Above the Law By Peter West

     Another example of how diversity is working in Australia, to produce … sheer magic, splendour … I need to dry the tears of joy from my eyes …  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-18/islamic-leader-accused-of-land-clearing-claims-exempt-from-law/10133930

“A religious leader accused of illegal land clearing on a rural property used for religious prayer has claimed a Western Sydney council is infringing on his group’s religious freedoms by pursuing him over the allegations. Hawkesbury City Council has launched civil action against Dr Mustapha Kara-Ali and Diaa Kara-Ali in the Land and Environment Court, alleging they carried out illegal land clearing, earthworks and built gates, fences and driveways without seeking any of the relevant development approvals at a property in Colo, in Sydney’s north west. Mustapha Kara-Ali, a former member of then Prime Minister John Howard’s Muslim Community Reference Group and past postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, is the Imam of religious guild Diwan Al Dawla. A letter he wrote to a council staff member, filed in the court documents, says the members of the guild live “separated from secular lifestyles to pursue a religious mode of worship and an ascetic lifestyle under an oath of self-sacrifice and dedication to the purposes of Diwan Al Dawla”.

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China is Already at War! By James Reed

     Articles are appearing arguing a point that I have expressed for some time that China is already in war mode. The Pentagon has claimed recently that China is training bomber pilots to hit the US, something that the Chinese have denied, but it only stands to reason that they would be prepared. What does one expect from a super power aiming to be number one and rule the world: throw kisses?  https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/08/17/pentagon-china-likely-training-bomber-pilots-to-hit-american-targets/

     The CIA, whom we can trust with the family silver, they are so rock solid, just ask old Don Trump, have said that we are already in a cold war:  http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/top-cia-expert-china-is-waging-a-quiet-cold-war-against-the-us_07232018

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Letter to The Editor - Perhaps the realities of living with a Moslem State within Australia might wake a few sleepy Aussies

     Pauline Hanson has called for Australians to be given a vote on our immigration intake. With good reason according to this story from the Daily Mail in the UK. "Muslim Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi has warned that an independent state within Australia is the agenda of radicals, according to an upcoming interview on Today Tonight. The Muslim leader, who has openly spoken out against ISIS and extremists,is interviewed on Seven'sToday Tonight and claimed radicals would 'create a country within your country'. The agenda is to create a country within your country, 'Imam Tawhidi told Today Tonight.” Perhaps the realities of living with a Moslem State within Australia might wake a few sleepy Aussies sufficiently to support her lone brave voice.  David Smith, Inverell, NSW

Now They are Banning Jewish Critics! By Peter Ewer

     My apologies if I am wrong, but I think that the leading critic of radical Islam, Robert Spencer, is Jewish, and the heroic Pam Gellner definitely is. Not that it matters; they do excellent work and tackle issues few others are doing.  But, even so, both of these brave journalists find themselves constantly vilified by the “racist” tag from the radical Left, who are ever eager to defend anything that is even vaguely multicultural. I understand too, that both get numerous death threats. Now the attacks have gone beyond the slur and the death threat, to a direct financial attack:  https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/08/15/mastercard-forces-patreon-to-kick-off-jihad-watchs-robert-spencer/

“Mastercard has reportedly forced funding platform Patreon to kick conservative author and “Jihad Watch” owner Robert Spencer off its site. “My name is April and I’m on the Trust & Safety team here at Patreon. I’ve been notified by Mastercard that we must remove your account from Patreon, effective immediately,” wrote Patreon in an email to Spencer. “Mastercard has a stricter set of rules and regulations than Patreon, and they reserve the right to not offer their services to accounts of their choosing. This is in line with their terms of service, which means it’s something we have to comply by.” “I have paid out your remaining creator balance of $475.22 to you via direct deposit,” the company continued. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this might cause.” Yes, I bet you are “sorry.”https://www.jihadwatch.org/2018/08/whats-going-in-canada-another-politician-being-persecuted-for-racism-for-challenging-extreme-liberal-multiculturalism https://gellerreport.com/2018/08/criticize-islam-government.html/

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Catholicism and the Death Penalty By Peter West

     I have written previously about how the Pope’s present rejection of the death penalty should be acceptable to many, who are otherwise critical of his stance on immigration. But, the death penalty issue is controversial and there has been debates about the morality and theology of this for hundreds of years, with the best Christian minds being divided. It is foolish to deny this, as one Christian I spoke to did (there is no Christian case for the death penalty he said, and it just shows your prejudice!). This controversy continues to the present day:  https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/08/16/catholic-scholars-call-on-cardinals-to-correct-pope-francis-on-death-penalty/

“A group of 75 Catholic scholars have written an open letter to the cardinals of the Church asking them to intervene to put an end to the “scandal” of Pope Francis’ recent teaching against the death penalty. On August 2, the Vatican press office announced that Pope Francis had amended the Catechism of the Catholic Church regarding capital punishment, declaring it “inadmissible” and saying the Church “works with determination for its abolition worldwide.” In their letter published on August 15 in the journal First Things, the scholars—who include professors of philosophy, theology, law, and history from Catholic institutions around the world—state that God’s Word and the universal magisterium of the Catholic Church have always taught that “criminals may lawfully be put to death by the civil power when this is necessary to preserve just order in civil society.”

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The Drug of Sugar By Mrs Vera West

     I have come to believe that sugar is a drug, something that alters human behaviour, perhaps as dangerous as alcohol, if you are listening James Reed. The evidence for this continues to grow:  https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-08-18-devastating-effects-of-sugar-our-brains-rewards-center.html

“Researchers unveil another alarming negative effect of eating too many foods high in fats and carbohydrates. In a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, it was revealed that the reward center of the brain started to value and want more foods that contain high amounts of fat and carbohydrates, such as processed foods, than foods containing fat or carbs alone. This study supports the idea that such foods take over the body’s innate signals in regulating food consumption. A team of researchers from Germany, Switzerland, and Canada observed that foods that contain both fats and carbohydrates appear to signal their potential caloric loads to the brain through distinct mechanisms. The study participants accurately estimated calories from fat but were very poor at estimating calories from carbohydrates.”

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Letter to The Editor - The defence of traditional Australia combined with wise flexibility and alteration at a slow pace

To The Australian          Jennifer Oriel sensibly remarks that, as election time approaches, "the government needs to present a united front" ("Turnbull should go to future-proof his Liberals", 20/8); but how can this be done? A fundamental premise that still remains true is that the Coalition must function as a genuine, whole-hearted compromise between the Centre and the Right, as John Howard has never wearied of saying. Perhaps we need a new, comprehensive statement from the Coalition parliamentarians as a whole as to what are the main issues to be contested at the election and where they stand on these.  Five points in that statement could be as follows.

     (1) The holding of a referendum on the republic proposal only if there is clearly majority popular will for that. (2) The holding of a referendum on indigenous constitutional recognition only if there is clear public support for such. (3) An impartial and even-handed approach to the administration of any referendum. (4) Firm effort to widen the range of free speech while safeguarding the welfare of minorities. (5) Firm defence of Australian sovereignty and independence in the face of UNO and internationalist pressures. (6) An immigration policy that takes account of the wishes of all Australians and the ecology and climate of the continent. In summary: the defence of traditional Australia combined with wise flexibility and alteration at a slow pace. Let the ALP and the Greens then be seen as fools rushing in where angels fear to tread.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - It presents and celebrates as sacred the experience of true, romantic love

To The Age          Jewel Topsfield's otherwise comprehensive discussion of Giselle ("Truly, madly", 18/8) omits two important matters. First of these is Adolphe Adam's inspired music which unmistakably endorses the love relationship between Albrecht and Giselle. Second is the fact that Albrecht, as well as Giselle, is seen as a victim of a world insensitive to the need to honour true love. He is a hero, not a cad. Maina Gielgud is right to emphasise the holy nature of this ballet. It is not merely that it has "connotations of forgiveness and redemption" but that it presents and celebrates as sacred the experience of true, romantic love. Such love is not self-indulgence but a step towards heaven and a heightening of human nature.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Are We All Criminals? By Ian Wilson

     Conservatives are naturally law and order folk, believing in the rule of law, and trying to do the right thing. But, at least for the US, it has been argued that we, the people, are all “criminals,” breaking laws that people do not even know about, as argued by US attorney Harvey Silvergate in his book, Three Felonies a Day (2009).  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-18/have-you-committed-your-three-felonies-today   https://lfb.org/three-felonies-a-day-reviewed-by-wendy-mcelroy/  https://www.amazon.com/Three-Felonies-Day-Target-Innocent/dp/1594035229

“If you are an average American, then you are a repeat felon. In his stunning book, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent (2009), civil-liberties attorney Harvey A. Silverglate estimates that the average person unknowingly breaks at least three criminal laws each and every day. Federal statutes and regulations have become so voluminous and vague that over-reaching prosecutors can target anyone at any time. They may think you are guilty, they could want leverage to force your co-operation, they may be vengeful, or they could be building their own careers; the motives are secondary. What’s primary is the clout and, in this, the federal bureaucracy of the United States now rivals the Soviet Union at the zenith of its power. Even if you are ultimately proven innocent, the ‘vindication’ will come after years of abusive prosecution during which your assets will be frozen, your family interrogated and, perhaps, threatened, your reputation smeared, your life left in shambles.”

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Will Super Soldiers Keep the Slaves in Line? By Brian Simpson

     Advances in artificial intelligence, and biology are coming together to give military spin offs, as expected. On the horizon are super soldiers, just like Captain America, and even super dogs:  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-18/us-government-developing-real-life-supersoldier-wonder-dog-new-research-program

“According to documents from the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the “primary emphasis of the USSOCOM Biomedical, Human Performance, and Canine Research Program is to identify and develop techniques… for early intervention in life-threatening injuries, prolonged field care, human performance optimization, and canine medicine/performance. The project will allocate $15 million on bio-enhancement studies which could result in soldiers with “enhanced physiological performance” that require a fraction of a normal night’s sleep, as well along with other “human performance optimization,” according to documents from the Defense Department.

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Austria Fights the Deep State By Richard Miller

     The Deep State is deeply concerned, in fact it is working itself up into quite a “deep state,” about problem child Austria, which has been very naughty:


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