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Red Dawn Invasion has already Happened! By James Reed

     Wow, Mike Adams is way ahead of me. Whereas I was warning of a Chinese invasion, old school, he has gone one better and argued that this Red Dawn scenario is already under way in the US, maybe also in Australia, but I am not sure:

     Sorry, I could not access the site probably due to the Chinese cyber-attacks. Every time I clicked on the URL, it went through an endless loop then clicked of. But, that proves the point. Maybe the site is up now so you can have a captain cook. Wait, stop press, my Chinese student friend who hates the commos came by and helped me out with his lap top, so there you go:

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Hey! Thanks for My Neurosis! By Chris Knight

     I guess we should not complaint too much about the state locking us all up in our kennels and pig pens for months at end, since come November, America gets a senile president who will have his shaking fingers on the nuclear bombs’ buttons. Oh, that was only a problem with Trump, was it, the Dumocrats say? Anyway, everyone I know now has psychological problems from lock down, including my psychologist. This thus generates a vicious infinite regression, where ultimately nobody can be cured as everyone is crazy.

“A third of Americans are showing signs of clinical anxiety or depression, Census Bureau data shows, the most definitive and alarming sign yet of the psychological toll exacted by the coronavirus pandemic. When asked questions normally used to screen patients for mental health problems, 24 percent showed clinically significant symptoms of major depressive disorder and 30 percent showed symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. The findings suggest a huge jump from before the pandemic. For example, on one question about depressed mood, the percentage reporting such symptoms was double that found in a 2014 national survey. The troubling statistics were released last week in a tranche of data from the Census Bureau. The agency launched an emergency weekly survey of U.S. households at the end of April to measure the pandemic’s effects on employment, housing, finances, education and health. Some groups have been hit harder than others. Rates of anxiety and depression were far higher among younger adults, women and the poor. The worse scores in young adults were especially notable, given that the virus has been more likely to kill the elderly or leave them critically ill.

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Civil War on Steroids; America’s Future By Charles Taylor

     Here is a shocking video about the cannibal warlords of Liberia, which could well be relevant to the future of the West, the coming anarchy:

     Not today, but tomorrow, given “business” as usual.

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Universities Need to Follow the Lead of Oxford By James Reed

     Oxford University, a world leader in scholarship and research is also a leader in social justice politics as well, and is dealing with the intrinsic racism in the grading system against Black and other students:

“Oxford University students who feel the 'traumatic effect of the brutality' of George Floyd's death made them do worse in exams can apply for mitigating circumstances considerations. The announcement by vice-Chancellor professor Louise Richardson followed pressure from campaigners at the university who claim the horrific video of Floyd's last moments had a lasting impact on black students. Floyd was killed when white police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds despite his desperate pleas that he 'can't breathe'. Professor Richardson said the manner of Floyd's death was a 'manifestation of institutionalised racism' in the letter signed by 35 college principals, The Daily Telegraph reports. Students should inform the university should they 'feel their performance has been affected', she added. University staff are also being urged to 'reach out to any black students who may be experiencing difficulty at this time', the letter said. It added: 'The university has, as Britain does, a history that is marked by colonialism and imperialism. The recent protests have also brought a renewed focus on this era of Oxford's history.'”

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The Real “Fun” is Yet to Come! By Richard Miller

     Things are going swimmingly fine now, with the governments tossing down plenty of dough to keep us primates from revolting, but, just down the track the money runs out, and then it will be necessary to use the military to put people down, so that they starve to death in their fox holes, without a murmur; white folk silently disappearing into the darkness of the eternal night:

“Half of businesses expect to lay off staff once furlough ends - amid fears the UK faces 1980s-style unemployment. A poll of firms found 51 per cent say they will need to axe workers within three months of the government's huge coronavirus bailout being withdrawn. A fifth believe they will have to let 30 per cent or more of their employees go - while only 34 per cent are confident they will not have to make any redundancies. The dire results in the YouGov survey of 503 business leaders underlines the scale of the looming pain for Britons in the worst recession for 300 years. Some 9.1 million jobs are now being supported by the furlough scheme, which covers 80 per cent of wages up to a ceiling of £2,500 a month. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said it will stay in place until the end of October - but companies will gradually be made to share the burden with the state. Despite the unprecedented efforts to keep people in jobs during lockdown, grim figures yesterday showed numbers on the payroll plummeted by 612,000 between March and May. Jobless claims under Universal Credit have soared by 1.6million - 125.9 per cent - over the same period. Vacancies showed an eye-watering reduction of 342,000 in March-May compared to the previous quarter - a sharper fall than than the credit crunch. However, the worst of the hit for workers appears to have been masked by the government's massive furlough bailout scheme, with experts warning of 1980s levels of unemployment by the end of the year.”

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The Lives of Elderly Whites, Apparently Don’t Matter By Chris Knight

     This punk can be seen pushing over 92-year old women; she falls and strikes a fire hydrant, he walks away, making a quick backwards glance to assess his handiwork.

“Cops have since arrested Rashid Brimmage, 31, who has 103 prior arrests. He has been charged with assault. A tweet from the NYPD on Tuesday morning said the assault suspect 'pushed a 92-year-old female to the ground causing her to strike her head on a fire hydrant'.”

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Rioting Doctors and Nurses Now By Richard Miller

     The hospitals were in semi-lockdown so that many medicos and nurses spent time posting dance videos to YouTube, and ridiculous ones at that. And now in France, the medics are rioting for more pay, as rioting is the thing to do today, and the French were into this long before it became trendy to burn everything down, with the blessings of corporate capitalism, elsewhere in the West:

“A march by French health workers calling for better pay and working conditions because of the Coronavirus crisis descended into street violence in Paris on Tuesday. Riot police used tear gas and baton charges as they fought with protesters by Les Invalides in the centre of the city on Tuesday afternoon. By 4pm there had been 16 arrests, and 'disturbances were ongoing,' said a spokesman for the Paris police prefecture. Thousands including doctors and nurses had taken to the streets to rally for a better deal from the government. 'It appears that the main march was infiltrated by radicals who wanted to take on the police,' said one of the protesters. 'They began throwing missiles at officers, who responded in a manner that was very heavy handed.' A car was turned over at one point, with demonstrators hiding behind it as they goaded the police. Hundreds of youths then made their way on to the large grass field in front of Les Invalides, where some of the worst fighting took place. There, police snatch squads could be seen rushing into the crowd to make arrests, as tear gas swirled everywhere. Fires were also started in waste bins.”

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Transgender USA; It is All Happening, and Coming Here Soon! By Mrs Vera West

     An update in all the transgender news worth printing; this time developments from the United States:

“In a 6-3 ruling, the US Supreme Court just announced that the 1964 civil rights law should be reinterpreted to accommodate gender confusion as well. If a man decides to dress as a woman and present himself as the opposite gender, an employer will no longer have a say in the matter. The employer won’t be able to comment about it, won’t be able to make the employee change his/her appearance, and definitely won’t be able terminate their employment or refuse the person services. Because of this ruling, American employers will now have to cater to transgenderism and all its whims and fantasies. In order to accommodate transgender desires, an employer may have to fund the hormones, drugs and surgeries that a transgender employee feels is necessary. The employer could also be forced to accommodate transgenders in new ways, giving them access to restrooms of their own choice, while allowing them to imitate members of the opposite gender without … having any discourse about it. If a transgender feels intimidated, questioned or judged in the workplace, they can hold their employer accountable for “discrimination.” Churches that fundamentally disagree with this kind of gender-confused behavior will not be allowed to dissent any longer, for this could be interpreted as “discrimination.” Churches could be forced to recognize and officiate transgender partnerships and same sex marriages or else be accused of discrimination.

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How the Elites Protect Themselves Whilst Financing Urban Terrorism By Charles Taylor

     I had been musing about what will happen when the urban terrorists decide to claim all of the rich homes in Hollywood, and kick out the decadent film stars. But it has all been taken care of; they are safe for now, their properties and wealth are secure, and so they can continue to take the moral high ground, funding destruction, while being safe themselves. It is a good jig if one can get it.

“While celebrities and wealthy virtue signallers are all too eager to rally behind leftist mobs with support and donations, they will be assuredly safe in their gated mansions as the city of Beverly Hills issued an emergency order to ban all protests in the area, ensuring there will be no lawless ‘autonomous zones’ springing up on their doorstep. “To preserve the peace and tranquility of residential neighborhoods, effective tonight and until further notice, no more than 10 people shall gather in an assembly in a public right of way in a residential area between the hours of 9 p.m. – 8 a.m.,” an announcement proclaimed on the city’s social media accounts.

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The Great Purge in the Era of Left Wing State Terrorism By Brian Simpson

     With statues being torn down everywhere, speech codes and attacks on everything white, even snow, milk, you name it, founding intellectuals like Charles Darwin will go, but not of course Einstein, who is still cool, but for how much longer, for all of those symbols in General Relativity tensor theory are surely discriminatory. Look: Pretty, eh?

The Western world appears to be in the midst of a “woke” Cultural Revolution. Historical monuments are being toppled, popular authors are being denounced for saying “sex is real,” and corporations are rushing to pledge fealty. A question that naturally arises at the beginning of any such period of upheaval is, “Who will survive the purge, and who won’t?” I fear that even Charles Darwin might not be safe. Activists with a penchant for iconoclasm have set their sights not only on monarchs, imperialists and slave traders, but on scientists too. Earlier this year, University College London published the final report of its “Inquiry into the History of Eugenics at UCL.” Among the report’s recommendations were that the Pearson Building, the Galton Chair and the Galton Lecture Theatre “should lose their current names as soon as possible (de-named).” The Pearson building is named after Karl Pearson, a statistician who invented many tools that are still in use today, such as Pearson’s correlation coefficient. The other two items are named after Sir Francis Galton, a polymath who did pioneering work in statistics, psychometrics, geography and anthropology. In support of its recommendation to “de-name” Pearson and Galton, the UCL report cites various statements of theirs advocating eugenics, referring to “higher” and “lower” races, and describing other ethnic groups in extremely crude terms.

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Kneeling before the New Masters By Chris Knight

     The cult of kneeling, forced upon whites, is a bit like jail rape, designed to demoralise and put one in one’s supposed place.

“An NYPD lieutenant who joined protesters in taking a knee as they took to the streets to demand an end to police brutality following the death of George Floyd now says he regrets the symbolic gesture. In an email obtained by NBC New York, Lt. Robert Cattani of the Midtown South Precinct on June 3 apologized to his colleagues, saying he had trouble sleeping since he "made a horrible decision to give into a crowd of protesters demands and kneeled alongside several other officers." For two straight weeks, thousands of New Yorkers have marched in honor of Floyd, a Black man who was killed after a police officer in Minneapolis kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Protesters across the city, and across the world, kneeled and raised their fists to advocate for racial justice in the days following the initial lack of charges against officer Derek Chauvin and other cops who were there. Even NYPD Chief of Department Terrance Monahan joined protesters in taking a knee. Although most people in the crowds cheer when cops joined them in solidarity, some have criticized the action as a publicity stunt because they'd rather see changes in policy. In the email to his coworkers, Cattani said the action “goes against every principle and value that I stand for." The Post first reported on the email.”

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India/China War; Not If, but When By James Reed

     They just don’t like each other, they have a disputed border and nuclear weapons that they could use, not being weak white liberals. There are already dead, and plenty of reason to go to war right now to kick off the apocalypse in style:

“As if we didn’t have enough already going on in 2020, now we are facing the possibility that several regional wars may erupt.  China and India had both been pouring troops into a disputed border region, and now there has been an incident where they were actually killing each other.  On the Korean peninsula, North Korea just blew up “a joint liaison office” that it had used for talks with the South Korean government.  And in the Middle East, Turkey is warning of grave consequences if Israel goes ahead with a plan to annex portions of Judea and Samaria.  If a major regional war erupts at even one of these flashpoints, it will be another devastating blow for a global economy that is already imploding, and there is a very strong probability that the U.S. and other major western powers could be drawn into the conflict. Both nations had sent substantial contingents of troops to an area of the border that has long been disputed, and a meeting that was supposed to defuse tensions actually resulted in soldiers killing one another… Chinese state media described the incident Monday night in the Galwan River valley where both countries have deployed troops in recent weeks as “the most serious clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers so far,” confirming casualties but offering no further details about them. Indian government sources speaking on the condition of anonymity told The Times of India that 20 Indian army personnel had died in the fighting. American intelligence believes 35 Chinese troops died, including one senior officer, a source familiar with that assessment tells U.S. News. The incident took place during a meeting in the mountainous region between the two sides – both of which had agreed to disarm – to determine how the two militaries would safely withdraw their presences from the region. This is the very first time in decades that Chinese and Indian troops have killed each other, and apparently very little shooting was involved… The meeting grew tense and resulted in a physical confrontation between the troops. According to the assessment, all of the casualties were from the use of batons and knives and from falls from the steep topography, the source says. That sounds like a scene from an overly gory Hollywood war movie, but reportedly this actually happened. Hopefully the leaders of the two nations will be able to cool tensions for a while, but the Chinese have a very long history of very bitter border disputes with their neighbors, and without a doubt China will continue to make attempts to exercise sovereignty over this area.”

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Tyranny in Chaz/ Chop, but Trump Goes After Police Instead By Charles Taylor

    Rather than defend the rights of US citizens and uphold the rule of law, the president of disgrace, Donald Duck, has instead caved into the Left, which is all he seems to do, and signed an Executive Order to address police misconduct. I wonder how the MAGA true believers can put up with all of this? Surely there should be vocal protests at his rallies, can someone call him out?  The occupied territory of Chaz is now called Chop, which is a better depiction:

“Seattle residents living in what now is the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) have told reporters that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter are taking away people’s rights and causing a surge in crime in the area because of their “police-free zone” policies. Shelby Talcott, a journalist working for The Daily Caller, told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum on June 12 that people living inside CHAZ are not very happy about the way the zone is being governed. According to Talcott, many residents in CHAZ also do not agree with Solomon “Raz” Simone appointing himself as the occupied zone’s “warlord.” Talcott also interviewed armed CHAZ border guards who said that the rapper’s vision for CHAZ conflicts with the majority living inside the zone wants. During her appearance in Fox, Talcott shared an interview with a resident known only by the name Brandon, out of fear of retaliation from members of CHAZ. During the interview, Brandon said: “You can see for yourself, you can see that we don’t have the right to vote for stuff here anymore.” “You can see the demands when they say that we want the pensions away from every police officer in Seattle. They took our rights away. That’s not okay. It’s not political. It’s just not okay.” “This is stunning,” replied MacCallum. “This is a citizen in Seattle who obviously doesn’t feel safe enough to even have his face revealed to say that he just misses order in his community.” Talcott further stated that Brandon had previously spoken out about his concerns, but he was subsequently threatened because of his comments, forcing him to back down. She added that Brandon was, like many other residents living in and near CHAZ, fearful for his personal safety, especially since rioters bang on his gates every night and gunshots can be heard throughout the evening. “This is a residential area they have taken over, and not everyone is on board,” she added.”

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The End of Police; Anarcho-Tyranny Rides Again By Charles Taylor

     The take over of city blocks by urban terrorists is being celebrated by the mainstream media, who ignore the fact that that a diverse people’s democracy is soon replaced by the rule of warlords, as we have seen in Africa, and has occurred in the Seattle siege, or is it just secessionism? Along with a sympathy for defunding police, and putting pressure on cops to resign, we will see a situation develop much like the white farm killings in South Africa, where a soft white population, weak like bunny rabbits, or fluffy chicks, will be subjected to predation.

“Rayshard Brooks had fallen asleep in his vehicle at a Wendy’s drive-through. He was shot after grabbing a Taser from an officer, the authorities said, prompting fresh unrest in the city. Less than 24 hours after a white police officer shot and killed an African-American man outside a fast-food restaurant, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta announced on Saturday that the city’s police chief had resigned. Early on Sunday morning, Sgt. John Chafee, a spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department, said the officer who shot the man had been fired. The shooting left many in the city once again incensed by the death of another black man at the hands of the police — and nervous about the potential for more destructive flare-ups. By Saturday night, protesters had blocked roads and an interstate near the restaurant, a Wendy’s, and apparently set it on fire, according to news reports, with police firing tear gas and flash grenades to try to disperse the crowd.”

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Commos Bite Back! By James Reed

     It seems mighty suspicious, that just after, in fact before the conclusion of the Wuhan flu episode, America is in flames from riots, caused by communist groups. All coincidence? Where does our great trading partner fit into this, if at all? This will require further investigation. But for now:

““This is way bigger than Antifa. These are the shock troops, but there are 20 or more communist groups operating freely in the United States who engage in what they refer to as ‘anti-fascist’ militant action.” – Trevor Loudon, May 31, 2020

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Remember the Alamo! By Charles Taylor

     I particularly like this story, having spent a lot of my life working in Texas, and having been to the Alamo site many times. Jim Bowie is one of my heroes, but I suspect that very soon, the Bowie knife itself, one of the human races’ greatest inventions, will be condemned as racist, as Jim did a spot of slave trading himself to earn some pocket money, with his brother Rezin.

“Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush warned rioters who might be planning to target the Alamo in a tweet saying, “Don’t mess with The Alamo.” The Texas General Land Office is responsible for the care and safety of the Texas shrine. “The Alamo is the Shrine of Texas liberty. And it will be defended,” Bush began in the tweet below. “Rest assured we have already deployed, for several weeks and will continue to do so, the Alamo Rangers in partnership with the SAPD (San Antonio Police Department, The Department of Public Safety, and the National Guard to protect this sacred site.” “My message to protesters is simple: Don’t mess with The Alamo,” Bush concludes.”

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Urban Terrorists and Food Supply By Chris Knight

     Given that Trump has no manhood left, his brain destroyed by listening to Jared, it may be up to truckies to bring the sieges to a hold, as they starve them out.

“A majority of truckers are vowing to halt deliveries to cities that defund or disband their police departments, according to a recent poll. Seventy-nine percent of truck drivers said they felt their safety would be at risk if they had to deliver to a city with a disbanded police department, according to CDL News, a website for the commercial trucking industry. Long-haul truck drivers have been on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic for the past year due to stay-at-home orders requiring most Americans to buy their goods online, and have had to deal with protests. Now many truckers are worried about going to places such as Minneapolis, Minnesota, where their city council president reportedly planned to dismantle their police department following the death of George Floyd. CDL News asked drivers on its app to explain their reasoning for not delivering to these cities. “I will not deliver to an area with a disbanded police department. My life matter and I do this for my family. We are already at the mercy of these towns and cities with laws and hate against us for parking, getting a meal or even using a restroom,” one driver responded. “Simple. We may not like it all the time, but laws and order is necessary,” another driver said. Truck driving has historically been ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S.”

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The Head Girl Syndrome By Brian Simpson

     This is interesting, the “head girl syndrome,” where the system wants the sorts of people that American Renaissance celebrates, high IQ performers. But not genuine genius, which is more unstable and unpredictable, but yields, often, the material which changes the world:

“The ideal Head Girl is an all-rounder: performs extremely well in all school subjects and has a very high Grade Point Average. She is excellent at sports, Captaining all the major teams. She is also pretty, popular, sociable and well-behaved. The Head Girl will probably be a big success in life, in whatever terms being a big success happens to be framed (she will gravitate towards such aspects of life) – so she might in some times and places make a Good Marriage and do a great job of raising a family; in another time and place she might go to a top-notch college and get a top-notch job – and pursue a glamorous and infertile lifestyle of ‘serial monogamy’; with desirable mates. But the Head Girl is not, cannot be, a creative genius. Modern society is run by Head Girls, of both sexes, hence there is no place for the creative genius. Modern Colleges aim at recruiting Head Girls, so do universities, so does science, so do the arts, so does the mass media, so does the legal profession, so does medicine, so does the military… And in doing so, they filter-out and exclude creative genius. The genius is pretty much everything the Head Girl is not. He is lop-sided in his abilities – truly excellent at some things or maybe just one thing, he is either hopeless or bored by many others. He won’t work hard for long periods at things he does not want to do. He will not gravitate to the prestige areas of life, or cannot or will not do the networking necessary to get-on. The Head Girl can never be a creative genius because she does what other people want by the standards they most value. She will worker harder and at a higher standard in doing whatever it is that social pressure tells her to do – and she will do this by whatever social standards prevail, only more thoroughly. Meanwhile the creative genius will do what he does because he must. The Head Girl will not ever want to alienate potentially powerful allies. Meanwhile the creative genius is indifferent or hostile to the opinions of others so long as he knows he is right.”

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The Revolution from Above By Charles Taylor

     With the support by the system for the protests, no matter what they do, burning. looting sieging city blocks, while any whites who make the slightest squeak get squashed, we see the utter evil of the system.

“A leading Democratic candidate in a closely watched House race brushed off looting and arson that occurred during nationwide unrest during protests about racism and police brutality sparked by the death of George Floyd. “What the hell you got snipers on the roof for in a peaceful march? Even if people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground, you know, if that’s what it’s going to take to fix our nation,” retired Air Force Col. Kim Olson said during a live digital event on Tuesday, shown in a clip obtained by the Washington Examiner. “I don’t think people want me to say that,” added Olson, a Democratic candidate in Texas’s 24th Congressional District, which covers much of the suburban area in between Fort Worth and Dallas.”

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The Van Allen Belt and the Moon Landing By Brian Simpson

     Here is a very interesting video, “NASA Admits We Never Went to the Moon,” which appears to have modern astronauts talking about the challenge of getting through the Earth’s Van Allen belt of radiation, without dying, or being cooked. But, if the US went to the moon in 1969, which we all saw on telly, then how was this possible?

“That may be the reason why, since the presidency of Tricky Dick, no manned mission to the moon, or even beyond low earth orbit, has ever been attempted. Remember, the International Space Station is orbiting at a distance of 250 miles from the earth, whereas the moon is about 237,000 miles away. On January 14, 2004, President George W. Bush, speaking at NASA headquarters, announced a new endeavor to “gain a new foothold on the moon” and beyond, remarking: “In the past 30 years, no human being has set foot on another world, or ventured farther into space than 386 miles—roughly the distance from Washington D.C. to Boston, Massachusetts” (quoted in Wisnewski 329). No manned mission to the moon came out of this announcement. Time is working to the advantage of the moon hoax theorists, for every year that passes makes people wonder: “If it was so easy to send a man to the moon between 1969 and 1972, why has it not been done again ever since?” Less than half of the British and Russians still believe in the moon landings. Among the educated, this percentage is falling fast. What will happen in twenty years, when Americans realize hardly anybody but them believes it? Will the United States of America survive the exposure of this giant hoax?”

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