Invasive Species Attack! By Brian Simpson

     At first it begins with the migration into new spaces by a few, then, slowly, increasing numbers. Local insects may at first be mildly concerned, but soon it is a battle for existing food resources, which the invaders can more effectively utilise. Over time, natural selection works its magic, and the populations change, by demographic displacement:

“BRITAIN is braced for an invasion of “killer” Asian Hornets as 80 queens have already been found in the UK. The insects – which can grow up to 1.6 inches – have powerful stings which can be fatal to humans with just a single strike if the person is allergic. Record numbers of nests have been found on Jersey as there are fears they will move onto the mainland. The fight is on-going on the Channel Island and is seen as a crucial battle-ground to stop the spread. Just one of the foreign menaces can eat up to 50 bees a day and their impact on honey production could be devastating.”

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Teaching in Body Armour! By James Reed

     I saw this coming, but over in the land of the totally crazy, they are dealing with the social breakdown, reflected in the blackboard jungle, by wearing body armour:

“Growing up, all she wanted was to become a teacher. She realized her dream, and at first she loved the job. But now she says violence in the classroom has spun so far out of control that she has to wear protective sleeves to guard against attacks by students. "I've seen principals get hurt by students, I've seen blood on them. [Educational Assistants] get kicked in the head, punched, spit at," she said. CBC has agreed to protect the teacher's identity because she fears speaking to the media could harm her career. Her concerns match those of other educators across Ontario who say the verbal abuse and physical violence is leaving them injured and exhausted, and are calling on school boards and the province to provide more support. The teacher worked at several schools in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) and is qualified to teach students between Grades 4 and 12. She began teaching about 15 years ago, but it was only after returning from time off to have children that she realized things had changed for the worse. "I remember my first day back in a particular school, and I got home and I just wanted to call and say I'm not coming back," she said. Because her elementary school classroom had students with severe behavioural issues, the teacher said she was required to wear protective sleeves on her arms to guard against pinching, scratching and biting. "I was thinking of the students in the class, like, how do they feel about seeing their teachers in armour? I'm still in shock about it."

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China Getting with the Times By James Reed

     With the US/China trade war now apparently called off by the orange joke,  Trump, China, being once more victorious, has issued a warning to the world, well summed up by this recent Newsweek headline: “CHINA'S MILITARY WARNS U.S. MUST GET WITH THE TIMES: 'THOSE WHO RESIST WILL PERISH'”

“China's military called on the United States to adopt a modern way of thinking in dealing with the People's Republic, warning America that it risked falling behind. Speaking at a press conference Thursday, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang condemned the Pentagon's recent Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, which accused Beijing of seeking "to reorder the region to its advantage by leveraging military modernization, influence operations, and predatory economics to coerce other nations." He said the ministry was "firmly opposed to its negative contents concerning China," citing some specific points of contention. "No strategy should go against the times," Ren explained. "The trend of the world is mighty and overwhelming. Those who follow it will prosper while those who resist will perish. Peace, development and win-win cooperation are the trends of our times. Any strategy that is closed and exclusive, which is against the general trends, is doomed to failure." He also argued that "no strategy should harm the well-being of people all over the world" or "underscore the confrontation side of relations," calling for greater international dialogue and less unilateral behavior.”

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Fake News Now Plagiarised from TV! By Chris Knight

     No wonder they are driving for internet censorship, since false news bs can be exposed and debunked, then abandoned in only one news cycle now. The latest woman who claims that Trump raped her, who has a book to sell, not only went on TV and said that people think that rape is sexy, thus causing the mainstream to literally drop her like a hot over-cooked spud, but her claim has been exposed as plagiarised from the ultra pc TV show, Law and Order SVU, which is not a recreational vehicle, but refers to “special victims” facing especially “heinous” crimes. The episode is season 13, episode 11, and she did not even bother to change the name of the department store!

“In an interview with the New York Times’ podcast, The Daily, Carroll denied being raped altogether. “Every woman gets to choose her word. Every woman gets to choose how she describes it. This is my way of saying it. This is my word. My word is ‘fight,'” she explained. “My word is not the victim word. I have not – I have not been raped,” she continued. “I have – something has not been done to me. I fought. That’s the thing”:

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It is Only Right to Put Migrants, First, Second and Third Place! By Richard Miller

     It is the logic of Leftism and globalism, to give all priority to migrants, the replacement group. It is only logical. Thus, Sweden is moving in the right direction on the housing issue:

“A survey from the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building, and Planning has shown that while young people are struggling to find homes, half of the local governments give new migrants priority. The survey, which saw data gathered from 290 Swedish municipalities, highlighted the fact that young Swedes are having an increasingly difficult time finding housing with 230 saying they had a shortage for young people, Nyheter Idag reports. Fewer municipalities, 221, said they had a shortage of housing for new migrants, and 135 said they had given preference to new migrants for housing, compared to just 12 who said they had given young people priority for homes in their areas.”

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Just How Mad the Elites Are By Chris Knight

     The elites can hold multiple contradictions and falsehoods in their head, so long as it advances their agenda. Consider:

“Former President Jimmy Carter suggested Friday that President Trump’s victory in 2016 was illegitimate due to Russian interference in the election. During a panel discussion on human rights issues at the Carter Center conference, the former president contended that a proper investigation into the extent of Russian meddling would, in fact, reveal President Trump did not win the White House.”

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Madonna the Ageing Attention Seeker By Chris Knight

     Dropping her pants like the other female singers apparently does not get ageing rocker Madonna the attention she used to get. Sad. Now she is going to the next level, gun control:

“Left-wing pop star Madonna released the eight-minute music video for her new single “God Control” depicting a gruesome mass shooting and a warning: “this is your wake-up call.” The main theme of the video centers on club-goers being shot in ripped from the headlines-style scenes resembling the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, which saw a gunman kill 49, injuring 53 more. “I made this video because I want to draw attention to a crisis that needs to be addressed. To me, this is the biggest problem in America right now,” pop icon said. Madonna took to social media to share the video, which includes a disclaimer: “The story you’re about to see is very disturbing. But it’s happening everywhere and it has to stop.”

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More Proof of the Progressivist Corruption of “The Law” By Ian Wilson LL.B

     If any more proof is needed that “The Law,” so mindlessly and uncritically worshipped by conservatives, is intrinsically flawed by progressive liberal ideologies, look no further than this recent US Supreme court decision, where the globalist open border jurist held that the Trump administration cannot put a citizen ship question on the 2020 Census! This means that the government cannot effectively do anything, and that unelected lawyers rule (under the yoke of the global financiers of course)!

“The Supreme Court found Thursday that the Trump administration did not give an adequate reason for adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census, blocking the question for at least the time being. The move is a surprise win for advocates who opposed the question's addition, arguing it will lead to an inaccurate population count. The administration had argued the question was needed to enforce the Voting Rights Act (VRA).
Those challenging the question said that asking about citizenship would cause non-citizens or immigrants to skip the question. The Trump administration has maintained in court filings that the data would not be accessible to other parts of the federal government, like immigration officials, but opponents argued that the implied perception surrounding asking about citizenship is enough to cause minority groups to not answer the question, or skip out on the census altogether. The justices sent the issue back to the Commerce Department to provide another explanation.

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Shocking Censorship! By “Jammers” Reed

     It is one thing to censor us, as part of the process of exterminating people like me, like the insect life we are, but quite another that countries like Russia dare to censor the cream of liberal culture. It is simply shocking, and reason enough for Donald Trump, himself as progressive on this issue as anyone to launch a full-scale nuclear attack of Putin, aiming right for his castle:

“Elton John took to Twitter on Friday to respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent interview with the Financial Times. In the interview, published on Thursday, Putin said Russia has "no problem with LGBT persons. ... Let everyone be happy," but John, 72, called Putin's words hypocritical since a Russian distributor censored LGBTQ-related scenes from "Rocketman," a film based on John's life and career. "Dear President Putin, I was deeply upset when I read your recent interview in The Financial Times," the "Tiny Dancer" singer wrote. "I strongly disagree with your view that pursuing policies that embrace multicultural and sexual diversity are obsolete in our societies." He continued: "I find duplicity in your comment that you want LGBT people to 'be happy' and that 'we have no problem in that'. Yet Russian distributors chose to heavily censor my film 'Rocketman' by removing all references to my finding true happiness through my 25-year relationship with [husband] David [Furnish] and the raising of my two beautiful sons. "This feels like hypocrisy to me," John added. "I am proud to live in a part of the world where our governments have evolved to recognise the universal human right to love whoever we want."

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Letter to The Editor - The censoring of certain viewpoints happens as a result of fixed prejudices

To The Australian        Matthew Lesh is right ("Costly clamps on free speech", 3/7) that, to maintain and enhance intellectual freedom in our universities (and elsewhere), "the challenge is fostering a culture open to a diversity of ideas." However, he exaggerates in claiming that "almost everyone tends to think the same way." The censoring of certain viewpoints (such as right wing conservatism and universalist approaches to the sacred) happens as a result of fixed prejudices (scientific rationalism, old-time religion) and lobbying by very powerful political elites or groups of ideological extremists. Regrettably, misuse of the legal system to checkmate dissident views already occurs to a considerable degree. It's a pity that Ian Jacobs did not address this in his comment ("Speech code may have unintended consequences", 3/7). He should know that the fact that speech is "likely to be unlawful" is not at all always "a sound and acceptable rationale for limiting freedom of speech." Some of the "discrimination and vilification laws" to which he refers unjustly inhibit open inquiry.   
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Is NASA Sexist? By Mrs Vera West

     That is the big question:

“Women could be sent in to space with a selection of sperm ready to populate other planets, researchers say, as they test the effects of zero-gravity on semen. Frozen sperm could be transported in to space to 'open the possibility of creating a human sperm bank outside of Earth', say researchers at the Dexeus women's health centre in Barcelona. This could mean male astronauts are replaced by all-women teams in order to reproduce while in space. But further work is needed in order to fully understand the effect of space conditions and different levels of gravity. Frozen samples exposed to micro gravity conditions and those kept on the ground all seem to stay healthy, the researchers say. The study has been presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting in Vienna, Austria. It comes after NASA published a paper arguing single-sex crews are best for cohesion and women are more likely to be co-operative."

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Now Big Tech Censors Trump; Will this Pathetic Whimp do Anything? By Chris Knight

     Day by day the internet censorship gets more intense, with now even President Trump getting “censored” on his favourite twit site, Twitter:

“Offensive material from the POTUS will also receive a label that applies to all verified political candidates and government officials with over 100,000 followers, according to the Washington Post. Before users can view the language in newly flagged tweets, they will need to click on a screen that says, “The Twitter Rules about abusive behavior apply to this Tweet. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain available.” The company also said it will set up a special team tasked with enforcing the policy, and the notification label would appear only on rare occasions. -Washington Post.

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Shake, Rattle and Roll, Merkel By Richard Miller

     First, we saw Hillary Clinton doing the shaking of the elites, head twisting like in one of those horror movies. It was due to dehydration she said. Germany’s Angela Merkel, anything but angelic, has also got the shakes; it is catching on. In the latest clip of this tired old globalist at a tired old globalist meeting, she began shaking. Some plebe handed her a big glass of water. Instead of glugging it down she turned it away, and was content to keep on shaking on, seemingly oblivious and uncaring, since the elites like having zombie paper rulers.

“Concerns for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s health grow once more as she was filmed struggling to keep her composure and visibly shaking during an official ceremony for the second time this month. The incident happened during the formal appointing of the new justice minister in Berlin’s Bellevue Palace on Thursday morning. The chancellor began shaking while standing next to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was delivering a speech. The shaking stopped and resumed several times. Merkel was visibly distraught and placed both hands on her chest, trying to control herself. Nevertheless, she continued with the ceremony, and later shook hands, smiled, and posed for photos with other officials. At one point, the chancellor was offered a glass of water. After the ceremony, Merkel’s spokesperson said the chancellor “is feeling well” and will attend the G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan on June 28-29, as planned. Angela Merkel was previously spotted shaking two weeks ago when she met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Her condition looked more severe that time, as the shaking seemed more violent. She told reporters then that she was just dehydrated and recovered after drinking several glasses of water.”

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Google Googles Google Doing Googling: Just Sue Them! By Charles Taylor

     The real big story that the mainstream media is naturally suppressing at the moment, is that Google is determined to use its Big Tech black magic to sink Trump at the 2020 election, as reported by Project Veritas:

“BIG UPDATE: YouTube has REMOVED the video from their platform. The video is still available on this website page.

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The Modern West: An Anti-Social Social Club By Brian Simpson

     One can get hoodies with “Anti-Social Social Club” on them:

     I saw a student wearing one. Fine, but is the very idea contradictory, that of having a club that no one goes to, much like Groucho Marx's one-liner: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Actually, this is not contradictory either, as the asserter will not join any clubs. However, the very idea of an anti-social social club is not necessarily self-contradictory. Suppose a social club is a club where people interact, or at least a space where they are together, however discordant. Being anti-social means having a profound dislike of socialising, but not necessarily not socialising at all, merely disliking it. Hence in the anti-social social club, we would have a most sorry bunch of individuals who while together hated the experience, and fought, perhaps.

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Sweden’s Anti-Semitic No-Go Zones By Richard Miller

     The open borders Left usually deny the existence of no-go zones in diverse places like France and Sweden. This, however could lead to danger for people of some ethnicities:

“The Jewish congregation of the southern Swedish city of Malmö has warned that rising antisemitism is turning the city into a no-go zone for Jews. The congregation sent a letter to the city, warning that the numbers of Jews have decreased dramatically from 842 members in 1999 to 387 members in 2019 and runs the risk of disappearing entirely in the future, Nyheter Idag reports. “The Jewish congregation will soon disappear if nothing is done drastically. Malmö is already a no-go zone for Jews around the world. When Malmö is mentioned in the media around the world, it is far too often related to antisemitism. A Google search for ‘antisemitism Malmö’ gives 215,000 hits. Unfortunately, current initiatives are not enough,” the congregation said. Svante Lundgren, an associate professor in Judaism at CTR, the centre of theology and religion at Lund University, admitted in December of 2017 that migration from countries in the Middle East with a history of antisemitism fuelled the rise of incidents in the city. “Of course, it is so that most people with this background are not antisemitic but there is a group that is, and then they have brought their hatred away from home. In Malmö, we have a large part of the population who are from abroad, and in many places, there are social problems,” Lundgren said. The comments came after an incident in the city following U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement to move his country’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in which pro-Palestine protestors shouted: “We have announced the intifada from Malmö. We want our freedom back, and we will shoot the Jews.”

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Destroying Male Fertility By Mrs Vera West

     There has been great concern, as far as that is now possible, about a study claiming that a fast food diet can irreversibility destroy the capacity of males to produce sperm, killing off sperm producing cells with things going down by the age of 18years:

     There is no link to the actual study, which apparently was a conference paper that has not yet appeared. Thus, questions such as whether obesity and fat consumption, and vitamin and mineral intake may not have been addressed, but probably the death of the sperm producing cells may have been due to the fact that junk food is ultra-poor nutrition anyway. There was material published in the previous news cycle about a junk foods diet causing shrinking of the brain:

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Who Says Immigration and Foreign Ownership Does Not Help Locals by Making Them Homeless (Thus Giving Them More Fresh Air from Sleeping Rough) By James Reed

     The usual reports from the usual sources reporting that Australians are becoming more comfortable with immigration rates, with fewer than 47 percent thinking that the annual immigration rate is too high:

I do not believe these surveys, and even if they’re taken at face value, a sizable percentage of people think that immigration is out of control. Even if 99 percent of people were against immigration, all the establishment would conclude is that more brainwashing propaganda is needed.  So, why do they even bother since the sheeple have done nothing on this issue since 1947? Anyway, those who love immigration, but are not yet suffering should consider the Vancouver future, because even if they are profiting today from their bloody real estate (watch ‘em cry when the property bubble bursts), they will still be dispossessed in the long run:

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Free Speech, but a Memory By Bruce Bennett

     This post by an Eastern European rips into the US flight from free speech. It has a few four-letter words in it, as the young guy gets very angry, so if you are offended don’t go there, but such cussing nowadays is really minor compared to what goes down each night on TV. I found this expression of concern consistent with our own, but expressed at a fairly pc site. The poster, says that he thinks he will be censored but wanted to go out in style, which he does. Diatribes like this will disappear by the end of this year, never to be heard again in he West, as the curtain of total darkness comes down. And Trump does nothing.

Classical Music as a Form of Social Dishwashing Liquid By Paul Walker

     Classical music is white, therefore racist, and must die, and this is no exaggeration, for these terms are culled from this pc article:

“My fellow musicians of color: it is time to accept that we are in an abusive relationship with classical music.

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