an election.

The recent fiasco of asset sales to foreign concerns, occurring prior to an election but not being revealed until after the election, is the case in point.
Deliberate deceit by our government in order to stay in power-ed

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Our Politicial Leaders are in Favour of Electronic Voting - I Wonder Why?

US election fraud allegations prompt calls for reform

Hand-counted paper balloting urged after many reports of irregularities around electronic system in Democratic primary.

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Affordable Energy - Climate Science


Climate change has and will continue to be used as a political agenda by politicians and self interest groups or individuals for their own gain. We cannot allow scare mongering by people such as Tim Flannery, who make outlandish statements and are not held accountable. Climate change should not be about making money for a lot of people and giving scientists money. Lets know the facts and scientific evidence to make a well informed decision as to how best to look after our environment. 

Paying a carbon tax or an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is not going to wave a magic wand and stop nature changing the climate change. It will only make it harder for Australian families and businesses to make ends meet. We can address real environmental issues with legislation. Hitting struggling families and businesses with another tax has been designed to make some people a lot of money. Don't allow yourself to be misled.

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That great writer Geoffrey Dobbs penned in the Home Journal of Spring 1989 : "Although it is necessary to look backwards to maintain continuity with the past, this becomes urgent only with a view to carrying a living policy into the future."
It is in this context which we shall examine more deeply the Howard government's "discovery" and now "war" on Aboriginal sexual abuse. 
I have written over and over again that the plight of Aboriginal children and women in these communities is shocking. But this situation has been known of for well over ten years. It has been ignored until now. One article which I received summed it all up by saying that Howard is doing a parting favour for the mining industry, having been their faithful servant. His aim is to roll back Aboriginal ownership of tribal lands, an aim hidden under the multi-coloured cloak of humanitarianism. Although the article which I received has a left-wing orientation, I cannot but agree. But one must join the dots and go further, following the trail of the one-worlders.

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Alan Jones 2GB links

Alan Jones - 94 year old caller

Alan Jones - Pauline Hanson

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"Catastrophically" Compromise Australia's Electoral System

Yesterday (sunday, 10th July) the outcome of the election became more apparent. Both major party leaders immediately moved into ‘endorsement and support’ for electronic voting, arguing that the delay of eight days in achieving a result is too long.

Electronic voting has the potential for massive fraud. In 2014 a federal parliamentary committee recommended against e-voting because it was vulnerable to hacking and could "catastrophically" compromise the Australia's electoral system. Read the Joint Standing Committee Report here:

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Andrew Bolt reported on the Senate wash-up for the NSW Liberals, “Molan proves why Photios should go,” Andrew Bolt 26 July 2016:

The Liberals let Michael Photios, a lobbyist, interfere with their NSW preselections, promoting duds and demoting talent such as Jim Molan.  The Senate count suggests that Photios is indeed a man of poor judgement who should be drummed out of the party processes....
Dennis Shanahan (of The Australian):

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Voting Above the Line

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Monday, 18 July 2016 3:35 PM

RE: Voting Above the Line

For the Senate, the legislation requires voters to either number :

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The Emergence of a Dynamic

At the time Hewitt Edwards wrote the article below (1936), CH Douglas was drawing crowds of 20,000 people to present the social credit case for financial reform. Douglas was able to illustrate that the machine age, automation and technology was supplanting labour as a necessary requirement for industry. The financial depression (imposed by the central financial houses of the world) affected everybody, but the vision that Douglas saw was not so apparent.

Today, this vision is apparent. Robots, self driving vehicles, fully automated processes, advanced control, computer technology and sadly even robotic warfare is there for all to see. A world of industry not requiring the human drudgery of labour is before us.

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Is There ‘False Hope’ with Trump (and Hanson)?

There is a belief that Donald Trump (or our own Pauline Hanson) will somehow turn things around. Trump is presented as a father figure, but our view is that on his own, he can't fix what is broken in America. Even if Trump were sincere, he will be neutralised by the administration. But if individuals, pursuing the correct policies, get along side him, adhering with the correct rules of association, that is a completely different story. We need to make our Constitution and political representatives work for us. This can only be done if we the people play our part in this Constitutional Monarchy.

Each person must ask themselves:
“what can I do in order to bring about a restoration of democracy? and then do it”.
You will need to work along side and get behind those willing (representatives and other actionists) to ensure we all work together for the desired outcome - the restoration of democracy in Australia.

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What is Democratic Government?

extracted from Our Sham Democracy or The Majority Vote Racket by James Guthrie

A democratic country is a country where the people can exercise effective control over their government's actions. If the people cannot exercise effective control, then the country is in the hands of a dictatorship. Democratic government is the only alternative to a dictatorship, and this is probably its only justification for existence, albeit an all-sufficient one....

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The Responsible Vote

Governments have never been over-keen to provide electors with an opportunity to have a say concerning policy. When electors are given the opportunity to make a decision on one basic question at a time, there is every chance a responsible vote will be recorded.

CH Douglas observed that people rarely react to theories; they react to facts, to experience. The theory of the EU did not hold up to facts. This was clearly demonstrated with the BREXIT vote. The British vetoed ongoing membership of the European Union.

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Election Outcome Day 4

We are a little closer to seeing a clear conclusion to the federal election. I note that Labor Party is already calling for another snap election. There is also a call for electronic voting.

Electronic voting is riddled with fraud and easily hacked. The advantage of a paper based voting system is where mistakes have been made, these votes can be recounted, reviewed and scrutinised to correct the error. Electronically this cannot be done.

I plan to give  a future blog in regard to the 'Responsible Vote'. It allows the verification of any vote given as to the authenticity, preferences and responsibility. If we were to go to electronic voting, a 'Responsible Vote' allows a full review of the process and ensures impartiality of the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) and it's agents. The opportunity for fraud is almost negligible.

On another issue, BREXIT, I note what appears to be the collapse of effective leadership to support the outcome of their vote. This is a deliberate policy of the elite in order to ignore the vote and continue on as per the existing agenda. A point to note here is that Magna Carta 1215 was not signed once, but several times over many years. The elites attempted to avoid accountability on this issue and the barons and community had to rally again and again and again. It is no different today.

Part of the psychological preparation of individuals to accept circumstances that they think they have no influence over are movies such as Superman, Captain America, Batman et cetera which depict a superhero coming to save an inadequate and ill-prepared citizenry. You become either a superhero or a hapless citizen. These movies are part of the psychological softening-up of the electorate in order to control them. Most people believe they can never be like Superman so resolve themselves to do nothing.

ED Butler would often say the first thing to overcome black magic is to stop believing in it. We must stop believing that we cannot do a thing. We must now realise it is up to each individual to do what they can. The only question that each person must ask is "what can I do?" and then go and do it.

There is an excellent booklet titled “Voters Policy Association Handbook" which provides organisational guidelines for setting up and running effective action groups. This is what you can do if you try. VPA groups are an excellent environment for encouragement and guidance amongst friends.

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Election Outcome Day 3

As the repercussions of the election continue to unfold, there is a pressing need for traditional labour voters and traditional conservatives to come together and work for the good of our country. The two-party system was designed to fragment and keep people of like mind apart, but we know that underneath it most people have similar wants. It is better to work on the issues we agree than argue about disagreement.

Class warfare are words that we have some idea about. They mean different things to different people.The elites will be doing everything in their power to keep like minded but divergent groups apart.
We must resist that at all costs. Old feuds must be worked through and new ground found. Public meetings must be called to settle these historical issues.

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Election Outcome Day 2

Looking at the election results lunchtime Monday the most striking issue has been the rise of voting for ‘other parties’. In fact it's been reported in the media that the labor vote of 34.9% is the second lowest primary vote for labor since 1949. Labor is not back. Turnbull may not survive as leader and the minor parties in the lower house may hold the balance of power. For Australia this is an excellent result. Significant negotiations will be necessary for all legislation and each member will now have to bargain vigourously on behalf of their electorate. The Australian people can only benefit from this position. The Senate results are equally as impressive. Minor parties appear to have increased their presence and will be defending the rights of each state, especially with issues such as the TPP and the demise of Australian manufacturing industry.