On 9/11 the Twin Towers of Hillary Came Tumbling Down! by Chris Knight

The American media has been so busy warning the global financial elites –  sorry, I mean, we, the people – that Donald J. Trump is a Nazi spawn of Satan, that they have not been able to focus their little eyes on Hillary Clinton’s health problems. Thus, after ironically collapsing at a September 11 commemoration ceremony, it was released that she had pneumonia, and that her frightening coughing fits were related to allergies. Nonsense! I trust the internet on this one.

A good summary of the “walking dead” that is Hillary Clinton has been given by Mike Adams Natural News September 11, 2016. There are the relevant videos at that site with this comment; “The videos …are stunning in what they depict:
A corrupt, criminal tyrant who deeply desires power over others now unable to control her own body…wobbling, collapsing, stumbling, with head bobbling to the side as if her neck is on a loose swivel…then collapsing forward into the waiting van.” The same description would be true of so many of our own Australian politicians in the evening after a belly full of wine, paid for by corporate of union sponsors.

Leaked medical records have suggested that Hillary Clinton may have a serious disease called subcortical vascular dementia, which usually gives suffers a life expectancy of only 3-5 years. Clinton, if she has this, is getting close to the finish line. This would explain the seizures which have been recorded, and why her motorcade now has a private ambulance.

No doubt the New World Orderers know all of this and more, and yet still press on with her regardless, even though she may well die before taking the game of thrones.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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