The Emergence of a Dynamic

At the time Hewitt Edwards wrote the article below (1936), CH Douglas was drawing crowds of 20,000 people to present the social credit case for financial reform. Douglas was able to illustrate that the machine age, automation and technology was supplanting labour as a necessary requirement for industry. The financial depression (imposed by the central financial houses of the world) affected everybody, but the vision that Douglas saw was not so apparent.

Today, this vision is apparent. Robots, self driving vehicles, fully automated processes, advanced control, computer technology and sadly even robotic warfare is there for all to see. A world of industry not requiring the human drudgery of labour is before us.

The social credit message has never been more relevant to a weary world, going from one convulsion to another and then to another. Warfare is simply a means of expanding your market base. It is madness.

The challenge for this generation is to restore right order to the democratic process. It is to restore right order to the financial system. The social dynamic referred to below, is what 'new civilisations' are built upon.


...Parliament exists for one purpose only, to carry out the will of the people. The elector controls Parliament; and Parliament controls the decisive factor, the armed forces of the Crown. It is therefore the elector who holds the supreme power in our democracy. This is no secret. It is known to all. But until June 1934, Social Crediters in  this matter were at one with the less-informed public. All alike instinctively “shied off” from this straight issue.

It is discussed in Major Douglas’s books, but no one jumped to its conclusion; all were content to accept the current usage of democracy as being just there to be accepted, not subject to analysis and reconstruction. Yet that is where the solution of this problem must lie, for the desire of the electorate is for just those conditions and consequences which are indeed Social Credit in practice; for the realisation in solid fact of the belief inherent in Society, of its individual members, that they can, in association, get what they want.

The electorate is only half aware of this conclusive force, its own endowment, for the democratic principle has been perverted and twisted out of truth. The elector gets no opportunity of stating his wishes, and has little hope of seeing them put into effect.

As the desire of the electorate is for results, which Social Credit is designed to supply, the task for Social Crediters is not obscure. It is to create a channel for the true and proper demand of the elector, and to imbue such principles as will ensure that this demand is met.

If this demand for what people do in fact desire be sufficiently urgent and forceful, it must have its way. Nothing can resist it. The effect will be to force the correct technique on those who until forced will never introduce it...




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