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Affordable Energy - Climate Science


Climate change has and will continue to be used as a political agenda by politicians and self interest groups or individuals for their own gain. We cannot allow scare mongering by people such as Tim Flannery, who make outlandish statements and are not held accountable. Climate change should not be about making money for a lot of people and giving scientists money. Lets know the facts and scientific evidence to make a well informed decision as to how best to look after our environment. 

Paying a carbon tax or an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is not going to wave a magic wand and stop nature changing the climate change. It will only make it harder for Australian families and businesses to make ends meet. We can address real environmental issues with legislation. Hitting struggling families and businesses with another tax has been designed to make some people a lot of money. Don't allow yourself to be misled.

Our solution is comprehensive because core problems cannot be solved by adhoc, one-off party politics. That failed Liberal-Labor-National-approach, combined with Greens grandstanding, is causing Australia’s deterioration. 

To tap into Australia’s wealth and to share it with all Australians we need to get to the root causes, the core problems and address them comprehensively. We need to involve people across Australia in developing solutions to restore Australia’s productive heartland and wealth for the benefit of all.

Pressure from a social media and mainstream media campaign, combined with backroom party powerbroker deals, removed Tony Abbott as Liberal leader and now under the leadership of Malcolm Turnbull, Australians may go back to being under a Carbon Dioxide trading scheme. Through One Nation, Australians can now have a say in politics. Send a signal to Greg Hunt, Malcolm Turnbull, voice-less Liberal MPs, the ALP and Greens. Vote for Pauline Hanson's One Nation and join us to bring back Australia.

To be productive and wealthy an organisation or nation needs:

  • Creativity - Australia has this in abundance;
  • Human skills - a skilled workforce;
  • Low-cost, reliable, abundant energy and independence of energy supply;
  • Minerals for metals
  • Climate to grow food every day of the year across many climates from tropical to temperate;
  • Freedom to be creative;
  • Governance and sensible laws that protect hard work and support creative, productive ideas;
  • Care and compassion for those who need support.

Australia has all these, in abundance.

We can bring these back and enable people to find happiness and security.

Instead of so-called 'Alternative Energies' that are really 'alternatives to energy', we will work to reduce energy prices, and bring back dependability and reliability through environmentally responsible, energies. Low cost energy enables efficiency and productivity that generate wealth to protect the environment.

Our primary producers produce plant by-products which are currently wasted. Where conditions and economics allow, let’s enable them to make biofuels.

Australians are at our best in sporting conquests and recovering from Natural disasters. Mateship shines. The greater the challenge the better Australians perform.



  1. One Nation will oppose all taxes levied on Carbon Dioxide, be it a flat Carbon Tax or a floating Emissions Trading Scheme and for the removal of all associated legislations.
  2. Cancel all agreements obliging Australia to pay for foreign Climate Action and payment to the United Nations and foreign institutions.Restore farming, fishing and manufacturing industries to again become competitive and thrive. Cut green tape.
  3. Environmental impacts to be assessed on the use of empirical scientific evidence, not activists or non-government organisations pushing ideology and political agendas. 
  4. Abolish the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and support practical cost-effective research into energy efficiency, reliability and dependability.
  5. Remove all subsidies and financial advantages offered to the renewable energy industry and make them compete on an even playing field with other energy sources.
  6. Support reliable, low-cost power generation. This has previously been Australia’s strongest competitive advantage.
  7. Hold a Royal Commission (or similar) into the corruption of climate science and identify whether any individual or organisation has misled government to effect climate and energy policy.
  8. Establish an independent Australian science body replacing the UN IPCC to report on climate science. It will be the beyond politicisation and be the basis of Australian policy on insurance and response to weather events.
  9. Review the Bureau of Meteorology to ensure independence and accountability for weather and climate records including public justification of persistent upward adjustments to historical climate records.
  10. Review the CSIRO to ensure independence and accountability and determine whether funding has influenced the direction and results of CSIRO's positions on the climate claims. Funding rom the U.N. in particular will be probed for an agenda not consistent for what is best for Australians.
  11. Ensure that all climate, energy and environmental policy decisions, requiring a scientific component, are based on the scientific method and empirical evidence. All decisions will be based on an economic, social and environmental assessment with environmental issues not automatically put ahead of humanity or economic realities.
  12. Remove from the education system the teaching of a biased and one-sided view of climate science. Teaching of climate science will begin in secondary school and will be based on the scientific method of scepticism until proven.
  13. Support renewable energy that does not impact on the environment and encourage research in the ability to store energy at affordable cost to households and businesses.  
  14. The wind industry must compensate all residents who have been proven to suffer from Wind Turbine Syndrome and any residents where the presence of wind turbines have negatively effected the price of their home.

Australians have conquered far greater challenges. We can restore our constitutional federation.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

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