After Universal Abortion Comes the War Against Sperm! By Mrs Vera West

     Only in America? Well, it starts there in the land of the mad, but soon every woke politically correct thing gets to Australia, a viral infection of the mind. It used to take about five years, but now it is much quicker.

“State Rep. Rolanda Hollis (D-Birmingham) on Thursday filed a bill that would mandate every Alabama man to undergo a vasectomy within one month of his 50th birthday or the birth of his third biological child, whichever comes first. Democrats in the Alabama legislature last year brought up the possibility of introducing such a bill during the abortion debate on 2019’s HB 314, known as the Human Life Protection Act. “Under existing law, there are no restrictions on the reproductive rights of men,” states the introduction to Hollis’ new bill, HB 238. The bill has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee. HB 238 specifically would mandate each vasectomy occur at the respective man’s “own expense.” During the debate on the Human Life Protection Act in 2019, Hollis read from a poem “If My Vagina was a Gun,” comparing the Second Amendment rights debate to the debate over a woman’s right to an abortion.”

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Underaged Prostitutes in Paris By Richard Miller

     Along with the closely related child grooming situation, there is the equally grim phenomenon of child prostitution in Europe, and it is horrid:

“A 16-year-old girl was held captive for five days in an apartment by a group of men who forced her to have sex 200 times for money. Police arrested five men on Saturday in Chaperon-Vert Gentilly, a suburb of Paris, after raiding the apartment which had been used as a makeshift brothel, Le Parisien reports. The suspects are aged between 17 and 22, with two already being known to police for prior drug convictions. According to the victim, she had been a runaway who soon found herself getting into prostitution in the no-go Paris suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis, which she claimed was of her own volition at the time. She then stated that she ended up at the apartment in Chaperon-Vert where customers would contact her on a dating website for sex. Soon after, the teen was forced to stay in the apartment and only allowed to sleep between two or three hours per night. The teen eventually managed to discover the address of the apartment and contacted her mother who tipped off the police. In the tenth floor apartment, police are said to have found what Le Parisien described as a nearly-rotten mattress along with a garbage bag full of used condoms. Money and a book of accounting were also found at the scene. Such cases are on the rise across France with the prosecutor’s office of Créteil claiming that last year they saw 20 cases compared to just three cases five years ago. Last month, a report published by the Observatory of Violence Against Women in Seine-Saint-Denis revealed that nearly a third of all underage prostitutes in Paris’s no-go suburbs are under the age of 15, with some as young as just six years old being forced into prostitution. The study also revealed that in half of the cases, the “clients”, or abusers, used social media and the internet to facilitate sexual exploitation with minors.”

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The Cost of the Social Justice Mania By Chris Knight

     I have often wondered what the cost of the multitude of politically correct institutions and cultural artefacts actually costs in dollar terms. We have nothing for Australia surprise, surprise, but there are now some astonishing US figures, putting it at $ 10 billion a year just for college students:

“The direct financial burden of social justice general education requirements is at least $10 billion a year nationwide — and rising fast — according to a report released Friday by the National Association of Scholars. That’s just one detail among many in the 275-page “Social Justice in Education” study authored by David Randall, director of research for the right-of-center academic association. The report “aims to catalogue the extent of social justice education, and the way it has seized control of the machinery of higher education.” Universities nationwide require students to take a course that falls under the social justice umbrella, such as a diversity, multicultural, sustainability or experiential learning class, Randall said as the association debuted the report at the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, North Carolina. To determine the $10 billion figure, Randall said he put the estimated cost of one required course under the social justice umbrella at $2,000 and applied that cost to students nationwide. “That was trying to be unbelievably conservative,” Randall said of the figure. “We make no attempt to talk about how much it costs to pay for each dean of community engagement, each advocate for sustainability. Our next report on administrative growth will cover that. But the true figure must be much, much higher. That was trying to give an absolute bargain basement estimate.” The report focuses on 60 colleges and universities, both small and large, public and private, to hone in on how higher education has been transformed into “training camps for progressive activism.”

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Most of the World Thinks that Slavery is Ok By Peter Ewer

     While the Left and globalists rant and rave on about universal human rights and universal morality, which seems to always justify unending immigration of the Third World to the West, the fact of the matter is that most people in the world do not accept the universal morality of the West. Thus, on slavery, to take on high level white guilt issue, this is not even a crime in most of the world:

“Slavery is not a crime in almost half the countries in the world, a study of global laws said on Wednesday, urging nations to close legal loopholes that allow abusers to escape punishment. Many states lack laws which directly criminalise and punish exerting ownership or control over another person, according to the Antislavery in Domestic Legislation database, launched at the United Nations headquarters in New York. "Slavery is far from being illegal everywhere and we hope our research will move the conversation beyond this popular myth," said Katarina Schwarz, a researcher at the University of Nottingham's Rights Lab, which led work on the slavery database. "It will surprise many people to learn that in all of these countries there are no criminal laws in place to prosecute, convict and punish people for subjecting people to the most extreme forms of exploitation." More than 40 million people are held in modern slavery, which includes forced labor and forced marriage, according to estimates by the International Labour Organization and the anti-slavery group the Walk Free Foundation. Ending modern slavery by 2030 was among the global goals adopted unanimously by members of the United Nations in 2015. But although historic laws that once allowed slavery have been scrapped worldwide, researchers for the database found that many of the 193 U.N. member states have not gone on to explicitly criminalise slavery and other exploitation.

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Hate, Censorship and Social Research By Brian Simpson

     Our side of politics claims that there is social media bias against conservatives. Well, the other side have rolled out their social scientists to challenge this:

“Motivated by the long-running argument in Washington, DC, computer scientists at Northeastern University decided to investigate political bias in YouTube's comment moderation. The team analyzed 84,068 comments on 258 YouTube videos. At first glance, the team found that comments on right-leaning videos seemed more heavily moderated than those on left-leaning ones. But when the researchers also accounted for factors such as the prevalence of hate speech and misinformation, they found no differences between comment moderation on right- and left-leaning videos. "There is no political censorship," said Christo Wilson, one of the co-authors and associate professor at Northeastern University. "In fact, YouTube appears to just be enforcing their policies against hate speech, which is what they say they're doing." Wilson's collaborators on the paper were graduate students Shan Jiang and Ronald Robertson. To check for political bias in the way comments were moderated, the team had to know whether a video was right- or left-leaning, whether it contained misinformation or hate speech, and which of its comments were moderated over time. From fact-checking websites Snopes and PolitiFact, the scientists were able to get a set of YouTube videos that had been labelled true or false. Then, by scanning the comments on those videos twice, six months apart, they could tell which ones had been taken down. They also used natural language processing to identify hate speech in the comments. To assign their YouTube videos left or right scores, the team made use of an unrelated set of voter records. They checked the voters' Twitter profiles to see which videos were shared by Democrats and Republicans and assigned partisanship scores accordingly.

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A March of 10,000 Pointless Steps By Mrs Vera West

     It has become part of modern fitness culture that to be fit, one needs to take 10,000 steps a day. Well that is fine if one has no injuries, and has legs! But, apart from that a study has now challenged the fundamental idea that weight loss will come from the 10,000 steps ideology.

“Those in search of a slimmer waist, or just interested in maintaining their current weight, have long been advised by health experts to log at least 10,000 steps per day. Reaching that magic number daily is thought of as a real accomplishment for many people, and countless walkers utilize fitness trackers and smart watches to ensure they reach their goal day in and day out. Well, a new study is bringing the 10,000 step theory to a grinding halt. Researchers from Brigham Young University have concluded that no number of simple steps alone are going to prevent weight gain or induce weight loss. A total of 120 freshman students at BYU were analyzed for this study. The research was conducted during the students’ first six months on campus, and their steps per day were tracked on a daily basis. Participating students walked either 10,000, 12,500 or 15,000 steps every day for six days a week. During the duration of the experiment (24 weeks) the students’ diets and body weights were also tracked. The research team were especially interested to see if steadily increasing the amount of steps per day each student took would result in increasing weight loss. For instance, if students walking 12,500 steps per day would end up losing more weight than those walking 10,000 per day. Surprisingly, the end results indicated that it didn’t matter whether the students walked 10,000 or even more than 15,000 steps per day. Many students still ended up gaining weight. For what it’s worth, it’s exceedingly common for college freshman to gain some weight during their first few months away from home, the phenomenon even has a nickname (the freshman 15).ie 0%

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Roots By Charles Taylor

     This is a pretty interesting story of how political correctness is now so all-pervasive, that it has even penetrated the world of crime. Once, one could be robbed, raped, and/or murdered, but today, one could be forced at gunpoint to watch hours of politically correct television, and confess one’s white guilt, or else have one’s body parts scattered all over the place:

“An African American man kidnapped a white woman he'd been in an on-off relationship with for years and forced her to watch nine-hour slavery miniseries Roots so she could 'understand her racism'. Cedar Rapids police seized 52-year-old Robert Noyes on Monday on charges of first-degree harassment and false imprisonment. The woman, who was not clearly described in previous reports as being white, was allegedly forced to sit with Noye and threatened when she tried to move from watching the 1977 TV miniseries. He forced her to watch the nine-hour show, which details the ancestral line of the author Alex Haley, 'so she could better understand her racism', a police complaint said. Noye threatened to 'kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago', when she tried to move away, according to the Gazette. Roots, which was penned in 1976 by US author Alex Haley and was first aired on TV in 1977, follows the struggles of one African American family told over several generations, starting with Kunte Kinte, an African warrior sold into slavery, through to his great-grandchildren fighting for their freedom during the Civil War. Kinte is a 15-year-old warrior in Gambia in the late 1700s. The series begins as he sets off to undertake a semi-secretive rite of passage, which includes circumcision, war games and hunting. After he's tasked with catching a bird without hurting it, he crosses paths with a group of slavers and their captives. He returns to the village at the end of the ceremony but is then captured by the slave hunters and a group of four black collaborators, made up of his family's arch-enemies, the Koros tribe.The youngster is then sold and placed on a ship bound for America. The series follows his perilous journey on a stinking, overcrowded slaveship to Annapolis, Maryland, where he was sold to a Virginia plantation owner for the price of ten mules. Kinte's name is stricken in favour of a new Christian identity, Toby. Kinte seeks to retain his African and Islamic heritage during his time in the new world, refusing to eat pork.”

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Anti-Apartheid a Product of the USSR By Peter Ewer

     Oh, this must be embarrassing: anti-apartheid openly admitted by de Klerk to be a product of the USSR:

“The South African Council of Churches has called on FW de Klerk to retract his recent statement that apartheid was not a crime against humanity and apologise. SACC secretary general Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana said a statement by the FW de Klerk Foundation that apartheid was not a crime against humanity, but a Soviet propaganda ploy, cannot go unchallenged by the SACC. Mpumlwana said apartheid was not only a crime, but was more than that. “It was a gross sin against the image of God in the humanity of black South Africans, generally called non-whites, who were legally treated as sub-human, and without the basic rights due to normal human beings. “Apartheid made all South African whites and their future generations, its beneficiaries in superabundance. Even so, the victims of apartheid accepted a magnanimous approach that does not pursue retribution and wholesale racial blame. “But for the De Klerk Foundation, representing as it does, the last leader of that apartheid regime, to tell us, in blind acquiescence to its patron De Klerk, that apartheid was no crime against humanity, but a Soviet propaganda ploy, is an insult to the millions of South Africans who suffered apartheid, and a slap in the face of those who seek justice, peace and universal progress for all,” Mpumlwana said. He said both De Klerk and his foundation are at odds with the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize of which De Klerk is a recipient.

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Saga of the Senator Who Married Her Brother (Immigration) and Lived Happily Ever After By Charles Taylor

     I thought that one was not permitted to marry one’s brother, and that there were criminal penalties right across the West for doing so? If so, go figure this:

“'Squad' congresswoman Ilhan Omar told friends years ago that the man who went on to become her second husband was in fact her brother, can confirm. And now for the first time one of those friends has come forward to reveal exactly how Omar and Ahmed Elmi scandalized the Somali community in Minneapolis. Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers so he could stay in the United States, at a time when she was married to her first husband Ahmed Hirsi. But hardly anyone realized that meant marrying him. 'No one knew there had been a wedding until the media turned up the marriage certificate years later,' Osman, 40, exclusively told Osman's revelations are sure to renew calls for an investigation into the Minnesota freshman representative who has repeatedly refused to answer questions on her marriage to Elmi. She originally said the idea that the spouses were also siblings were 'baseless, absurd rumors', accusing journalists of Islamophobia, but has since stayed quiet. Her spokesman told that Omar, 37, does not comment on her family or personal life. 'The Congresswoman is focused on the work her constituents sent her to Washington to accomplish,' he said. Omar married her first husband Hirsi in 2002 in a Muslim ceremony that, like many in the immigrant community, was not registered with the state.

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Sweden Celebrates Diversity By Richard Miller

     Sweden celebrates diversity in many diverse ways, some of which may appear to be strange to us, but that is because we are not diverse enough, at least in our narrow-minded thinking:

     There is no doubt about it: Sweden is a moral super power:

Biochemical Arguments Against Veganism By Mrs Vera West

     This is a surprising piece which goes against a lot of what I thought was established, namely that the carnivore diet of only meat was defective. Humans need anti-oxidants and other nutrients not found in meat, so the all meat diet is as flawed as the all-vegetable diet. But, consider the book by Paul Saladino, The Carnivore Code (2020):

“In his book, Saladino states he’s going to bust nutritional dogma, which he does in spades. Saladino, who struggled with asthma and eczema, was actually a vegetarian and then a vegan for a time. It didn’t help. In fact, it made things worse. His health problems didn’t resolve until he went on an exclusive carnivore diet, and he recounts the various twists and turns in his personal journey at the beginning of the interview. After hearing Jordan Peterson talk about the carnivore diet and how it improved his daughter's autoimmune symptoms, Saladino was intrigued enough to look into it. The rest, as they say, is history. “The more I thought about it and dug into it, I started to realize, maybe there's something to this,” he says. “I'm at least going to try it. And so, the first time I tried it, within a few days, my mood changed, and my outlook on life got to be significantly better and more positive. I thought, ‘There's something to this.’ A few weeks later, the eczema had completely resolved and hasn't come back since. I've been eating a carnivore diet for the last year and a half. But there really was this sort of personal quest throughout to find out what the triggering food was, and it was just so striking for me to see the eczema go away when I cut out all plants — and then the added benefit. The mental clarity, the psychological benefits were surprising. That kind of hooked me, and I thought, ‘OK. I need to just pour myself into this and understand this because this is going to help a lot of people, or it potentially could.’"

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Will There be Australian Dairy Industry (Or Anything Else) in the Future? By James Reed

     Another day, one more Chinese buy up, this time a whole lot of iconic former Australian dairy names:

“The ACCC has cleared the way for China Mengniu Dairy to lap up Lion's Dairy and Drinks portfolio, which includes the Dairy Farmers, Pura milk, Dare and Farmers Union iced coffee brands. The competition watchdog says Mengniu's $600 million proposal to acquire Lion's raw milk processing facilities in Australia will not substantially lessen competition in the Gippsland region, where Mengniu already has a presence due to a partial ownership of Burra Foods. ACCC Deputy Chair Mick Keogh says while Burra and Lion D&D compete for raw milk, they are not close competitors. "Our investigations concluded that dairy farmers are unlikely to switch between the two," Mr Keogh said today. The ACCC also considered a combined Mengniu-Lion D&D would continue to be constrained by giants Saputo and Fonterra in the region, as well as a number of smaller raw milk processors. The deal still needs Foreign Investment Review Board approval.”

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Coronavirus: Economy vs Nature: Biology Bites Back By Brian Simpson

     This situation with the coronavirus is very different from the climate change scam, where the political element is clear on the face of it; that is, one can see a globalist anti-Western agenda. Coronavirus is more complex. As the articles which I have assembled below show, the virus continues to spread throughout the world, with a steep rise in cases in South Korea, Japan and Italy. It is no longer, just China’s problem, and the so-called racial realists who thought that there would be no white deaths have been proven wrong.

“As the coronavirus becomes the all-consuming news story of the moment, the Financial Times decided to invite an extremely apropos guest for this weekend's "Lunch with the FT". That guest is: Belgian scientist Peter Piot, the "Mick Jagger of Microbes", best known for discovering the Ebola virus. Obviously well-qualified, how does Piot feel about COVID-19? He didn't mince words: "This is serious." "I’m not the scaremongering type," he says. "But I think this is serious in the sense that we can’t afford not to consider it as a serious threat." "It could be that, indeed, it’s going to be over in a few months," he continues, crunching into a tempura-covered sage leaf. "But just take the counterfactual. We say, ‘OK, it’s fine and we don’t do anything.’ I bet that we would already have had far more cases in Singapore, the UK, Germany. Let’s not forget, we are already well over 1,000 deaths. That’s not a detail." The interview took place on Feb. 13, which means that since Piot made these comments, 1,500 more people have died, and serious outbreaks have emerged in Iran, South Korea and Italy. Saudi Arabia has halted pilgrimages to Mecca, and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has asked all schools in the country to close.”

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Sweden Shows the Real Face of Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism By Richard Miller

     I lived in Australia until the end of the 1990s, then went back to England, and am old enough to have been through the early propaganda days of multiculturalism, in Australia. The literature, reports and books at the time pushing this, reassured the somewhat nervous Aussies that nothing will change, there will just be more diverse races in your otherwise Western Anglo-society. Relax, lay back and think of … diversity!  You are not being replaced, for at least your culture will remain the same.   Well, think again, take the case of Sweden, as an illustration of where it ultimately goes:

“As Arabic has become the main language at several preschools in Ronneby, Blekinge County, it's led to communication problems between staff and children. Moderate Party MP Hanif Bali tweeted that “Arabisation” is underway. In six of the nine preschools located in central Ronneby, between 60 and 89 percent of the children have a different mother tongue than Swedish, Swedish Radio reported, citing “vast segregation”. This is because immigrants tend to settle in the same areas and are loathe to assimilate, thus retaining their culture and language. Admittedly this leads to the staff having difficulty communicating with the children. Often the parents don't speak Swedish either. The schools have therefore had to introduce “new start jobs” to be able to talk to the children. “Sometimes when conflicts arise, it can be a problem, it may well be a challenge”, rector Monica Berggren told Swedish Radio. This development has spurred a reaction from Hanif Bali, the outspoken Moderate Party MP, known as one of Sweden's most followed politicians on Twitter. “When we warned of this earlier, all the opinionted housing cooperative immigrants jumped forward and said how good it is to be bilingual. Pure Swedes raved that their Joe & Juice only spoke English and so on. Now we're here, Arabisation”, Hanif Bali tweeted. This development has been going on for a long time. Owing to mass immigration in recent years, the share of residents with a foreign background has surpassed a quarter of the Swedish population of 10 million. In 2018, Arabic was estimated to have surpassed Finnish as Sweden's second-largest native language as a result of the European migrant crisis. In 2015 alone, its peak year, Sweden took in 163,000 asylum seekers, most of them from Arabic-speaking Muslim countries. In 2016, national broadcaster SVT reported that Rosengårdsskolan School in Malmö hasn't had a single pupil whose mother tongue is Swedish in 14 years. Segregation is also a well-known problem, as immigrant communities tend to get clustered around major cities. Many of them are present on the list of “vulnerable areas”, which are effectively ghettos with rampant crime.”

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When Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Civilisation? By Brian Simpson

     Referenced below is the latest article by an AI expert to consider the issue of when a type of Terminator AI intelligence will arise, to enslave the human race. A real low probability event he argues, so let’s not worry about it. Those who do worry about it, he says are using a version of Pascal’s wager, that leads to contradictory results:

“Some theorists, like Bostrom, argue that we must nonetheless plan for very low-probability but high-consequence events as though they were inevitable. The consequences, they say, are so profound that our estimates of their likelihood aren’t important. This is a silly argument: it can be used to justify just about anything. It is a modern-day version of the argument by the 17th-century philosopher Blaise Pascal that it is worth acting as if a Christian God exists because otherwise you are at risk of an everlasting hell. He used the infinite cost of an error to argue that a particular course of action is “rational” even if it is based on a highly improbable premise. But arguments based on infinite costs can support contradictory beliefs. For instance, consider an anti-Christian God who promises everlasting hell for every Christian act.  That’s highly improbable as well; from a logical point of view, though, it is just as reasonable a wager as believing in the god of the Bible. This contradiction shows a flaw in arguments based on infinite costs. My catalogue of early warning signals, or canaries, is illustrative rather than comprehensive, but it shows how far we are from human-level AI. If and when a canary “collapses,” we will have ample time before the emergence of human-level AI to design robust “off-switches” and to identify red lines we don’t want AI to cross. AI eschatology without empirical canaries is a distraction from addressing existing issues like how to regulate AI’s impact on employment or ensure that its use in criminal sentencing or credit scoring doesn’t discriminate against certain groups. As Andrew Ng, one of the world’s most prominent AI experts, has said, “Worrying about AI turning evil is a little bit like worrying about overpopulation on Mars.” Until the canaries start dying, he is entirely correct.”

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The Scary News from Japan … and Australia By Brian Simpson

     I admire the Japanese, not in the cringing way places like American Renaissance does (they are so much smarter than us), but with respect as a highly capable society. Thus, if Japan is onto something, just as if Israel was, it would be foolish not to look and learn. Consider Japan’s present response to the coronavirus pandemic, and yes, it is now universally admitted to be a pandemic now:

“Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo ordered the closure of all elementary, middle and high schools on Thursday until the beginning of the country’s spring holidays in late March in a bid to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus. The measure, which will cost the Japanese economy billions of dollars, will impact 12.8 million students at nearly 35,000 schools nationwide, according to the country’s education ministry. The drastic measure comes amid rapidly growing concern about the spread of the virus across Japan and other parts of Asia, as the number of untraceable cases of the virus continues to rise. Japan now has around 900 cases, including more than 700 from a quarantined cruise ship. At least eight deaths have been confirmed. “Efforts have been made to prevent the spread of infection among children in each region, and these one or two weeks will be an extremely critical period,” Abe told a meeting of key Cabinet ministers on Thursday. “The government attaches the top priority to the health and safety of children, among others.”

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Will the Mad and Senile Rule the World Proxy for the Higher-Elites? (They Do Now) By Charles Taylor

     I thought it would be hard for Democrat presidential nominee contender, Joe Biden to top his mistake, where he said he was running for the US Senate, forgetting what he is actually doing which is running for president, but the claim that guns have killed 150 million Americans, half of the US population since 2007, made in the Democrat presidential debates, takes the cake! That could be more senility, or simply outright corruption, deceit and lies, which in any case all seem to blend together nowadays. And because it is guns, the corrupt mainstream media just lets it roll:

“When democrats open their mouths, lies come out. It just happens.  And Joe Biden is no different.  The presidential candidate and former Vice President said that 150 million people have been killed by guns since 2007.
What’s odd here, is that guns just don’t go out and start murdering people. So to say they have killed anyone is erroneous at best and a propagating to the emotionally weak at worst. The other thing that happened (that’s not really so strange): no other democrat or moderator called out Biden after made the false claim in the democratic presidential debates. The Washington Examiner stated that that was because misinformation and factual errors are par for the course in the Democrats’ anti-gun narrative. The United States government, of which Biden is an establishment member has killed more people than any private sociopath could.  But if you Google “how many people has the U.S. government killed,” you get unsurprising results, and very few of them.  It’s more than obvious that that information is not available to the general public and that’s because they know we’d turn on them if they told us just how diabolical they really are. (They are manufacturing your consent.) The U.S. military-industrial complex is a mass-murdering machine of war and death, and that’s simply not debatable. What we do know for a fact, is that democide (death by government) has killed over 260 million people the 20th century, and on a path to far surpass that number in the 21st century.

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South Africa and White Genocide: The Plan for the Remaining Whites of the West By Samuel Axle

     The white farm murders, and the move to remove white farmers from their farms and give them to blacks for free does not seem to bother the majority of people in the resat of the West, but it should, because if it can happen here, it can happen when you whites a minorities in a few years, or decades time. South Africa shows what happens when a weak white people is betrayed and replaced. Here I refer to a recent article by Ilana Mercer, author of the eye-opening Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011):

“Why was De Klerk trusted to negotiate on behalf of a vulnerable racial minority? For good reason: he had made his views abundantly clear to constituents. “Negotiations would only be about power-sharing,” he promised. At the time, referendum respondents generally trusted De Klerk, who had specifically condemned crude majority rule. Such elections, in Africa, traditionally have amounted to “one man, one vote, one time.” Typically, such elections across Africa have followed a familiar pattern: Radical black nationalist movements take power everywhere, then elections cease. Or, if they take place, they’re rigged. Among much else, De Klerk’s loyal constituents agreed to his scrapping of the ban on the Communist-sympathizing ANC. Freeing Nelson Mandela from incarceration was also viewed as long overdue as was acceding to Namibia’s independence, and junking nuclear weapons. Botha, before de Klerk, had by and large already dismantled the most egregious aspects of apartheid. What De Klerk’s constituents were not prepared for was to be legislated into a permanent position of political subordination. President de Klerk, the man entrusted to stand up for crucial structural liberties, went along with the great centralizers. He caved to ANC demands, forgoing all checks and balances for South Africa’s Boer, British, and Zulu minorities. By the time the average “yes” voter discerned the fact that De Klerk had no intention of maintaining this opposition when push came to shove, it was too late. Thus, with De Klerk’s collaboration, and under the wing of the American eagle—in particular, U.S. negotiators like Herman Cohen, undersecretary of state for Africa—the Afrikaner, Anglo, and Zulu minorities were ordered to forgo minority veto power, meaningful power-sharing, and checks on power in the form of a second chamber in the legislature. Substantive devolution of authority to the regions of South Africa was also denied. Yet somehow, a new generation of South Africans, Afrikaner and English, reveres F. W. de Klerk, even crediting the former South African president as a “reformer” who led “the country out of the political dead-end [in which] it found itself.”

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On Awards and Tokenism and the Liberal Elite By James Reed

     I only go to the Affirmative Right site to see and listen to the Report from Tiger Mountain by Australian film director, Richard Wolstencroft, and the head writer seems more like a lefty to me that someone from the right. Anyway, to our boy Richard. Here he sounds off about film award ceremonies needing to be woke and politically correct. Nothing new, but readers who are not offended by a bit of pub language, may enjoy listening to him tear into the libtards. It cheered me up. In fact, I think I will listen to it once more before they kick me out of the community centre, and I go home to a Friday night with just a bottle for company. Could be worse; at least am not a libtard.

Is There a Right to Self-Defence in Australia? By John Steele

     On paper there is a right to self-defence, but there is no right to have a weapon, such as a firearm to make that right real. Thus, if there is no effective means of producing the right, the right does not really exist. Consider then the case of the Dunstan’s:

“Many of you know the story about David Dunstan – the farmer from NSW who lost is guns and firearms licence for stopping a bad guy trying to do him harm. The story got national coverage resulting in the NSW Deputy Premier, John Barilaro … visited his property and called for an inquiry into the matter. That was BEFORE the 2019 NSW state election. Then, AFTER the election, the NSW Government dumped the inquiry and didn't even bother to tell the Dunstans.  The government has since done everything it could to avoid revisiting the matter. Government wheels out amateur MPs

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