Sure, Aussies Won’t Do These Jobs… So, Time to Phase out Australia! By James Reed

     Preliminary reading:

     One million and counting unemployed and as noted above, seasonal and pacific workers will be brought in by the crate load to help Australian, or is that now Chinese, farmers and regional businesses, by the friendly, jolly Sco Mo bozzo government, eager beaver economic rationalist, globalist, libtards. And at this point of the decay, I must agree and urge them to go much further. What we really need is to completely replace our political and new class, who are the remaining dregs of once Anglo Australia, with a new exciting, vibrant elite from Asia, Asia and more Asia. I know that the agenda is to do this, but given the enormous social control success of the Melbourne gulag, clearly anything can be done in Australia, overnight in fact.

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Do You Need a Bunker? By John Steele

     Survivalists are sometimes thought of as people with a bunker, a secure underground dwelling. This is the definition taken by a book which has been getting the sales, by Bradley Garrett, Bunker: Building for End Times (Scribner, New York, 2020):

     It is critiqued by my favourite multiracial survivalist, Canadian Prepper here:

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Guess Who Designed the Aboriginal Flag? By James Reed

     What! A white man owns the Aboriginal flag! Who would have thought that? And, given that, what does he get up to? Anything interesting? Any hobbies?

“A white man who stopped the AFL using the Aboriginal Flag in the code's Indigenous Round was once fined $2 million for selling 'authentic' didgeridoos and boomerangs - that were actually made in Indonesia. A picture shows Ben Wooster and business partner Semele Moore smiling happily with the flag's original designer Harold Thomas after their company, WAM Clothing, was given copyright license to the iconic symbol in 2018. Mr Thomas designed the famous flag in 1971 - and in 1997 won a High Court battle to become the sole copyright owner - but in 2018 signed over clothing license rights to WAM Clothing. This means WAM Clothing collects fees from its use, and then passes a portion of the money back to the Mr Thomas. It also means that without the consent of Mr Wooster and Ms Moore, the flag cannot be used on clothing or in any media. The AFL this week announced it wouldn't be using the most obvious and famous symbol of Aboriginal Australia as part of its Indigenous Round because they had been unable to secure a deal with the co-owners. Mr Wooster is a disgraced businessman whose former company was fined $2.3m for claiming art was Aboriginal when it was actually made in Indonesia, while Ms Moore was a paralegal at a leading Brisbane law firm before founding WAM Clothing. Ms Moore told Daily Mail Australia that when it came to the question of whether use of the flag should be controlled by companies, that was a matter for its designer. 'Harold Thomas is the copyright owner and he can enter into deals with whoever he likes,' she said.

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Ha! Ha! Hollywood Apocalypse Now! By Peter West

     Good news! Good news! The rich and famous are fleeing Hollywood, which has become the dying embodiment of all the sins and evil of out of control liberalism.  Long may it decay:

“Gold's Gym has become synonymous with the Hollywood Dream. Set just a few hundred yards from the ocean in sun-kissed Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Gold's was the backdrop for Pumping Iron, the 1977 documentary which followed a young, unknown Austrian bodybuilder called Arnold Schwarzenegger as he prepared for the Mr Universe contest. The film turned him into an overnight sensation. He would go on to become a global superstar, marry a member of the Kennedy clan, and become Governor of California. Yet today Gold's sits amid post-apocalyptic scenes which have consumed much of LA, turning the City of Dreams into an urban nightmare from which people are fleeing in droves. A makeshift tent city made up of flapping tarpaulins and cardboard boxes surrounds the gym on all sides. Junkies and the homeless, many of whom are clearly mentally ill, walk the palm-lined streets like zombies – all just three blocks from multi-million-dollar homes overlooking the Pacific. Stolen bicycles are piled high on pavements littered with broken syringes. TV bulletins are filled with horror stories from across the city; of women being attacked during their morning jog or residents returning home to find strangers defecating in their front gardens. Today, Los Angeles is a city on the brink. 'For Sale' signs are seemingly dotted on every suburban street as the middle classes, particularly those with families, flee for the safer suburbs, with many choosing to leave LA altogether. British-born Danny O'Brien runs Watford Moving & Storage. 'There is a mass exodus from Hollywood,' he says. 'And a lot of it is to do with politics.' His business is booming. 'August has already set records and we are only halfway through the month,' he tells me. 'People are getting out in droves. Last week I moved a prominent person in the music industry from a $6.5 million [£5 million] mansion above Sunset Boulevard to Nashville.' O'Brien, 58, who moved to LA from London 34 years ago, is also planning to move to Tennessee.  'Liberal politics has destroyed this city,' he says. 'The homeless encampments are legal and there's nothing the police can do. White, affluent middle-class folk are getting out. People don't feel safe anymore.'”

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A Covid-19 Back Track By Brian Simpson

     In the early days, I gave the Wuhan flu the benefit of the doubt, reporting on all sides of the issue, but I became highly sceptical when entire economies were levelled. Where were the bodies lining the streets, 1918-style? I have followed Mike Adams, Health Ranger on his journey along the same path. Here he is today:

“Notice how the mainstream media has stopped talking about coronavirus “deaths” and shifted to coronavirus “cases?” That’s because the term “cases” is a misnomer. Any person who tests positive for the coronavirus is now considered a “case.” So as more testing is being conducted, more “cases” are emerging. But I’ve got news for the corrupt medical establishment: Testing positive for a virus does not create a “case” of illness. As every doctor and virologist knows, a “case” is only established when a person has:

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Is Australian Cash an Endangered Species? By James Reed

     Thank God for the overseas media, so we can learn what is going on in Australia. Take cash for example:

“The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in Australia has caused the closure of thousands of ATMs and hundreds of bank branches in the country. At least 2,150 terminals have been removed in the recent June quarter alone. This has brought the number of ATM terminals across the country to just 25,720 – their lowest level in 12 years – according to the Australian Payments Network. According to Tony Richards, head of payments policy at the Reserve Bank of Australia, most of the ATM closures were in metropolitan areas, in locations such as shopping centers. In addition, Australia’s “Big Four” banks – ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac – have also shut down a combined 175 branches over the past 12 months. Of these, ANZ has the highest with 68 branches closed, followed by Commonwealth with 44. Meanwhile, Westpac and NAB have shut down 36 and 27 branches, respectively. The widespread closures have divided public opinion and, more importantly, left 2.5 million elderly Australians who don’t do online banking with no way to access their money.

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Federation Failure By Viv Forbes

25 August 2020,

     Federation in Australia gave three essential tasks to the central Government – maintenance of free trade between states, defence, and quarantine. But state borders are closed, defence is enfeebled by gender-agenda and poor equipment choices, and they have failed to protect us from foreign pests and viruses. Moreover, Canberra’s green dreams, targets and subsidies have made a monster mess of electricity generation and cost. These colossal failures suggest that it’s time to restore federalism. Start by getting Canberra out of energy and the environment. At least some states would manage things better and provide a role model for others.

QAnon: Not Conspiratorial Enough By James Reed

     I do not know much about the American phenomenon of QAnon, some sort of secret pro-Trump society working to aid him in draining the swamp, but this article had a good summary, saving me research work that I side-tracked into having a stiff drink.

“What is QAnon? This question is harder to answer than you might think. There are several books about QAnon, including QAnon and The Great Awakening by Michael Knight, QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening by “WWG1WGA,” and Revolution Q by “Neon Revolt.” After reading these and other books and websites, I’d identify three main points.

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Goodbye Goodyear! Go Woke, Go Broke By Chris Knight

     One of the few gutsy things Trump has done is to go boots and all after Goodyear urging a boycott of the company for its anti-MAGA stance, and boy did the stock market ever notice this:

“An employee at the Goodyear tire company has leaked a slide from a recent “diversity training session” depicting which political slogans are acceptable for company employees to embrace and promote, and which ones are not. And as we have come to expect, the acceptable ones are all far-left in nature. Goodyear’s zero-tolerance policy, the slide indicates, rejects political movements like Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, and “MAGA Attire,” referring of course to President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan. These and other “Politically Affiliated Slogans or Material” are “unacceptable” at Goodyear, the slide further explains. Political movements that are acceptable at Goodyear, however, include Black Lives Matter, or BLM, along with “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride (LGBT).” These are somehow exempt from Goodyear’s zero-tolerance policies concerning political slogans and material. “According to @goodyear tires, a MAGA shirt is a zero tolerance hate symbol,” tweeted Mike Cernovich in response to the news. “But Black Lives Matter is allowed,” he added, BLM, as we have reported, being a full-blown religious cult. According to WIBW, the image came from an “employee who took the photo of the slide,” which was “presented at the Topeka (Kansas) plant by an area manager.” The original source of the slide is said to be Goodyear’s corporate office, which is based out of Akron, Ohio. The individual responsible for sharing this slide with the world has chosen to remain anonymous over job concerns. He or she did, however, issue a statement to WIBW that reads: “If someone wants to wear a BLM shirt in here, then cool. I’m not going to get offended about it. But at the same time, if someone’s not going to be able to wear something that is politically based, even in the farthest stretch of the imagination, that’s discriminatory. If we’re talking about equality, then it needs to be equality. If not, it’s discrimination.”

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Shocking Joe and Hoe Double Standard By Mrs Vera West

     The American right is making a big mistake for launching a personal attack on Queen Kamaaaaaaaaala having an affair on her way up the greasy ladder with a marriage power broker. Shock merchant Rush Limbaugh, has been rushing around getting this one out. But, in the present climate it is surely a mistake to criticise anyone on these grounds, since the male politicians such as Trump have been even more promiscuous, and they seemingly get away with it; the classical double standard.

“Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh used his radio show’s massive reach to push stories about vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris as a “hoe” and a “mattress.” Citing an article from The American Spectator and another from “one of the oddball sports websites,” the 69-year-old broadcaster wondered if the “mainstream media” would pick up on stories about Harris’ brief and already public romance with former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown 25 years ago. The sports story Limbaugh mentioned on his Friday show was about an NBA photographer who was removed from playoff coverage after posting a fake campaign button for the Biden/Harris presidential ticket that reads “Joe and the Hoe.” The American Spectator story Limbaugh promoted was considerably more to the point, calling Harris a “mattress” and alleging “she slept her way up,” according to the radio pundit. He also noted that the story called the 55-year-old senator an escort.”

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Sweden’s Arab party By Richard Miller

     This is where multiculturalism and the insane cult of diversity leads: “Sweden’s new Arab Party vows to “take responsibility for its people,” denies plans to “Arabize” Scandinavian country.

“Sweden’s new Arab Party, established to champion the rights of the country’s Arab population, has vowed to assist integration “and protect the rights of Arabs” while denying any claims it might “Arabize Sweden.” According to its website, the party assumes a “socialist orientation with certain capitalist elements” while highlighting that it is a “secular party and no religious symbols or clothing are allowed within the party’s representatives.” At present, its stated aims are to combat “exclusion, anxiety about the future, division and lack of sense of community,” while also reducing “crime and unemployment within the same group.” It is expected to release a detailed manifesto in September but, in the meantime, it has laid out several requirements for membership including: an Arab background from at least one parent dating back several generations, as well as a Swedish college education and clean criminal record. However, at least one party member and point of contact, a 33-year-old man based in Malmo, was convicted in 2017 of illegal threats and harassment, though the party disputes the severity of those crimes. To avoid any systemic discrimination, Sweden does not keep demographic figures according to ethnicity but there were 155,000 Arabic speakers in Sweden at the start of the decade, or roughly 1.5 percent of the total population. Migration to the country has increased dramatically in the intervening decade, with 163,000 asylum seekers mostly from the Middle East and North Africa arriving in 2015 alone. A census is due to be carried out in 2021, which may shed more light on the significance and potential influence that the new Arab Party might expect to yield in Swedish public policy in the coming years.”

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Cops using Drones, Next Thing Killer Robots (Robocop) By Brian Simpson

     Those who break the law must be punished, but before that they need to be caught and that is where clever police surveillance comes in, and in Melbourne, advanced technology gained from space aliens is being used, with death rays that instantly disintegrate any law breaker. Soon it is hoped that a race of super-hero cops, like in the TV show, The Boys, will be constructed in genetically engineered labs, like in the Marvel Comic universe, and super villains intending to go out in public, will be detected days before they even make the decision, using precognition ESP.

“Having already brought in some of the strictest Covid-19 restrictions in the world, Aussie police are well on their way to turning Victoria into an Orwellian surveillance state. The Antipodes seem to have sent themselves into a complete meltdown over Covid-19. Both Australia and New Zealand’s governments have wantonly restricted civil liberties with some of the most stringent lockdown conditions on the planet. Each country seems to be trying to one up the other in the authoritarian stakes at every turn. First the Australian state of Victoria declared a “state of disaster” and instituted an astonishingly draconian lockdown that mandated, among other things, masks outdoors everywhere at all times and granted the police the power to enter homes without a warrant. Apparently not wanting to be out done by the Victorians across the Tasman Sea, Kiwi PM Jacinda Arderndecided that they couldn’t possibly hold an election while there were less than 80 active cases of Covid-19 in the country, and so delayed it for a month. Admirable commitment to democracy there. But plainly the police in Victoria got wind that the New Zealanders had upped the ante so decided that what they needed to do was start using drones to spy on civilians. Melbourne coppers will be putting eyes in the skyto make sure none of the inmates, sorry citizens, are out and about doing things that they shouldn’t. Apparently, police in the city have decided they need to resort to tactics usually employed by the US Army to track down jihadis in the mountains of Afghanistan to catch people simply leaving their homes. Among the crimes these drones will be dispatched to try and catch people committing are such heinous offenses as going to the beach, not wearing masks, visiting playgrounds or using skate parks. The drones can be flown up to a distance of 7km and have the ability to read vehicle number plates from a distance of 500 meters. Interestingly, this means that the drones will technically and legally be allowed to go further from home than Melburnians, who are under a strict night curfew and can only go up to 5km from their homes between the hours of 5am and 8pm, except for work and medical care.  Otherwise they will be in breach of the curfew imposed by Victorian Premier Dan Andrews – newly nicknamed Kim Jong Dan – and can be fined nearly AU$5,000 (US$3,621). Repeat offenders face a fine of up to AU$20,000. The drones will also be used to make sure people aren’t crossing the border into neighboring states, as that is yet another freedom Dan has seen fit to deprive his people of. He’s also deployed 2,000 military personnel to help to enforce virus-control measures. As one exasperated Aussie put it on Twitter: “Are we in Melbourne or China?”

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Chapter 25 of November 1916

This defence is put through the character Professor Olda Orestovna Andozerskaya, university teacher of mediaeval and world history, a fictional person said to be the most intelligent woman in Petersburg. Here are her words.

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Notes From Around 22-8-2020 D.B.Smith

     I am forwarding this email for it has an extremely interesting interview between Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network and Elizabeth Hart who has gone to the trouble of trying to get answers under the Freedom Of Information Act, about Covid 19 "deaths,"  treatment and justification for the lockdown by our Government.

     The question that we all should ask of our reps in Parliament (along with your own) is, has the virus been isolated and purified and thereby shown to exist. This is as I understand it the first step towards finding the right treatment for all viral infections. Please correct me if I am wrong here. This has never been publicly announced that I am aware of, it has always been a vaccine for all is the only answer even before searching for what the vaccine is to "combat". Please scroll down to the heading "Under The Wire" which is Meryl's weekly chat site to watch the interview. Take particular note of the danger of wearing a mask for any extended length of time. And don't forget the vaxxed bus is going to be touring other states after they can get out of QLD looking for your story of vaccine damage, or for you to speak up for a loved one who cannot speak for themselves. Tragically sometimes parents are locked into situations such that they loose support payments should they speak out. Deliver us from the evil of our Government policies. But remember in praying that God expects us to do our part. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" God will decide when it is curtain call not us. I say that because many become stymied in fear of the ILLUSION of an enemy, deciding it is end times and that there is nothing we can do.

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A Question By Chris Knight

     Why is it that the PM of New Zealand can delay the election, but if Trump even suggests it, the media roll around of the ground foaming at the mouth and snapping their fangs? Because socialist are free to do what they want.

“New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern has shut the nation’s borders, interred the few still allowed to enter and now postponed the election for a month – but it’s all okay because she’s the ‘right kind of leader’. Ardern has postponed the elections in New Zealand for a month so the country can deal with a new spike in Covid-19 cases. The Kiwi PM has become something of a darling of liberal outlets around the world who larrup praise on her progressive outlook, being a female world leader and, most recently, the way she has dealt with the pandemic. New Zealand has so far only had 22 deaths related to Covid-19, which is obviously all down to Ms Ardern and nothing to do with the fact that New Zealand is sparsely populated, over a thousand miles away from any other country and has five times as many sheep as people. Nevertheless, due to her impeccable woke credentials Jacinda’s every action has been lauded by the Western liberal press. Her government’s pursuit of a “well-being budget” rather than actual economic growth was hailed as a “progressive beacon in a populist world,” she was lauded for bringing her baby with her to the UN General Assembly for no obvious reason whatsoever, and for saying all the right things about racism and the failure of capitalism. For much of the West’s liberal media Saint Jacinda of Wellington can do no wrong, which is why now she has delayed New Zealand’s election for a month, from September 19 to October 17, it is obviously a righteous, splendid thing for her to do. According to the Guardian “By delaying the New Zealand election Jacinda Ardern appears magnanimous and conciliatory.” She is putting the health of the people first, rather than cynically chasing her own political ambitions. She is accepting that free and fair elections cannot take place if “longstanding electoral activities as door-knocking, public meetings, and generally having face-to-face contact” are suppressed.

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All Black Lives Matter By Chris Knight

     Here is a campaign ad by a Black lady, easy on the eye, Kimberly Klacik, who walks the streets of Baltimore showing that Democrat-run cities are virtually out of The Waking Dead, post-apocalyptic wastelands. Have a look, her message being that Black people do not have to vote Democrat. Especially moving is an old Black father, who when asked about defunding police, says that he has had three sons killed, and how can law and order be maintained without police? Indeed, the killing occurred with the present police, so that is a taste of how bad it will get.

“Some excitement has been generated around Kimberly Klacik, a nonprofit founder and Baltimore County Republican Central committee member, who is a congressional candidate attempting to fill the vacant seat of late Rep. Elijah Cummings. Klacik shared a three-minute campaign video Monday on Twitter of her walking the streets of Baltimore City, exposing how decades of Democratic policies have imploded neighborhoods. The tweet reads: “Democrats don't want you to see this. They're scared that I'm exposing what life is like in Democrat-run cities. That's why I'm running for Congress Because All Black Lives Matter Baltimore Matters And black people don't have to vote Democrat.” Maryland's 7th District, which covers the northern and eastern boundaries of Baltimore County, the majority of Howard, and a decent chunk of eastern and western parts of Baltimore City, has been dominated by Democrates for five decades. "Do you care about Black lives? The people that run Baltimore don't...I can prove it. Walk with me," Klacik said at the beginning of the video. "This is the reality for black people every single day," said Klacik while surrounded by rows of abandoned homes. Klacik said inner-city communities are suffering from "crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty, and crime." She said it's not just Baltimore, suggesting that any Democratically controlled metro area in the country is a bad environment for black people.”

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So Much for Green Power By James Reed

     The kiddies wagging school to protest the climate apocalypse, or whatever, and the Extinction Rebellion dudes, all go on about renewable energy saving the say; no more smelly hydrocarbons. Well, let us look at a case study of this so-called Greenie power:

“Over a million California residents suffered power blackouts last Friday evening. High temperatures caused consumer demand to exceed the available power, which forced California utility companies to implement rotating outages to reduce demand. The rolling blackouts highlight the poor state of California’s power grid, widely considered the worse in the nation; a grid whose reliability may have been further compromised by the green energy policies pursued by the state.

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The Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine for Australia By Mrs Vera West

     Assembled below is some reading on Sco Mo, or whatever the bozzo is called, advocation of mandatory vaccination for all Australians, apart from medical exemptions. Already this has been enormously controversial, so it seems likely, that when a vaccine is ready to be pumped into human lab rats, Centrelink recipients will be the first test case, since no jab, no pay/play got through, so it will eventually move to the New Zealand line of no jab, no freedom, then no doubt to no jab, no oxygen. No sooner had the electrons dried on the cyber-page, then I heard that Mo has backed away from compulsory vaccination. Overnight he was hammered by criticism, so we will have to wait and see what happens. No doubt he will pick on soft target like Centrelink recipients at some point, having had a victory with the no jab, no oxygen policy. Anyway, here is Andrew bolt on this issue:

“Sky News host Andrew Bolt says while he would probably take a potential coronavirus vaccine, he sure as hell doesn’t want to be forced to take one by a government that has made so many mistakes dealing with the virus. “No government should have a right to stick drugs in your arm,” Mr Bolt said. “It seems to me that Morrison – and many of our political leaders have gone power mad in this virus panic”. Following public backlash, Prime Minister Scott Morrison wound back comments about making the COVID-19 vaccine "as mandatory as possible". The Prime Minister appeared on Sydney radio confirming vaccines would not be made compulsory. The federal government said it would like to see a 95 per cent uptake in any vaccine rollout to ensure herd immunity could be achieved. Mr Bolt said Mr Morrison “sounded like he realised he's gone too far”.

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Coronavirus Australia: Deputy CMO Nick Coatsworth reveals possible restrictions for refusing vaccine

     The latest: Scott Morrison has back-pedalled a little on "mandatory vaccines”, but his government is now talking about using stazi-like pressure tactics to induce people to take the coronavirus vaccine. If you don't obey and do what you are told and violate your own physical/psychological integrity as a rational and free being, you could possibly be prohibited from international and interstate travel, public transport, and possibly barred from places of employment, gyms, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, etc. Such tactics still violate the basic medical ethical principle of informed consent and refusal, and the Nuremberg Code, which was introduced after WWII to prevent these sorts of totalitarian measures from ever again being adopted against a population. I can't believe that this is even being discussed seriously. I have to tell my fellow Australians: this is NOT normal. Don't stand for it. What the government is talking about doing (and what they have already done with "no jab, no pay") puts into question one of the very fundamental principles of Western Civilization: the security of the person, the right to physical and psychological integrity, and free choice over one's own body and being. As this line is being crossed, anything becomes possible.

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Killing Covid-19: Ivermectin? By Brian Simpson

     I first saw reference to the drug ivermectin on a freedom site. But, let’s be different and go mainstream beginning with this university site, eh?,-Ivermectin,-eliminates-SARS-CoV-2-in-cells-in-48-hours

•    “Do NOT self-medicate with Ivermectin and do NOT use Ivermectin intended for animals. Read the FDA caution online.
•    Whilst shown to be effective in the lab environment, Ivermectin cannot be used in humans for COVID-19 until further testing and clinical trials have been completed to establish the effectiveness of the drug at levels safe for human dosing.
•    For any medical questions you have about your health, please consult your health care provider.
•    The potential use of Ivermectin to combat COVID-19 remains unproven, and depends on pre-clinical testing and clinical trials to progress the work.
•    A Monash University-led study has shown that an anti-parasitic drug already available around the world can kill the virus within 48 hours in cell culture.
•    Scientists showed that a single dose of the drug, Ivermectin, could stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus growing in cell culture.
•    The next steps are to determine the correct human dosage – ensuring the doses shown to effectively treat the virus in vitro are safe for humans.
•    The use of Ivermectin to combat COVID-19 depends on pre-clinical testing and clinical trials, with funding urgently required to progress the work.
•    Ivermectin is an FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug that has also been shown to be effective in vitro against a broad range of viruses including HIV, Dengue, Influenza and Zika virus.
•    This Monash University-led collaborative study was published in Antiviral Research, a peer-reviewed medical journal published by Elsevier. Please see the study DOI here:

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