How can an electorate vote in or out representatives when those encumbent members fail to disclose vital public issues prior to an election.

The recent fiasco of asset sales to foreign concerns, occurring prior to an election but not being revealed until after the election, is the case in point.
Deliberate deceit by our government in order to stay in power-ed


To the Editor

The Australian Federal election is over.

The State of Victoria, Local Government election is to be held in October this year.

We need public answers to WHO IS RESPONSIBLE (WIR) questions.


WIR for damage from recent flooding ?

WIR for providing reliable public transport and roads ?

WIR for explanation and review of the Local Government Act in Victoria ?

WIR for the legislation and enforcement of the Murray Darling Basin Plan ?

WIR for explaining the review of the Victorian WATER ACT ?

When will our elected representatives answer these important questions.?

We have the right to receive answers prior to the Local Government election.

 Yours sincerely,

 AGW, Wangaratta, Victoria



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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