Is There ‘False Hope’ with Trump (and Hanson)?

There is a belief that Donald Trump (or our own Pauline Hanson) will somehow turn things around. Trump is presented as a father figure, but our view is that on his own, he can't fix what is broken in America. Even if Trump were sincere, he will be neutralised by the administration. But if individuals, pursuing the correct policies, get along side him, adhering with the correct rules of association, that is a completely different story. We need to make our Constitution and political representatives work for us. This can only be done if we the people play our part in this Constitutional Monarchy.

Each person must ask themselves:
“what can I do in order to bring about a restoration of democracy? and then do it”.
You will need to work along side and get behind those willing (representatives and other actionists) to ensure we all work together for the desired outcome - the restoration of democracy in Australia.

Social Dynamics Training
Facilitators will be provided upon request

Preparing for action, it is essential to understand the correct principles to work from. These can be garnered from the Social Dynamics DVDs and booklet available from the Heritage Bookshop or from the web:

Videos here:

The young have the energy, but the ‘not so young’ have the wisdom. It is the ‘not so young’ who must guide the young through this most difficult period.

We have recently transcribed an excellent booklet titled Our Sham Democracy by James Guthrie, available here:
or the printed booklet here:

Guthrie shows in his booklet, that democracy, real democracy, is “where the people can exercise effective control over their governments’ actions". Even with a benevolent leader, without effective influence over policy, there can be little or no benefit for the individual.

We see no good outcome from the proposed conservative movement directed by Cory Bernardi, without a complete change of policy by him and those around him.

By their fruits - not what they say but by what they produce.

Introducing yourself to your local, state and federal representatives, to explain who you voted for and why, and also to ensure they personally receive a copy of the following documents, is a very good start for action.
The Story of the Commonwealth Bank:

Bank of England Working Paper 529 - Banks are not intermediaries of loanable funds - and why this matters by Zoltan Jakab and Michael Kumhof:

Bank of England Quarterly Report Q1 2014:

While you are with your representatives, make another appointment to discuss these documents to see if they are willing to support a restoration of democracy.

There are many lessons already learnt by others here:
or here:

There is also an excellent booklet titled Voters Policy Association Handbook which provides guidelines for setting up and running effective action groups:

VPA groups are an excellent environment for encouragement and guidance amongst friends.
Once a local VPA group is established, set targets, commit to meet regularly, (recommended once per week), and work through one issue at a time. This may be in the form of letter writing to your representative and the media, or phone-ins to radio stations or comments to existing blogs.
Ensure you keep up to date on current issues by visiting our blog here:

We need to make our Constitution and political representatives work for us. This can only be done if we the people play our part in this Constitutional Monarchy.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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