The West’s Obituary By Chris Knight

     Here is a powerful article by Paul Craig Roberts, summing up the plight of the West. The article speaks for itself:

“Here is a video of one of the migrant gangs that have been welcomed into Europe sticking a pistol’s barrel into the mouth of a male Swedish teenager and ordering him to dance.  Having been taught that it is racist, and perhaps a crime, to oppose … the Third World, instead of fighting back the Swedish teenager complies and accepts, like a good European male, the humiliation.

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Predatory Green Capitalism: Monetising Air! By James Reed

     The world suffers from commodity fetishism, where everything has been converted to a money value, and where the money power controls everything. Some may feel that some things escape this net, such as air, but the global warming nonsense shows that even air will be reduced to a monetary value, and we will pay for air:

“You asked, "What's left to monetize? It appears the answer is 'very little.'" I respectfully disagree. The Biggest Enchilada of all is left. Air. Specifically carbon dioxide, CO2. We just have to figure how to get the yokels to agree to pay for that which was formerly free. Got it! First we browbeat them into believing its evil and that we have to tax it to save all life on Earth. Then, following in the finest traditions of the degenerate late medieval Catholic Church, we'll commission sellers of "Indulgences" to allow sinning at ever rising prices. a/k/a "Carbon Credit trading". This doesn't require any value added and the profits on "buy zero sell high" are limitless. This is the specific outline and the very same agencies that so love financialization of all kinds, $2 trillion dollar student debt to sustain obscenely paid college administrators and academics, endless academic credentialism and huge Hipster Cities sitting on container ports and mediating the China Trade, are all promoting this financialization of CO2 as hard as possible. This is why a nullity like the Paris Climate Accords continues to be pushed even after its proven every way possible that a) the biggest emitters like China and India won't adhere to them and b) even if they did the prescribed regimes will do nothing anyway. And its why I "don't believe" in it. Or rather, its why I believe its just the next and biggest financial scam.

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Plenty to Fear from an “Indigenous Voice” By Ian Wilson LL.B

     The battle is on, with a leading jurist saying that an indigenous voice to parliament would not undermine the power of parliament:

“Former High Court chief justice Murray Gleeson has declared a new indigenous “voice to parliament” could be created through legislation — with only minimal references in the Constitution — without eroding the power of the nation’s politicians. Mr Gleeson, one of Australia’s pre-eminent legal figures, said the proposal for an indigenous voice — set out in the Uluru Statement from the Heart — would succeed if it maintained “parliamentary supremacy”. Rejecting suggestions by opponents that the voice could act as a “third chamber” of parliament, Mr Gleeson said the proposed new advisory body was a “worthwhile objective” to help governments draft policies that affected indigenous people. “It is difficult to see any objection in principle to the creation of a body to advise parliament about proposed laws relating to indigenous affairs,” Mr Gleeson said. Speaking in Sydney last night, Mr Gleeson, who was appointed chief justice by John Howard, said it was possible to give the new body constitutional status as an “appropriate form of indigenous recognition”. He said a successful model should not be constructed as a “one-line bill of rights”, warning that could “diminish the lawmaking power of the parliament”. The Constitution already gave the federal parliament powers to create special laws specifically for indigenous Australians. He said it should not offend anyone that a new representative body be established to advise the parliament on those laws. The proposal for a voice to parliament had the advantage of being “substantive and not merely ornamental”, suggesting it could be “constitutionally entrenched” but “legislatively controlled”. “Only the federal parliament can initiate a referendum. It has shown little appetite for proposals to limit its own power; and rightly so,” Mr Gleeson said. “Parliamentary supremacy is one of the essential safeguards of our liberal democracy. It is unlikely that parliament will propose a change to the Constitution in aid of indigenous recognition if the effect of the change will be to curtail its own legislative power. “That appears to have been well understood by the supporters of the voice. What is proposed is a voice to parliament, not a voice in parliament.”

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The Universities: Breeding Grounds of Evil By “Jammers” Reed

     In my excitement, I upgraded my name, but not to worry, as in my state of mental decay, I am doing that when I get excited. And who would not be excited when they have their diatribes against the vile and filthy universities confirmed by a former antifa member:

“Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales argued this week that American colleges breed far-left radicals in an interview with Tucker Carlson. Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight this week to discuss the rise of far-left violence. Nadales, who joined Antifa when he was 16 years old, is now a conservative activist. Nadales described the evolution of Antifa as a far-left activist group. “I was in Antifa when I was just 16, almost 10 years ago. Back then it was just a group that went down to go protest against what we thought were fascists. However, Antifa is far more violent today than it ever was,” Nadales said. “This is not a laughing matter,” he continued. “People are being attacked because of Antifa. We have to be able to hold Antifa accountable.” Nadales argued that Antifa activists are born on colleges campuses all around the United States. He cited various professors that have endorsed political violence for the purpose of advancing far-left politics. One professor, Mark Bray of Dartmouth. To really understand Antifa, we have to go to the college campuses. Throughout the country, we have a lot of different professors who are advocating for violence,” Nadales said. “We have Mark Bray from Dartmouth [College] where he praises and advocates for political violence. More recently…we had a professor from Colorado State University who said that she was done talking to people on her opposition, that she was ready to punch them in the neck. Unfortunately, we are seeing a resurgence of political violence by the left.” “So you believe Antifa is being incubated on college campuses…by professors?” Carlson asked. “I think so. I think that’s where they are getting a lot of their philosophy from,” Nadales finished.”

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The Collapse of Civilisation 101 By Peter West

     Civilisations collapse when the elites become self-destructive in their greed and evil. This is a theme common to much of the reporting at this blog. Is it true? A scholarly book explores the same theme:  Anne Glyn-Jones, Holding Up a Mirror: How Civilizations Decline, (Imprint Academic, Thorverton, 1996). There is also a very good video about this which can serve as Collapseology 101, an introduction to this topic by Paul Joseph Watson, who argues that almost every factor that led to the collapse of past civilisations, can be found in the West, and there are more as well, generating a situation of over-determination:

     First, on the Glyn-Jones book, there are informative remarks given in an interview, saving us time in reading the book:

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Dealing with Heart Disease By Mrs Vera West

     I have been reporting here on natural ways of dealing with heart disease, and for a moment of fancy thought that maybe in time we could get together the first blog book collecting everything. But now there is no need as this has been done in a tremendous book by Natural News, which has in a one stop shop all you need to know for natural treatment of the old ticker problems. It is excellent on diet, the key to keeping the heart healthy. And, best of all it is free:

The White Sheeple are Getting Restless By Charles Taylor

     According to news we can “trust,” The New York Times:

“Two forces convulsing American politics found each other at President Trump’s rally in North Carolina this week: a sense of anxiety among white voters about their standing in a country that is growing more diverse, and a politician intent on stoking those worries. Surveys show fears among some white people that they are losing status in America, and those holding such views are increasingly aligned with the Republican Party. These voters perceive anti-white discrimination. A growing share say the nation risks losing its identity because of openness to foreigners. And many are concerned about what it will mean when non-Hispanic whites lose majority status, as demographic projections suggest will happen around 2045. A large if not majority share of white voters, and a majority of Republicans, say this change will threaten American customs and values — a prospect that they say makes them anxious, even angry. …”

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The Epstein Swamp By Charles Taylor

     Here is a revealing article by Eric Margolis who moved in intelligence circles who makes comments about the Epstein paedophilia honey pots, arranged to capture rich and powerful people on film, for blackmail, financial extortion and political control purposes. Australians should be interested in this affair because probably on a smaller scale, the same principle has been used to con your lower level elites, such as politicians, not that they would really need much by way of threats to keep them in line:

“I’ve had many strange experiences in my decades of covering intelligence affairs. These run from being invited to KGB HQ in Moscow, Chinese intelligence in Beijing, US intelligence in Virginia, Libyan intelligence in Tripoli, South African intelligence, and even Albanian intelligence in Tirana. But none was odder than the day I was invited to lunch in New York City with the by now notorious figure Jeffrey Epstein. The golden boy of Manhattan and Palm Beach society now sits in a grim jail cell accused of having sex with underage girls. He’s been doing this in plain view since the early 1990’s but, until recently, he seemed bullet-proof. Soon after I walked into the entrance of Epstein’s mansion on E 71st Street, said to be the city’s largest private home, a butler asked me, ‘would you like an intimate massage, sir, by a pretty young girl?’ This offer seemed so out of place and weird to me that I swiftly declined. More important than indelicacy, as an old observer of intelligence affairs, to me this offer reeked of ye old honey trap, a tactic to ensnare and blackmail people that was old when Babylon was young. A discreet room with massage table, lubricants and, no doubt, cameras stood ready off the main lobby. I had arrived with Canada’s leading lady journalist who was then close to Epstein’s sometime girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell and, it was said, procuress – something Maxwell denies. Bizarrely, Maxwell believed that I could get KGB Moscow Center to release satellite photos that showed the murder on his yacht of her father, the press baron Robert Maxwell, who was a well-known double agent for Israel and KGB, and a major criminal. …

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Why Are the Global Elites Seeking Outer Space? By Brian Simpson

     Why the interest by the global elite in outer space? Is it that they were Star Trek fans in their larva stage of their metamorphosis, or is there something more?

“Billionaires like Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, among others, are displaying profound enthusiasm in regard to the notion of exploiting space. Their interest appears to go well beyond space tourism for the thrill-seeking one-percenters, even though that’s what gets most of the media attention. As Cathal O’Connell reports for Cosmos Magazine, “Already companies are sending up 3D printers to produce replacement tools in space. Next we could see orbiting factories making products for sale on Earth or automated robots constructing satellites the size of a football field.” If this all seems as exotic as those old 1930s “Flash Gordon” films did to the audiences of the day, recall that the experience of the Apollo 11 moon landing showed that reality has a way of catching up quickly to Hollywood fantasy (it also shows that when sufficient government resources are harnessed to a higher common purpose, good results can happen surprisingly quickly and efficiently). Once the likes of Bezos, Branson, Musk, and others find a way to economically hoist heavy machinery into space (and it is becoming more economic), permanent “off-Earth” manufacturing could become a reality. But this raises an interesting issue: who chooses the technological alternatives that set out our future?

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The Moon Landing was White Racism! Totally Predictable By Charles Taylor

     With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing by Apollo 11, it was inevitable that the radical Leftoids would say the only thing they know; racism, squawk, racism. White privilege. Racism. Squawk.

“Attempts to diminish the triumph of Apollo 11 and to reassign credit don’t just taint the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, but presage the technological decline of the US if it persists with identity politics. With the Founding Fathers now rarely mentioned in the media without side notes about their slave ownership, and the Betsy Ross flag offensive to Colin Kaepernick and Nike, there is nothing new about liberal attempts to strike at the very heart of American identity. But – leaving aside the conspiracy theorists – the moment Neil Armstrong stepped on the surface of the Moon on July 20, 1969 was objectively such a universal milestone that to qualify it seems a fight against human endeavor itself. It would seem like the more logical route, for those who resent that this was a feat of white un-woke America, would be to try and diminish their role in favour of supposedly unsung heroes. Hidden Figures, the Oscar-winning film from 2016 was the perfect archetype of this revisionist history, exaggerating and fictionalizing the role of a cadre of politically suitable black women, who did an entirely replaceable job and were no more important than thousands of others involved.

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Former Black Bond Girl Blasts New Improved Black Feminist 007 By James Reed

     We have reported on the politically correct drive to replace 007 with a Black female in the Bond 25 movie. The utterly awful Daniel Craig will still play Bond, but the 007 licence to diversify is given to a Black lady. Many are unhappy about what is being done to Bond, including the first Black Bond girl, so let the white bleeders, bleed about this:

“It was bombshell news that left James Bond fans shaken and stirred - a woman will take over the famous 007 code name in the next movie. British star Lashana Lynch will be given Bond's licence to kill in the 25th movie in the franchise, currently being shot in Italy and the UK. It soon became clear, however, that Lynch won't actually be the new Bond, but a new character who takes over his secret agent number after he leaves MI6. But regardless, the decision to give 007 to a woman has divided hardcore fans, and the first black Bond girl to grace the silver screen is most certainly not happy. Trina Parks says she is against the potential plot twist - insisting the Bond movies have already done huge amounts for Hollywood diversity, she said in an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV. Parks famously made history as the first black Bond girl appearing in Diamonds Are Forever as assassin Thumper alongside Sean Connery in 1971. Speaking from her New York home, the 72-year-old actress said: 'Lashana is a great actress, but I don't really agree with her becoming 007. It is not about her color, but just because Bond, the spy code-named 007, was written by Ian Fleming as a man.'”

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US Churches and the Religion of Immigration By Charles Taylor

     Although a Christian, I stopped going to my local church here in Florida years ago, once it got swamped by diversity. In fact, to keep bums on seats, it recruited diversity. This was the church that my parents, who were from Texas, got married in. Thus, it does not surprise me that the churches here, as they would do in your country, have mobilised to defend illegal aliens:

“As a nationwide immigration crackdown loomed, religious leaders across the country used their pulpits Sunday to quell concerns in immigrant communities and spring into action to help those potentially threatened by the operation. A Chicago priest talked during his homily about the compassion of a border activist accused of harboring illegal immigrants, while another city church advertised a “deportation defense workshop.” Dozens of churches in Houston and Los Angeles offered sanctuary to anyone afraid of being arrested. In Miami, activists handed out fliers outside churches to help immigrants know their rights in case of an arrest. “We’re living in a time where the law may permit the government to do certain things but that doesn’t necessarily make it right,” said the Rev. John Celichowski of St. Clare de Montefalco Parish in Chicago, where the nearly 1,000-member congregation is 90 percent Hispanic and mostly immigrant. While federal immigration officials were mum on details, agents had been expected to start a coordinated action Sunday targeting roughly 2,000 people, including families, with final deportation orders in 10 major cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

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Where Whites Responsible for This? By Chris Knight

     First, at least the laws of arithmetic have not yet been rejected by the politically correct. Thus, Cortes and the conquistadors battled the Aztec empire from 1519-1521. However, the events to be described in South America happened in 1450. Columbus only reached the Americas in 1492, so there was no chance that white racism caused this, or is there???

“The slaughter of hundreds of young children and llamas in 15th century Peru may have been in response to a huge El Nino. More than 140 boys and girls aged between five and 14 were slaughtered in what is thought to be a mass sacrifice to appease the gods of a now extinct religion. Many of the children and juvenile animals had their hearts cut out during the grisly ritual. It is thought a huge El Niño caused major flooding and storms which triggered the bloody sacrifice. Analysis of the remains of more than 200 juvenile llamas and humans dates it to approximately 1450, during the peak of the Chimu civilisation in northern coastal Peru. The Huanchaquito-Las Llamas burial site is a 7,500 square foot area located less than half a mile from the Chimu's capital Chan Chan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Opening the Honey Pot; But the Bees, Flee! By Charles Taylor

     When I first said on another site when Epstein was first arrested, and given a sweet heart deal, that he was some intelligence operative of the global Deep State, I got emails mocking me (it was, a now defunct US Christian conservative site). But now this theory is really taking off:

“It is possible that Epstein is just an ordinary paedophile, a slave to his own sick depravity. But this now seems unlikely, it leaves too many questions unresolved: why did Epstein build a sex trafficking network? Why did he seek the company of the world’s most influential characters? Why did he schlep all those royals, once and future presidents, Harvard professors and movie stars around the world in his ‘Lolita Express’? And then we get to the big question: how did he get away with it all? Back in 2007, registered sex offender Epstein was supposed to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Instead he spent a mere thirteen months in a VIP prison. The Daily Beast reported yesterday that when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of US labor secretary by the Trump administration’s transition team, Acosta’s conduct in the Epstein affair came under scrutiny. In that interview Acosta allegedly said, “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”

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Evil White Liberals; Send Then Back to the Lizard Planet! By Charles Taylor

     Although the deplorables have been getting stirred up by Trump’s empty “send ‘em back” rhetoric, directed to the “Squad,” the real problem is within the ranks, and has been for some centuries. It is as if some virus of the mind has infected the West, so that even though impressive achievements have been made, it has been done in the context of increasing health burden, just as athletes on steroids can perform fine for a time, before dying of strokes and heart attacks.

“White liberals have been driving the Democrat Party’s pro-mass immigration, open borders ideology over the last few years, research finds. The New York Times‘ Thomas Edsall highlights in his weekly column the growth in support among white liberals over the last two decades for endless illegal and legal immigration to the U.S., a central motivating factor for why elected Democrats have abandoned their past views and favor the donor class approach to immigration and national borders. In 1993, then-Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) called for an end to granting American birthright citizenship to the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens, saying “no sane country” would allow such a policy.

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Reflections on the Moon Landing and the Fall of the West By Brian Simpson

     I assume that the US did make it to the moon as stated in the official narrative, since the conspiracy theories on this one has been met with solid replies. Sure, we conspiratorial types can argue amongst ourselves on that one in the pub, but the important question is whether the US could do it today, with all its AI, and IT and other two-lettered pieces of tech magic. The answer is “no”;

“Lessons learned from the Apollo 11 moon landing — particularly the need for nationalized industrial policy involving investments in research and development and protective policies for vital industries — are being lost, said retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, in a Friday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Rick Manning. Spalding began by noting China’s usurpation of America’s prior dominance in the realm of telecommunication technology manufacturing and development since the space race era. “Let’s just look at the state of our telecommunications,” Spalding said. “There was such a large industrial effort for the space race. Back then, we were spending two percent of GDP on research and development. We had the industrial base that was the envy of the world. AT&T, at the time, was a monopoly, and with Bell Labs, was the standard for telecommunications.” Spalding continued, “When you look at America today, we have no telecommunication equipment manufacturers left that are American companies. When China entered the WTO in 2001, from that time period to 2017, we lost 78,000 factories. We unemployed 3.4 million manufacturing jobs. In the same time, we spent trillions in the Middle East.”

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The Problem of Asteroids By Brian Simpson

     Some of us are looking each night to the starry skies above for answers, but as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the heavens are, humanity is but a speck of dust in a vast cosmic shooting gallery, that does not care about human intellectual machinations, deconstructions and social relativity:

“The current year has seen at least three asteroids moving dangerously close to the earth, namely, 2019 nn3, 2019 mb4 and 2019 mt2. another asteroid, ‘2019 nj2’, is likely to join this list on Friday. the asteroid 2019 nj2 is estimated to have an approximate diameter of 63 metres, and it is traveling at a speed of 48,280 km/h. the centre of near-earth object studies (cneos) forecasts that nj2 is likely to reach closest to the earth’s surface by Friday evening around 3:53 pm edt, or just before 1.30 am this Saturday morning. the asteroid will be around 3.1 million miles from our planet during this period. nj2 was first observed on June 29 this year. earlier, it was nearest to the earth in 1952 when it was flying close to venus.

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Childless Cities By Brian Simpson

     Northern European Whites (Nordics), simply do not breed well in cities. I think it was Madison Grant in The Passing of the Great Race (1916) who saw that mass urban life spelt the demographic doom for this once great sub-race. South East Asians have no problem having large families in cities, and nor do Africans, but Whites get totally caught up in consumerism and playing with things, so that having children becomes too hard. And, a system has been created with feminism, and tyrannical schools, that are also expensive, so that few want to breed anymore. Best to eat, drink and drug out, and let it all wither on the vine, the decayed fruit of the West.

“New York is the poster child of this urban renaissance. But as the city has attracted more wealth, housing prices have soared alongside the skyscrapers, and young families have found staying put with school-age children more difficult. Since 2011, the number of babies born in New York has declined 9 percent in the five boroughs and 15 percent in Manhattan. (At this rate, Manhattan’s infant population will halve in 30 years.) In that same period, the net number of New York residents leaving the city has more than doubled. There are many reasons New York might be shrinking, but most of them come down to the same unavoidable fact: Raising a family in the city is just too hard. And the same could be said of pretty much every other dense and expensive urban area in the country.

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Socialism is the Religion of the Universities By James Reed

     One core reason for eliminating the universities as they now stand is that they are the breeding rounds for socialism, primarily from the Arts/Farts, Humanities and so-called Social Sciences. The socialist turn for US campuses, and Australia, in these black magic disciplines of unutterable evil, is likely to be the same or even worse, has been confirmed by a recent survey:

“A new study of student attitudes about socialism and capitalism provides strong confirmation of the echo chamber effect taking hold of these same disciplines. College students as a whole have a roughly even divide in their political beliefs, with a clear plurality classifying themselves as moderates and smaller groups identifying on both the left and right of center. In the humanities, however, the political left overwhelmingly dominates the student landscape as well as the faculty. According to a recent survey by College Pulse, 78 percent of philosophy majors, 64 percent of anthropology majors, and 58 percent of English majors state that they hold the economic and political system of socialism in a favorable light. Unfavorable, opinions of socialism account for only 21 percent of philosophy, 20 percent of anthropology, and 24 percent of English majors, with the remainder undecided.

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Beauty Queens Must Wear the Hijab! By Peter West

     In the New World order regime of total domination, control and oppression, the plebes will probably be offered Islam as the globalist religion, or at least in what remains of the West, where the great payback, and playback, is taking place. As for China, well, who knows, so long as they behave themselves and keep churning out consumer goods, they can pretty much do what they like, as for Africa, where resources are to be surrendered to China and the globalist rest.

“Does pageant ‘advocate for the punishment of women who refuse to wear a hijab’? Beauty pageant officials wanted this outspoken winner to be quiet and submissive. Nevertheless, she persisted. University of Michigan student Kathy Zhu is savaging the Miss World America competition for revoking her Miss Michigan title just a day after crowning her, the Detroit News reports. Zhu, also a College Republicans leader, tweeted an email from Michigan Director Laurie DeJack that blamed her social media posts for the decision to revoke her title. They are “offensive, insensitive and inappropriate,” violating the competition’s boilerplate rules about bringing MWA “into disrepute” through a contestant’s “background,” DeJack wrote, copying National Director Michael Galanes and Chief Operating Officer Robert Gandara on the email. The posts in question came from the past two years. While she was still a University of Central Florida student, Zhu (second from right above) criticized a “Muslim Student Association event that invited students to try on a hijab” in 2018, the News reports: “So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing?”

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