Andrew Bolt reported on the Senate wash-up for the NSW Liberals, “Molan proves why Photios should go,” Andrew Bolt 26 July 2016:

The Liberals let Michael Photios, a lobbyist, interfere with their NSW preselections, promoting duds and demoting talent such as Jim Molan.  The Senate count suggests that Photios is indeed a man of poor judgement who should be drummed out of the party processes....
Dennis Shanahan (of The Australian):

“Voters are using the new Senate system in unprecedented numbers to protest against factional selections within the major parties, to defying voting directives and to embarrass sitting Senators…
In NSW, a popular conservative Liberal, former general Jim Molan, was pushed to the unwinnable 7th position on the Coalition Senate ticket below four ministers, a National and a first-time Liberal candidate. In a factional deal endorsed by the state Liberal executive, Liberal ministers Marise Payne, Arthur Sinodinos and Connie Fierravanti-Wells and Nationals Fiona Nash and John Williams, then Liberal Hollie Hughes, were all put above Mr Molan on the ticket.
But votes counted so far show the effect of a campaign to defy the Liberal Party how-to-vote card has delivered Mr Molan 6173 first-preference votes, three times the vote of Senator Sinodinos and 10 times the votes of Senator Fierravanti-Wells and Ms Hughes.
Mr Molan still is unlikely to be elected and last night told The Australian he was attempting to “democratise the Liberal Party from within”. He said: “This does show those who want to vote individually will do so"."


Now that the people have elected the politicians to represent their interests the matter has to be taken a stage further.  The essentials of life – the security, contentment and happiness of the People – things which should be the sole aim of their Government to facilitate, are forgotten in Party wrangling and the false “class-warfare”.


Not Revolution But Resolution!
As Wallace Klinck has noted on another issue:
“As often obtains, there is frequently an element of truth to both sides of an argument but if the issue cannot be settled by recognition of another appropriate resolvent factor, the strife will continue indefinitely. 
This is, of course, precisely what was desired because it provided the "thesis-antithesis" basis of conflict from which the Marxist hopes to achieve a “synthesis" in keeping with the goals of that ideology.  The goal is, of course, the enhancement and centralization of State power.



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