Will We Need a Chook Raffle for NSW Liberals? by Michael Ferguson

Friday night in the 1960s, in the pub that my old man went to for the purpose of tipping down pints after a hard day’s yakka, there was usually a chook raffle. That was generally 'after' the Salvation Army, with a sweet little girl and old guy went into the pub selling a magazine called, I think, The War Cry. As a kid I was illegally in the pub, but in those days women were not allowed in the front bar, as moral protection from drunk men, who may swear.
I wondered how the sweet girl was allowed to circulate in the dangerous waters of drunks each Friday, and still exit the pub in one piece. I never wondered why I, a tender aged kid, was there. In a way, I was much like the NSW Liberal Party.
Like that, life has many mysteries, such as the NSW Liberals having to forego almost $ 600,000 in public funding because political donations equal to that amount were found by the NSW Electoral commission to be unlawful: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/nsw-liberals-forced-to-forgo-almost-600k-over-unlawful-donations-20160922-grm91d.html. How long has all of this been going on? What else is happening?

You can, if interested, read about who tried to get what and failed at the URL reference cited. All of the facts are not that important. What is important is that the Electoral Commission seems to be now doing its job in subjecting donations to scrutiny, which is excellent.

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The Clinton Emails are Just the Tip of a Dark Iceberg by Charles Taylor

An important comment on the Hillary Clinton email scandal was made in a small section of the Editorial, The Australian, August 29, 2016, p. 13.
The FBI has uncovered 15,000 more Clinton emails that she failed to hand over. Along with this was the revelation, if it can be called that, that when she was Secretary of State, she met with people outside of government who donated money to the Clinton Foundation in a “pay for play” arrangement, raising $200 million from 85 donors, including some described as “tyrannous.”

The Wall Street Journal concludes that the 15,000 additional emails are “further evidence that Mrs Clinton set up her private server to prevent the public from seeing how Hillary and Bill mixed public power with their personal financial and political ambitions via the family foundation… everyone in the world understood that a gift to the Clinton Foundation was a way to influence the US government.”

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Hillary’s Health; America’s Health by Charles Taylor

Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, said on Fox News Sunday, that Clinton has exhibited several signs of illness, including coughing fits, her inability to sit for long periods of time without a pillow, her inability to climb even small slights of stairs unassisted, and her seizure-like motions of head-shaking – have not been scrutinized by the press, who are giving her a dream run. He said that all one needs to do is to look at the videos on-line at “Hillary Clinton illness” to see this.

Further, the mainstream media is actively protecting Clinton from any damage health reports would produce. The Huffington Post recently sacked one journalist for daring to report on Clinton’s state of ill-health: http://www.jeffereyjaxen.com/news/huffpost-censors-terminates-second-journalist-in-5-months. The offending article has been deleted from the site.

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The Faith of the Gender Agenda by Mrs Vera West

In a paper entitled “The Controversy Over the Safe Schools Program – Finding the Sensible Centre,” Professor Patrick Parkison of Sydney University, has criticised the teaching of radical gender theory in Australian classrooms, comparing it to “odd and unscientific” beliefs of groups such as Scientology. (The Australian, September 19, 2016, p. 1)

The Safe Schools programme, he claims, has “exaggerate statistics” on the numbers of transgender and intersex people, done to support the ideology that gender is a social construction.
He argues that the ideology behind Safe Schools is now widespread in the West, and comes not from science departments, but philosophy (and cultural studies) departments. It is not scientific and evidence-based.

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The Real Failure of Obama by Charles Taylor

As reported at Brietbart.com, Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan has slammed President Obama’s legacy, saying that he failed inner city blacks.
Here is what he said:

“But I just want to tell you, Mr. President, you’re from Chicago, and so am I. I go out in the streets with the people. I visited the worst neighbourhoods. I talked to the gangs. And while I was out there talking to them, they said ‘You know, Farrakhan, the president ain’t never come. Could you get him to come and look after us?’  There’s your legacy, Mr. President. It’s in the streets with your suffering people, Mr. President. And If you can’t go and see about them, then don’t worry about your legacy ’cause the white people that you served so well, they’ll preserve your legacy. The hell they will. But you didn’t earn your legacy with us. We put you there. You fought for the rights of gay people. You fought for the rights of this people and that people. You fight for Israel. Your people are suffering and dying in the streets! That’s where your legacy is. Now you failed to do what should have been done.”

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The Meme War by Chris Knight

Here in Australia critical writing among conservatives is not big on satire and a sense of the absurd; in a word, the use of memes, imagines and genes of ideas which express in one condensed package a powerful political message.
However, Alt Right literature in Europe and the United States does this, using characters such as Pepe the frog to deconstruct and disarm opponents. Hillary Clinton noted this meme war in her Alt Right speech. Pepe and other symbols introduces a sense of iconoclastic fun into an otherwise dry-as-dust, deadly serious debate. It is young person’s radical politics. It is the sort of material that a social media savvy generation loves.

This is not our way, and we should not try to use such techniques because, well, we are all just too old. Nevertheless, good luck to the younger generation in getting these ideas out. It would be good to see memes about fraudulent banking, the corrupt financial system, and the social credit answers as well.

9/11 Means that 2 Equals 3! by Brian Simpson

How happy am I!  As a science/maths high school teacher I always wanted to write an article for this site which had an equation in the title.  Now, I can die happy… well, not really.  What always puzzled me about the official story of 9/11 was that there were two planes that hit, but a third building collapsed. How is that possible? One plane to one building means no plane to take out the third building, right?

A paper has been published in Europhysics News, which explains that it was a controlled demolition that brought these building down. To quote from a Natural News.com, September 18, 2016 report:
Entitled “15 years Later: On the Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses,” the investigation was conducted by Steven Jones, a former professor of physics at Brigham Young University; Robert Korol, a professor emeritus of civil engineering at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada and a fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and the Engineering and the Engineering Institute of Canada; Anthony Szamboti, a mechanical design engineer; and Ted Walter, author of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s Beyond Misinformation: “What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7.”
Hopefully Trump, if he survives, may have a real investigation into the 9/11 matter, considering this sort of evidence and prosecuting the local criminals.

Blowing America Apart by Chris Knight

Mike Adams over at Natural News.com, previously said that regardless of whoever wins the 2016 presidential election, the US will be rocked by violence. In his article of September 18, 2016 he says that this has started already: “The Bombings Begin… Risk of Massive False Flag Event Skyrockets as Desperate Establishment Plots to Derail Trump, Halt the Election or Change the Narrative.” That’s certainly a chunky pot of conspiracy in one title.

There was a bombing in New York that injured 29 people, and another bomb only blocks away. Yes, the bombers don’t like travelling much. Another pipe bomb exploded in New Jersey.
These bombings, according to Adams, were by a member of the LGBT community, who is quoted from the New York Post as saying that “This is not the end. This is just the beginning… I will eliminate my targets before it is too late.”

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On 9/11 the Twin Towers of Hillary Came Tumbling Down! by Chris Knight

The American media has been so busy warning the global financial elites –  sorry, I mean, we, the people – that Donald J. Trump is a Nazi spawn of Satan, that they have not been able to focus their little eyes on Hillary Clinton’s health problems. Thus, after ironically collapsing at a September 11 commemoration ceremony, it was released that she had pneumonia, and that her frightening coughing fits were related to allergies. Nonsense! I trust the internet on this one.

A good summary of the “walking dead” that is Hillary Clinton has been given by Mike Adams Natural News September 11, 2016. There are the relevant videos at that site with this comment; “The videos …are stunning in what they depict:
A corrupt, criminal tyrant who deeply desires power over others now unable to control her own body…wobbling, collapsing, stumbling, with head bobbling to the side as if her neck is on a loose swivel…then collapsing forward into the waiting van.” The same description would be true of so many of our own Australian politicians in the evening after a belly full of wine, paid for by corporate of union sponsors.

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Finally, Some Sense on the Submarine Fiasco by James Reed

A group of concerned businessmen, including Dick Smith, put a full-page advertisement in The Australian (September 13, 2016) condemning Turnbull’s “Submarine Fiasco.”

The bottom line: $50 billion will be spent for 2,800 jobs. This is an absurd cost, especially since at present there is not one operational French Barracuda submarine in service. The first version, yet to be launched, is in a ship yard and is nuclear not diesel. The government wants to retrofit and re-design a nuclear sub to be diesel, which has never been done. Good luck with that one, because we will need it.

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Time to Turnover, Turnbull by James Reed

Andrew Bolt (“How I Found Turnbull’s Two Fatal Flaws,” Herald Sun, September 4, 2016, relates how he met Malcolm Turnbull a decade ago, and knew from that meeting that he would be a “dud leader.”
First “Turnbull continued to repeat what I knew for a fact was false” and “what a tiny concentration span he had.” But, all pollies are like that.

Turnbull is now worrying leading security experts because he is ignoring their warnings about the security threat posed by China: “intelligence leaders are conscious Mr Turnbull predicted five years ago that China would not use the expansion of its navy to become more militarily assertive and opposed the Labor government’s strategy for preparing for a naval war in the South China Sea, where China is now turning islets into bases.” Well, Mal certainly got that one wrong!

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The Great Amnesia that is Political Opportunism by Michael Ferguson

Chris Mitchell (“Amnesia Suits the Politics of Today’s Media Generation,” The Australian, September 5, 2016), notes that the crop of today’s progressives in the media are “publicly contemptuous of everyday Australians, those people who make up journalists’ audiences.” But do every day Australians primarily watch, say,  the ABC and SBS? I doubt it, or at least not the ordinary blokes I know. The chattering class who vilify us produce their self-reinforcing bs for members of their own class to maintain group solidarity, as the sociologists would describe it.

Still, Mitchell makes some good points. Then Prime Minister Julia Gillard, was opposed to same-sex marriage right up to 2013 and no “progressive” accused her of “hate speech.” But oppose same sex marriage now, and feel the might of the courts dropped upon you. Why, the Marxist cubs will bash you and the system will do nothing about it, or, almost nothing.

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New Zealanders too lazy or drugged to work, says PM John Key

Ref: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/the-times/new-zealanders-to-lazy-or-drugged-to-work-says-pm-john-key/news-story/daa12ab1ee53eaa542401727698bce0d

John Key, the New Zealand prime minister, has defended the country’s high immigration rate, saying that foreign workers were needed because employers found native Kiwis either too lazy or dependent on drugs.
Mr Key admitted that high rates of immigration were straining public services and infrastructure but said his government would adhere to its open-door policy to fill job vacancies.

- having a prime minister with an attitude like that, with no question of coming in amongst the troubled communities to assist in whatever way is possible, must be high time to place him onto the dole queue!! - ed

The “Trump-Apocalypse” Cometh by Chris Knight

The “Trump apocalypse” is a term I use to describe what will happen when Hillary Clinton is inevitably elected president of the United States in November, and the political fallout that will come from it.
There are, of course many who believe that Trump will triumph, such as exhibited by a recent turnabout by former critic Brad Thor (“Rethinking the #NeverTrump Position,” August 16, 2016, at http://hotair.com/archives/2016/08/16/brad-thor-rethinking-the-nevertrump-position/.)
Hillary is a “cancer drug” which will kill the US; the Trump-drug may also kill the US, but it may also slow the cancer down.

David Cole at Taki Mag (“My God, What if He Loses?” August 18, 2016, at http://takimag.com/article/my_god_what_if_he_loses_david_cole/print#axzz4I0higTGG0,  expresses doubt that Trump could win. He interviews some Alternative thinkers, who are also concerned. The polls for Trump look bad, Cole argues, and the polls are usually right. Yes, sure, like they were right about Brexit; all polls indicated a defeat, and look where that went. And not all polls, if any, can be trusted at all, indicate that Trump is losing.

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Australian businesses with close ties to China donated $5.5m to political parties, investigation shows


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Senator Pauline Hanson: I’m back!

According to the Sydney Morning Herald 23 August 2016, Senator Pauline Hanson had just two words to say when she arrived at Parliament House: "I'm back."
Senator Hanson joined her new colleagues on Tuesday for what is known as 'Senate school' - a guide to the procedures and practices that govern the upper house.

Politicians and 'People Power'

Last month I placed a blog entry about 'The Responsible Vote'. It is a process of individual engagement with their representatives by regularly communicating about current issues.

...we must write to the successful representative telling them how we voted and why. We must also keep in regular contact with the representative and inform them of our views in regard to matters of concern. The electors responsibility does not end on polling day.

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ABC Bias or a Deliberate Government Tactic

from Andrew Bolt's Blog

VIEWERS of the ABC were recently shown an emotional, one-sided Four Corners program on juvenile detention in the Northern Territory. It was frightening, but deliberately misleading. It relied on old footage and I believe the program was an abuse of the ABC’s charter and an abuse of taxpayers’ money…

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If Trump is a Threat, then What is Hillary? by Chris Knight

Following on from the publication of Clinton Cash, we have another media “debate” about how dangerous Donald Trump will be. Thus, Kim Beazley, the former Defence Minister said (The Australian, August 10, 2016, p. 1), that Trump would as president cause unnecessary confrontations with China, and thus threaten Australia’s security.

Regardless of what one thinks about Trumps’ promises to restore economic nationalism to America, which is unquestionably a threat to the globalist elite, Trump is much less of a hawk than Clinton. He has indicated that he wants fair trade deals with China, and is friendly to Russia. The media, of course, uses Trump’s fair view of Russia against him as well.

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Is Trump Trying to Lose the Election to Hillary Clinton on Purpose? by Tyler Durden


“There is an adage in politics: Don’t get in the way of a train wreck,” said Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, a top campaign aide to presidential candidates Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. And, as Reuters reports, Clinton’s advisers say they see little benefit in her going toe-to-toe with Trump over every personal accusation, generating sound bites that would dominate cable news broadcasts. Rather, they are happy for him to be embroiled in controversy while Clinton focuses on policy.

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