Time to Turnover, Turnbull by James Reed

Andrew Bolt (“How I Found Turnbull’s Two Fatal Flaws,” Herald Sun, September 4, 2016, relates how he met Malcolm Turnbull a decade ago, and knew from that meeting that he would be a “dud leader.”
First “Turnbull continued to repeat what I knew for a fact was false” and “what a tiny concentration span he had.” But, all pollies are like that.

Turnbull is now worrying leading security experts because he is ignoring their warnings about the security threat posed by China: “intelligence leaders are conscious Mr Turnbull predicted five years ago that China would not use the expansion of its navy to become more militarily assertive and opposed the Labor government’s strategy for preparing for a naval war in the South China Sea, where China is now turning islets into bases.” Well, Mal certainly got that one wrong!

Let me say what Andrew Bolt did not say, well, not explicitly, but he comes very close.
Yes, Turnbull is a “dud” and logically he should be replaced as leader.
And, as neither he nor Tony Abbott has been willing to do the right liberal thing on section 18 C, it is time for the liberals to elect someone who will.

Time to go, Malcolm! We have had enough bull to make us all turn.



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Sunday, 24 September 2023

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