The Responsible Vote

Governments have never been over-keen to provide electors with an opportunity to have a say concerning policy. When electors are given the opportunity to make a decision on one basic question at a time, there is every chance a responsible vote will be recorded.

CH Douglas observed that people rarely react to theories; they react to facts, to experience. The theory of the EU did not hold up to facts. This was clearly demonstrated with the BREXIT vote. The British vetoed ongoing membership of the European Union.

It took more than 40 years for the British people to have a say, but have a say they did. Similarly, if the electorate was given an opportunity to vote on compulsory mass medication in the form of fluoride to the municipal water, in every likelihood they would reject the existing outcome.

I am sure other EU countries desire a vote on EU membership and will also have to work towards it by forcing their politicians to yeild.

Genuine democracy has been demonstrated by the British people using the right to accept or reject one proposition at a time - BREXIT. The British cannot now avoid the responsibility of the vote but must work vigorously to ensure their politicians enact their wishes. Similar to Magna Carta, it must be reinforced multiple times over the future years to ensure the outcome is 'as directed' by the vote.

A point to note is that the British politicians and elites are already manoeuvring the void the outcome.

Of vital importance is the limited power that the individual still possesses with the vote. He must use this vote power in a responsible manner. He must be prepared to "stand up and be counted". In Australia, shortly the pole outcome will be declared, we must write to the successful representative telling them how we voted and why. We must also keep in regular contact with the representative and inform them of our views in regard to matters of concern.

The electors responsibility does not end on polling day.





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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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