The “Trump-Apocalypse” Cometh by Chris Knight

The “Trump apocalypse” is a term I use to describe what will happen when Hillary Clinton is inevitably elected president of the United States in November, and the political fallout that will come from it.
There are, of course many who believe that Trump will triumph, such as exhibited by a recent turnabout by former critic Brad Thor (“Rethinking the #NeverTrump Position,” August 16, 2016, at
Hillary is a “cancer drug” which will kill the US; the Trump-drug may also kill the US, but it may also slow the cancer down.

David Cole at Taki Mag (“My God, What if He Loses?” August 18, 2016, at,  expresses doubt that Trump could win. He interviews some Alternative thinkers, who are also concerned. The polls for Trump look bad, Cole argues, and the polls are usually right. Yes, sure, like they were right about Brexit; all polls indicated a defeat, and look where that went. And not all polls, if any, can be trusted at all, indicate that Trump is losing.

An LA Times poll of august 21, 2016, puts Trump ahead of Hillary, 45 to 43. Yet, as noted by former presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan, “Yes, the System is Rigged,” (August 11, 2016, at, the power elites want Hillary and intend to get her. She promises to push their agenda beyond Obama. Almost certainly she will “rig” the Supreme Court, by putting into place a new member who will be anti-gun, so that the entire Second Amendment will be washed away.
Already, Obama has issued an executive action on guns which aims to prevent mentally ill Americans owning guns.
While that seems reasonable, as pointed out at Natural (August 20, 2016, at, in Obamaland, the “mentally ill” are likely to include those denying human-caused climate change and other Obama-Clinton policies of the globalist Left.

All this could lead to the breakup of America, with Civil War II

The Houston Chronicle reports that 3 in 5 Trump-supporting Texans would support the secession of Texas from the Union if Clinton wins, and almost three-quarters of Texas voters believe that Trump’s loss would be due to voter fraud and election rigging:
The legality of this is discussed in Texas daily papers:

Regardless of who wins the election in November, the United States, appears to be doomed, as the national debt of about $ 20 trillion, is now higher than the annual GDP of around $ 17 trillion, and the debt continues to spiral out of control: “The Numbers Don’t Lie: We’ve Reached the point of No Return on Our National Debt, Meaning a Collapse is Imminent,” at

While the West has followed the road of globalism and cosmopolitanism, embracing mass migration and politically correct ideology, China has taken the nationalist road, maintaining its identity and homogeneity. Consequently, Chinese scientists are now working on building a manned radar station on the moon:
The West, however, awaits its own disintegration.



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