The Profits of Pfizer By Brian Simpson

Pfizer has done swimmingly well from the Covid plandemic, almost doubling its annual revenue. Pfizer’s revenue in 2021 was $81.3 billion, approximately double that of 2020, and the Covid vax accounted for $36.78 billion of that. But more importantly, Big Pharma vaccine-producers have come to have a major influence upon the health polices of nations. Given that the vaccine contracts, as far as critics have been able to peep through walls of secrecy, are dream deals, guaranteed payment while having no financial liability for injuries and deaths, it seems an obvious conflict of interest for health authorities to give such weight to the opinions of Big Pharma. But that is the world we live in.

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Cryptocurrencies to Fall Under the Green Sword? By James Reed

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but not the latest ones, involve mining “maths” equations, and to do so sucks up vast quantities of electricity. How much is documented below, but is enormous. Clearly, the financial elites have been concerned about these decentralised currencies, and would seek to control, if not eliminate them. If meat and cars can be cancelled by the Great Reset Green tyranny, here is little hope in the future for things, like Bitcoin, in my opinion. But this is not financial advice, nor sir. Further, most of us struggle now to get enough food, let alone engage in financial speculation.

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Excess Mortality in New Zealand By Brian Simpson

John Gibson, an economics professor at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand,  has published a paper entitled, “The Rollout of COVID-19 Booster Vaccines is Associated with Rising Excess Mortality in New Zealand,” concluding the risks of the Covid vaccines outweigh any benefits. “The ratio of vaccine risk to benefits likely has swung more towards risk than during the original randomised trials, due to dose-dependent adverse events and to fixation of immune responses on a variant no longer circulating.” His study found that the age groups “most likely to use boosters had 7-10 percentage point rises in excess mortality rates as boosters were rolled out while the age group that is mostly too young for boosters saw no rise in excess mortality.” Extrapolating the study results worldwide, Gibson predicted 300,000 excess deaths, but many covid critics regard this figure as an under-estimation.

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Covid King Dr Fauci Says You Will Live with Covid Forever! By Chris Knight (Florida)

Dr Fauci, Covid guru, said that he will retire at the end of Joe Biden’s term. He lamented in an interview that people are no longer listening to him on the eternal need for masks, and that Covid is forever, and will never end. Clearly, people have had enough of him, and it is a tragedy that he has been able to do all he has done, as documented in numerous articles and books, such as The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy Jnr. He says below that he is aware that the Republicans are going to come after him, but he thinks less so if he is not in the job. I hope he is wrong about that, and that they pursue him to the ends of the earth, or even communist China!

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The Social Impossibility of Electric Cars By James Reed

Ben Fordham, 2GB mornings host, has slammed the proposal, which could fast become a reality, of banning petrol and diesel cars, and making electric cars compulsory. The ACT Labor/Greens government have announced that it will ban all new petrol and diesel cars from 2035. It is proposed that other Australian states and territories will follow suit. Fordham gave blast of common sense: “The 2GB mornings host said the ACT move was impossible for NSW to replicate considering only two per cent of current new car sales are electric. 

'Good luck doing that in Sydney. Six million vehicles are registered in the state of NSW - how are you going to change them all?' Fordham asked. 

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Mind Reading for Tests of Communist Loyalty By James Reed

If it is totalitarian and involves high tech, just look to communist China to be in it, as this nation seems determined to make every dystopian sci fi movie depiction a reality. For example, researchers at China’s Comprehensive National Science Center in Hefei, claim to have developed computer software able to measure the loyalty of members of the Communist Party of China (CCP), which in a dictatorship, is the only party to be loyal to anyway. As for not being loyal, anyone who steps over the line gets squashed, so what is the point of the software, based upon facial expressions and brainwaves? I suspect that this is bs, since how exactly is loyalty, or even degrees of loyalty measured by brain waves? Seems like more pseudo-science, but that is the name of the game today.

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Cultural Enrichment and Diversity Joy in Italy By Richard Miller

Yes, the young rocket scientists are doing well, and Italy along with the rest of Europe looks set to challenge homogenous China showing that diversity is truly a “strength,” the only thing in the universe that matters.

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Exercise for the Brain By Mrs Vera West

Use it before you lose it would better be rephrased as, use it, or lose it! That applies to both mental and physical capabilities. Research published in the journal JMIR mHealth and uHealth with lead researcher, Zvinka Zlater, a clinical psychologist at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, has shown that physical exercise can improve cognitive performance in older people. The study had a population n = 90 people, aged 50 to 74 years, over 14 days. The people exercised using an accelerometer.  Brain function of the test subjects was measured through twice daily ecological momentary cognitive tests (EMCTs) conducted using a smartphone. It was found that increased physical activity from exercise resulted in improved test scores, and hence cognitive performance. It would have been surprising if the null hypothesis proved to be accepted, since there has been a large body of research, as well as common sense observations, of the benefits of exercise.

But what exercise? Clearly for everyone, first one needs to get checked over by a GP to ensure that conducting such activities would be safe. A variety of exercise programs are discussed below. The main thing, even after given the medical A-Okay, is to go slow and progressive, for acting like a bull-at-the-gate may lead to injuries such as pulling muscles. It is really easy to do, usually not serious, but still painful and puts you out of action for a while.

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Here Comes the Mask Freak Out Again! By Brian Simpson

With the latest variants of Omicron frantically running around infecting the vaxxed, the health authorities are reaching once more for the ultimate weapon: the pretty blue surgical masks, to keep us safe. Yes, the Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said, the new BA.5 variant was more infectious and was better at “evading immunity,” whatever that means today. “It is circulating in the community and it poses a significant new threat,” he said.

“Go and get that third dose if you’re due or get the fourth dose if you are now eligible, but those vaccines do not stop the transmission of this virus, and this variant is unusual in that case.”

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Man Made Monkeypox By Brian Simpson

We have not seen much in the mainstream media recently about monkeypox, which many social critics thought could be the next big thing. It disappeared into one “community,” then basically silence. I suppose I could investigate their on-line sites, but, no, not today. In any case, evidence has emerged that monkeypox was manipulated in a lab, then intentionally or accidentally released, as we have come to expect as the way of virology, which is not to stop disease, but to make it, by hook or by crook.

A study published by Portugal’s National Institute of Health (NIH) sheds light on his. Monkeypox was. Once rare and restricted to West Africa. Cases came to the West via migrants. However, the present outbreaks in the West have had a greater number of victims than has occurred before, and has been widely distributed across the West. The Portugal NIH study has concluded that the cases in the West have a single origin, as all sequences of viruses released to date tightly cluster together. As well, although the virus in the West resembles the West African type, there are more than 50 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), far more than would be anticipated by any short -term natural evolution. Although the NIH study does not state this, leading Covid critics such as Dr Robert Malone believe that joining up the dots yields the obvious conclusion of lab manipulation.

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The Unvaxxed are Not a Burden on the Health Care System By Brian Simpson

Getting vaxxed has been promoted as doing one’s citizen duty to preserve something that has become far more sacred than the churches, and any aspect of cultural heritage, the medical system, particularly hospitals. The holy of holies is the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), something which is easily over-stretched and  could collapse at an moment’s notice, although none in the West, ever have, even in war time. One would have thought that if this ICU system was so important, enough to shut down entire economies, governments would have built massive Intensive Care Hospitals, with acres of respirators. But no, the Great Reset option of shutting it all down was taken, and may be taken again, since yet another round of Covid freak out seems to be coming.

However, an international study by Alliance for Natural Health International founder Robert Verkerk analyzed data on more than 18,000 unvaccinated people from around the world, examined if it was true, that Covid-unvaxxed persons were a drain on hospitals. This was found, not to be so: ““Only 74 respondents out of the 5,196 (1.4 percent) who reported suspected or known SARS-CoV-2 infection also reported that they were hospitalized following infection,” the study says. “Therefore, outpatient or inpatient hospitalization was reported in just 0.4 percent of the full survey cohort. Of these, 15 were outpatient only, another 15 were hospitalized for less than 3 days, 26 were hospitalized between 3 and 7 days, 11 for between 7 and 14 days and only 10 for more than 14 days.””

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Spiking Problems By Chris Knight (Florida)

We have covered in numerus articles, the wide range of ill health and disease issues associated with the mRNA vaxxes, and to a lesser extent the non-mRNA ones as well. The main problem with the mRNA ones is the spike protein, which Covid critical doctors have characterised as particularly toxic. The problem in part, is that these vaxxes in the early roll-out, were said to stay at the deltoid muscle injection site, but it was known during the trails, through biodistribution studies, that the Japanese government requested, that this was not so. The nasty spike proteins migrated to organs such as the heart, brain and ovaries, resulting in havoc, with myocarditis, strokes, and cancer and prion diseases causing neurological disorders, and often death.  But, the even greater problem may be the long-term effects upon those who do not fall immediately, being from immune imprinting, as pointed out by Dr Robert Malone, discussed below. The immune system may be compromised from shot after shot, and leave people open to an array of diseases normally deal with by a robust immune system, such as many cancers, a condition described as Vaccine Immunodeficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).


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Mainstream Predictions of US Civil War By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It is not just conservatives who believe that a civil war could erupt in the US. There has been recent media coverage of claims made by Barbara F. Walter, a political science professor at the University of California at San Diego, author of the book, How Civil Wars Start: And How to Stop Them, that the US is on a civil war path. One of the most important factors is when societies and political parties become polarised along racial lines. Naturally, as a standard liberal she sees all the fault with conservatives, none with the genocidal Great Replacement policies of the Democrats with the open southern border, and its undermining of democracy: “Watching what happened to the Republican Party really was the bigger surprise — that, wow, they're doubling down on this almost white supremacist strategy,” according to her. Nonsense of course, but it is still instructive to see how the opposition thinks and their biases and bs. It too shows the level of polarisation, as well as the bunk coming out of the universities, in my opinion.

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The Question of Finland By James Reed

Pat Buchanan, former US presidential candidate has his eye on the Ukraine conflict which could fast evolve into World War III. The spark, or is it explosion, which will set this off is if Putin, after successfully crushing the Ukraine, which seems likely, then thinks he is on a roll and decides to take out Finland next. Finland was invited to join NATO at the NATO summit in Madrid, so if Finland is attacked in the future, NATO will be immediately involved. If they do not act, this would show that the NATO treaty is worthless and NATO is a toothless tiger, and Putin will roll over Europe, maybe swallowing up diverse Sweden. Would the migrants be happy with this, and stay around to celebrate? Buchanan makes a strong case that this is madness, but widespread conflict, including nuclear, may be inevitable. Call it inevitable madness.

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Dr David Martin: The Covid Vaxxes as Genocidal Bioweapons By Brian Simpson

Dr David Martin believes that considering all the evidence of Covid vax deaths and adverse effects, as well as the likely lab origin of the virus, the Covid vaxxes are bioweapons being used by the globalist elites as a population culling genocidal weapon. In particular, the spike protein of the vax is particularly toxic. This has been said before, but few critics, other than Mike Adams who sees a Covid vax I am Legend collapse of civilisation, have come out with the actual numbers of people that they think will die. Dr Martin’s estimate is that between 75 and 100 million people will die from the Covid vax shots. But there will be vastly more people debilitated by the vaxxes, which could have an even more profound civilisation-levelling effect. We are going to live through truly shattering times.

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Covid Came Out of the Box, Ready to Go: Dr Deborah Birx By Chris Knight (Florida)

Infectious diseases expert and former presidential Covid adviser Dr Deborah Birx, has recently said that Covid came “out of the box ready to infect” when it emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2020, while Covid “was already more infectious than flu when it first arrived.” This indicates that the lab origin hypothesis is more likely than the natural evolution bat soup idea. While that is interesting, don’t forget that she was the main architect of the US lockdowns, that in turn influenced Australian lockdowns. Ironically, she did not even follow her own policy, and violated the lockdowns like many of the elites; in her case going to her Fenwick Island property in Delaware for a large family thanksgiving dinner.

 While much outrage is directed towards Dr Fauci, and rightly so, he is not the only one who created the lockdown culture.

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Avoiding the Mainstream Media Like the (Covid) Plague By Chris Knight (Florida)

Hopefully the following statistic will be repeated, in time in other places, such as Australia. According to survey research by the Reuters Institute, 42 percent of Americans avoid the mainstream  news because it oppresses them, or they think it is false. Fifteen percent will have nothing to do with the news altogether. Those from the Right are more likely to believe that the news is “false news,” but those from the Left tend to get overwhelmed, like the tender snowflakes that they are.

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Canadian Data, According to Alex Berenson, Show that the Vax Raises the Risk of Death from Covid By Chris Knight (Florida)

Covid critic Alex Berenson has examined official government Covid data from Canada of the province of Manitoba and found that the Covid vax shots increase, not decrease, the risk of death. While the unvaccinated represent 17 percent of the population, only nine percent of deaths and 14 percent of hospital admissions in the province were unvaccinated people. “People who had received boosters had roughly the same risk of hospitalization or death as the unvaccinated,” Alex Berenson observes. This is the first time that it has been shown that government data has shown a higher risk of death in the vaccinated, over the unvaccinated

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Dr Ryan Cole on Cancer and the Jab By Mrs Vera West

Dr. Ryan Cole, an anatomic clinical pathologist, is a leading Covid vax critic, and also runs a pathology lab. Hence if anything unusual is happening on the disease front, he is likely to be ahead of the curve. One thing which he has focused on, being brought to his attention in numerous pathology cases, is the dramatic rise in cancer, all since the vax roll-out. Dr Cole says: “when the shots rolled out, things changed.

At first I noticed kind of an innocuous little bump that we see usually in children. It's a little virus called molluscum contagiosum [that causes] a little white bump.

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Preparing for the Food and Energy Crisis By John Steele

Here are more personal survival tips from Dr Mercola, at now deleted site about how to survive the fast approaching food and energy crises. It would be good to stop all of this by political actions, just as it would have been good for the Covid lockdowns to have been stopped before they stated, but they were not. Hence Plan B. Dr Mercola is right in saying that one of the most important foods to stockpile is meat protein, and he suggests getting an alternative power source, as the grid, at some point will probably go down. That puts one on the energy dilemma horn. It is probably better to stockpile tin protein such a tin fish, canned meats and the likes, which will not need electric cooling to be preserved. In general, get foods that you regularly eat, not needing refrigeration, such as dried good, rice and lentils, tined and packaged foods. The Americans like to recommend companies selling freeze-dried meals, but it is expensive and not so easy to get in Australia. Although the link to the video is gone, the text below is still of value for its common sense recommendations.

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