Time Travel Quantum Mechanical B. S. By Brian Simpson

     The media have reported that physicists have engaged in a time travel experiment, using quantum mechanics, which is the next best thing to miracles and magic, and wow, it is science wrapped in complex mathematics so anything goes:

     The paper operates in the context of whether there are violations of the “arrow of time,” that we observe, for example, a burning cigarette turning to ash, but not the reverse. The ash does not spontaneously reconstruct back into the cigarette. There is an identification of the arrow of time with time travel; that if an experiment showed the analogue to the cigarette ash reconstructing itself, then time would be reversed. They then show that there is an exotic experiment in quantum mechanics, the theory of the actions of elementary matter, that allows this.

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Our Brothers, the Mosquito By James Reed

     I have written so many articles attacking so many people I can’t remember if I once argued that animal rights activists will be defending the rights of mosquitos next. Well, guess what? My reduction ad absurdum has been rejected, by these wild and woolly folks, who now are  granting rights to mosquitos:

“People should not kill mosquitoes but allow them to take "blood donations", a French animal-rights activist has said. Aymeric Caron, a television presenter, said the insects sucked human blood to obtain protein for their eggs, which was “embarrassing for anti-specists who realise they are being attacked by a mother trying to nourish her future children”. Anti-specists are those who oppose discrimination against any species, usually animals. But British animal-protection workers said his comments were “a step too far” and were “an unhelpful distraction”. Mr Caron, who counts himself as an “anti-specist”, said animal lovers should allow the insects to bite, except in Africa, where they would risk catching malaria.”

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Now Lasers in Your Head! By Brian Simpson

     Technology has morphed into technocracy, within the framework of the globalist military-industrial corporate state, so that while a few crumbs of benefit goes to the deplorables, most of the effect of technology goes to further enslave us. How could it be otherwise when he who pays the piper, calls the tune?

“Military scientists at the Pentagon are developing ‘talking’ lasers which can beam warnings straight into the enemy’s head from hundreds of miles away. Weapons researchers at the Department of Defense say the hi-tech weapon will be able to send brief messages – in the form of audible speech – across combat zones. The aircraft, ship and truck-mounted devices are being developed as part of a military initiative called the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate. The scientists plan to use a phenomenon of physics called the Laser-Induced Plasma formation to make the laser a reality. First, they fire a powerful laser that creates a ball of plasma. Then, a second laser works to oscillate the plasma creating sound waves. These intense laser bursts can then perfectly mimic human language, chief scientist Dave Law told the  Military Times. He added that the technology could be ready for battle in just five years. A video shared to publicise the Pentagon project shows the weapon saying ‘Stop or we’ll be forced to fire upon you.’ Scientists say these laser-grams will soon be able to beam hundreds of miles away. The news will send shudders through the conspiracy theorist community who have long claimed the US government uses radio waves as part of a though-control programme. The Pentagon has revealed it is ploughing tens of millions into developing state-of-the-art laser weapons – to ensure it doesn’t lag behind Russia and China.

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Wasting Australia’s Resources By Viv Forbes

     Foolish politicians driven by extreme green ideology are wasting Australia’s resources. Australia’s nuclear resources are largely wasted. We have abundant geological potential for uranium and other nuclear fuels, we know how to explore and extract them, but with bans and restrictions that change every election, and approval processes that take either some years or forever, only three mines are operating. And Australia is the only G20 country to ban clean silent low-emission nuclear power. Australia’s waste and sterilisation of coal and oil shale resources is also an international disgrace. Solid hydro-carbon resources are very concentrated stores of value, but cannot be used without temporarily disturbing other resources such as soils, vegetation and stored water. Freehold land rights throughout the British Commonwealth once included mineral rights, and there was no conflict between landowners and miners. But avaricious governments stole those rights, and the royalties that once went to free-holders now go to governments. This separation of surface rights from underground rights is the source of continual conflict. Greens then harnessed landowner resentment into anti-mining crusades.

     Expanding national parks and heritage areas has been a powerful green tool to prevent exploration and sterilise coal and oil shale resources. As have the destructive laws that give priority to coal seam gas, water or arable land resources. Farms can be generously compensated to relocate, forests can be replanted, top soils can be set aside or re-created and water and gas can be extracted prior to mining. But solid mineral and energy resources can only be mined or sterilised. All past civilisations have recognised this resource imperative. Australia’s oil and gas resources are largely untested. There was great excitement and headline news in the past when oil/gas was discovered in places like Moonie, Barrow Island, Bass Straight and the Timor Sea. Alas, those exciting days are gone and oil exploration is being slowly killed by green bans, enquiries and the application of death-by-delay to every stage of the process. Fracking has opened up huge shale-oil and gas resources in USA. We can be sure that China, Russia, India and Brazil will soon follow. But of course it is banned in Australia.

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So, There is Climate Change, Eh … Maybe the Left Will Need to Do This! By James Reed

     A great article by Brett Stevens who calls the Left out on climate change, which is being used as their latest political weapon for global communism. He invites the Left to follow through the so-called “logic” of their position:

“Now the Left comes to us, worried facial expressions wide, asking what should be done about “climate change.” We can tell them the same thing that conservatives have for decades: All of our problems are caused by relying on quantity over quality. This reflects an inner mental disorder to humanity. Our suggestion is first to make our society sane again, which requires undoing a great deal of Leftist programs. For example, we should dismantle the consumerist system by ending our entitlements programs; we should slash government and regulations; we should empower private suits on behalf of the government; most of all, we should become self-sufficient, which ends a ton of pollution. We are not the ones advocating for people to fly around the globe, import products from far away in cargo ships which are massive polluters, or to have unlimited immigration. We wanted to save you from all of this. We would have busted unions, so that offshoring/outsourcing did not happen. We would have avoided globalism. We wanted to avoid the UN. We opposed welfare programs. Had you listened, the world population would have remained lower and we would not be having this discussion.

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Zero Emissions Australia? By Viv Forbes


     It may be possible for a perpetual committee of green bureaucrats to electrify Australia with a vast but flimsy spider-web of power lines connecting consumers to wind turbines, solar panels, lithium batteries and pumped-hydro batteries. In this wonder-world, electric scooters and mini-cars will be mandated and demand rationing will be imposed. But this costly, ramshackle UN dream-come-true will never be competitive with nearby industries in China, India and Japan using a powerful backbone of reliable low-cost nuclear, coal, gas and diesel power, decorated with bits of green tinsel to placate the energy commissars of the UN. These Asian tigers will get their coal from Mongolia, Indonesia and South Africa, their oil and gas from the Middle East and their uranium from Asia, Canada and Africa.

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Animal Rights Domestic Terrorists: Eat More Meat in Counter-Protest! By James Reed

     Yes, along with Antifa, the Left has generated its usual band of violent protestors:

“Animal rights activists who invade farms to stage protests will be hit with huge new fines in measures announced by Australia’s south-eastern state government after they were branded “domestic terrorists” by the region’s deputy leader. The New South Wales (NSW) government has introduced on-the-spot trespassing charges of $1,000 (£565) for each “vigilante” caught illegally entering private farmland. The new rules, which come into force on 1 August, could also see individuals charged up to $220,000 (£124,000) and corporations up to $440,000 (£248,000) for any major violations of the Biosecurity Act. “Vigilantes who are entering our farmers’ property illegally are nothing short of domestic terrorists, NSW deputy premier John Barilaro, in remarks widely reported by Australian media. “Our farmers have had a gutful. They don’t deserve, nor have time, to be dealing with illegal trespass and vile harassment from a bunch of virtue-signalling thugs.”

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Love Meat? Then to Support the Third World, Time to Give it Up! By Peter West

     Kiss your tasty steak goodbye, because it simply consumes too many resources, and to keep the Third World population numbers exploding, food will need to be distributed according to the Marxist principle of equality.

“Americans will need to cut their average consumption of beef by about 40% and Europeans by 22%, for the world to continue to feed the 10 billion people expected to live on this planet in 2050, according to a new report. That means each person could have about a burger and a half each week. This calculation comes from the World Resources Institute, a global research nonprofit that supports better use of natural resources to sustain a growing population. Its research looks at agriculture, the climate crisis, poverty and gender, among other topics. Its final "Creating a Sustainable Food Future" report released Wednesday takes a closer look at the gaps in food production and global demand and makes several concrete recommendations on how to prevent a catastrophe. Eating less beef is one such suggestion in the 568-page report. About 9.8 billion people will live on the planet by 2050, that's up from 7 billion people in 2010. Demand for food is projected to outpace population growth, increasing by more than 50% as people's incomes in the developing world are expected to increase, according to the report. The demand for meat and dairy is expected to rise even faster, by nearly 70%. The global demand for ruminant meat, meaning beef, sheep and goat, is expected to be even higher, at 88%. But to keep up with food demands overall, the report predicts farmers are going to have to produce 56% more crop calories than in 2010 -- and that means that land nearly twice the size of India will be needed. Closing these gaps is "harder than often recognized," according to the report. The authors suggest there are several ways to keep people from starving and to keep the climate crisis at bay, but the most impactful way to do this may be to cut the consumption of ruminant meat.”

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The Ever-Present Dangers of AI By Brian Simpson

     We have been covering the dangers of AI, something the good men who do nothing have, naturally enough, been doing nothing about. But, this is a hard one to act on because technology is harder to oppose than finance, covering us like the atmosphere. But, it can be deadly:

“The power of AI” is “too dangerous” to be held by “any one entity, any one government, any one company,” declared Dr. Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, during a Thursday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak. Mansour noted the unavoidable integration of programmers’ and developers’ biases into their algorithms, highlighting a Monday-published Financial Times column addressing the phenomenon of values embedded within programming code: Computer algorithms encoded with human values will increasingly determine the jobs we land, the romantic matches we make, the bank loans we receive and the people we kill, intentionally with military drones or accidentally with self-driving cars. How we embed those human values into code will be one of the most important forces shaping our century. Yet no one has agreed what those values should be. Still more unnerving is that this debate now risks becoming entangled in geo-technological rivalry between the US and China. The fusion of political biases and financial interests with Internet search algorithms — and with AI — via technology companies and governments is a far-reaching matter, explained Epstein. Centralization of power related to internet search — and more broadly, the dissemination of information — is dangerous, cautioned Epstein.”

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2019OK: Near Miss … Better Luck Next Time! By James “Meteorite” Reed

     I have founded a moment of crazies who are hoping that God delivers an Old Testament-style punishment to humanity by throwing rocks (actually hailstones: Joshua 10:11), just like in the good old days. Some of these rocks are getting mighty close, and it is only a matter of time. I suggest repenting now to avoids the rush later:

“A large asteroid just whizzed past our planet — and astronomers weren't expecting it. Ranging in size from 187 to 427 feet (57 to 130 meters) wide, the space rock named 2019 OK snuck up on us Thursday morning (July 25). It swung as close as 45,000 miles (73,000 kilometers) from Earth, what one astronomer told The Washington Post was "uncomfortably close.". If the asteroid had actually collided with Earth, the crash would have caused devastating damage, Michael Brown, an associate professor in astronomy at Monash University in Australia, wrote in The Conversation. Astronomers in Brazil and the United States separately discovered 2019 OK a couple of days ago, but it's surprise visit was only announced a couple of hours before it passed by. "The lack of warning shows how quickly potentially dangerous asteroids can sneak up on us," Brown wrote. And though this asteroid "is not a threat to Earth right now," other such near-Earth asteroids can be. For example, back in 2013, a meteor snuck up on us and exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk; that blast was stronger than a nuclear explosion, and the resulting shock wave shattered glass down below and injured more than 1,000 people. The Chelyabinsk meteor was much smaller than 2019 OK, spanning about 66 feet (20 meters) across. Both the Chelyabinsk meteor and 2019 OK snuck past astronomers' devices and paid surprise visits.

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We Should Love Coal-Fired Power Stations By James Reed

     We received this via the magic of email, but there was no source reference. however, the material is terrific and should be read and thought about. “First coal fired power stations do NOT send 60 to 70% of the energy up the chimney. The boilers of modern power station are 96% efficient and the exhaust heat is captured by the economisers and reheaters that heat the air and water before entering the boilers. The very slight amount exiting the stack is moist as in condensation and CO2. There is virtually no fly ash because this is removed by the precipitators or bagging plant that are 99.98% efficient. The 4% lost is heat through boiler wall convection. Coal-fired Power Stations are highly efficient with very little heat loss and can generate a massive amount of energy for our needs. They can generate power at efficiency of less than 10,000 b.t.u. per kilowatt and cost-wise that is very low. The percentage cost of mining and freight is very low. The total cost of fuel is 8% of total generation cost and does NOT constitute a major production cost. As for being laughed out of the country, China is building multitudes of coal-fired power stations because they are the most efficient for bulk power generation.

     We have, like, the USA , coal-fired power stations because we HAVE the raw materials and are VERY fortunate to have them. Believe me no one is laughing at Australia – exactly the reverse, they are very envious of our raw materials and independence. The major percentage of power in Europe and U.K. is nuclear because they don't have the coal supply for the future. Yes it would be very nice to have clean, quiet, cheap energy in bulk supply. Everyone agrees that it would be ideal. You don't have to be a genius to work that out. But there is only one problem---It doesn't exist. Yes - there are wind and solar generators being built all over the world but they only add a small amount to the overall power demand. The maximum size wind generator is 3 Megawatts, which can rarely be attained on a continuous basis because it requires substantial forces of wind. And for the same reason only generate when there is sufficient wind to drive them. This of course depends where they are located but usually they only run for 45% -65% of the time, mostly well below maximum capacity. They cannot be relied on for a 'base load ‘because they are too variable. And they certainly could not be used for load control.

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Predatory Green Capitalism: Monetising Air! By James Reed

     The world suffers from commodity fetishism, where everything has been converted to a money value, and where the money power controls everything. Some may feel that some things escape this net, such as air, but the global warming nonsense shows that even air will be reduced to a monetary value, and we will pay for air:

“You asked, "What's left to monetize? It appears the answer is 'very little.'" I respectfully disagree. The Biggest Enchilada of all is left. Air. Specifically carbon dioxide, CO2. We just have to figure how to get the yokels to agree to pay for that which was formerly free. Got it! First we browbeat them into believing its evil and that we have to tax it to save all life on Earth. Then, following in the finest traditions of the degenerate late medieval Catholic Church, we'll commission sellers of "Indulgences" to allow sinning at ever rising prices. a/k/a "Carbon Credit trading". This doesn't require any value added and the profits on "buy zero sell high" are limitless. This is the specific outline and the very same agencies that so love financialization of all kinds, $2 trillion dollar student debt to sustain obscenely paid college administrators and academics, endless academic credentialism and huge Hipster Cities sitting on container ports and mediating the China Trade, are all promoting this financialization of CO2 as hard as possible. This is why a nullity like the Paris Climate Accords continues to be pushed even after its proven every way possible that a) the biggest emitters like China and India won't adhere to them and b) even if they did the prescribed regimes will do nothing anyway. And its why I "don't believe" in it. Or rather, its why I believe its just the next and biggest financial scam.

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The Collapse of Civilisation 101 By Peter West

     Civilisations collapse when the elites become self-destructive in their greed and evil. This is a theme common to much of the reporting at this blog. Is it true? A scholarly book explores the same theme:  Anne Glyn-Jones, Holding Up a Mirror: How Civilizations Decline, (Imprint Academic, Thorverton, 1996). There is also a very good video about this which can serve as Collapseology 101, an introduction to this topic by Paul Joseph Watson, who argues that almost every factor that led to the collapse of past civilisations, can be found in the West, and there are more as well, generating a situation of over-determination:

     First, on the Glyn-Jones book, there are informative remarks given in an interview, saving us time in reading the book:

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Why Are the Global Elites Seeking Outer Space? By Brian Simpson

     Why the interest by the global elite in outer space? Is it that they were Star Trek fans in their larva stage of their metamorphosis, or is there something more?

“Billionaires like Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, among others, are displaying profound enthusiasm in regard to the notion of exploiting space. Their interest appears to go well beyond space tourism for the thrill-seeking one-percenters, even though that’s what gets most of the media attention. As Cathal O’Connell reports for Cosmos Magazine, “Already companies are sending up 3D printers to produce replacement tools in space. Next we could see orbiting factories making products for sale on Earth or automated robots constructing satellites the size of a football field.” If this all seems as exotic as those old 1930s “Flash Gordon” films did to the audiences of the day, recall that the experience of the Apollo 11 moon landing showed that reality has a way of catching up quickly to Hollywood fantasy (it also shows that when sufficient government resources are harnessed to a higher common purpose, good results can happen surprisingly quickly and efficiently). Once the likes of Bezos, Branson, Musk, and others find a way to economically hoist heavy machinery into space (and it is becoming more economic), permanent “off-Earth” manufacturing could become a reality. But this raises an interesting issue: who chooses the technological alternatives that set out our future?

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Where Whites Responsible for This? By Chris Knight

     First, at least the laws of arithmetic have not yet been rejected by the politically correct. Thus, Cortes and the conquistadors battled the Aztec empire from 1519-1521. However, the events to be described in South America happened in 1450. Columbus only reached the Americas in 1492, so there was no chance that white racism caused this, or is there???

“The slaughter of hundreds of young children and llamas in 15th century Peru may have been in response to a huge El Nino. More than 140 boys and girls aged between five and 14 were slaughtered in what is thought to be a mass sacrifice to appease the gods of a now extinct religion. Many of the children and juvenile animals had their hearts cut out during the grisly ritual. It is thought a huge El Niño caused major flooding and storms which triggered the bloody sacrifice. Analysis of the remains of more than 200 juvenile llamas and humans dates it to approximately 1450, during the peak of the Chimu civilisation in northern coastal Peru. The Huanchaquito-Las Llamas burial site is a 7,500 square foot area located less than half a mile from the Chimu's capital Chan Chan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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The Problem of Asteroids By Brian Simpson

     Some of us are looking each night to the starry skies above for answers, but as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the heavens are, humanity is but a speck of dust in a vast cosmic shooting gallery, that does not care about human intellectual machinations, deconstructions and social relativity:

“The current year has seen at least three asteroids moving dangerously close to the earth, namely, 2019 nn3, 2019 mb4 and 2019 mt2. another asteroid, ‘2019 nj2’, is likely to join this list on Friday. the asteroid 2019 nj2 is estimated to have an approximate diameter of 63 metres, and it is traveling at a speed of 48,280 km/h. the centre of near-earth object studies (cneos) forecasts that nj2 is likely to reach closest to the earth’s surface by Friday evening around 3:53 pm edt, or just before 1.30 am this Saturday morning. the asteroid will be around 3.1 million miles from our planet during this period. nj2 was first observed on June 29 this year. earlier, it was nearest to the earth in 1952 when it was flying close to venus.

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The Nuclear Attack Upon the USA by the USA! By James Reed

     Readers may find this interesting, and even thought I am a hardcore conspiracy theorist, I did not know much about this incident until seeing the below eye-opening video about the  B-36 bomber nuclear accident, Albuquerque, 1957. This story is only now being covered in the media after recently released papers:

“Newly released government documents reveal that a 42,000-pound hydrogen bomb, one of the most powerful ever made, accidentally fell from a bomber near Albuquerque 29 years ago, a newspaper said today. Non-nuclear explosives, which are used to trigger armed nuclear devices, detonated in the unarmed Mark 17 bomb when it hit the ground 4 1/2 miles south of Kirtland Air Force Base’s control tower, the Albuquerque Journal reported. The newspaper said it obtained the documents through the Freedom of Information Act. No one was injured when the bomb hit an uninhabited area owned by the University of New Mexico, creating a crater about 12 feet deep and 25 feet in diameter, the newspaper said. The documents said minor radioactive contamination was detected in the crater. “It is possibly the most powerful bomb we ever made,” said Stan Norris, a research associate with the Natural Resources Defense Council and a specialist on nuclear weapons. The government documents did not show the exact explosive yield of the bomb, but Norris said most researchers believe that it was more than 10 megatons. A megaton is the equivalent of 1 million tons, or 1,000 kilotons, of TNT. Norris said the largest nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal today has a yield of about 9 megatons. The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War II had a yield of about 16 kilotons.

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Porn Causes Global Warming, So Ban Porn! By Mrs Vera West

     Porn is evil because of its ill effects upon both men and women, but there is another angle to this which has amusingly, recently emerged; porn as a climate threat! Now that one really throws the cat among the Left-wing pigeons, since the Left love both porn and champion climate change as a new religion, so what gives when these dark titans clash?

“A new study brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘dirty movie’, as online porn has been found to be responsible for 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year. The Shift Project’s ‘Climate crisis: The unsustainable use of online video’ report found that a third of all videos viewed online are porn, and that watching online adult entertainment emits just under 100 million tons of CO2 emissions. The emissions generated in 2018 were of the same “magnitude as that of the residential sector in France,” the report found. Online videos generated 60 percent of the world’s data flows in 2018, which doesn’t include Skype videos or ‘camgirls’ live videos, and creates 300 million tons of CO2 emissions a year. Video streaming services like Netflix account for a third of online videos, and created the same amount of emissions as the entire Chilean economy. The report warns that emissions will continue to grow along with our increased viewing of online content and suggests limitations are put in place, such as not autoplaying videos and not using the highest possible resolution.”

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Face it, Sydney is Lost By Bruce Bennett

     I lived in Sydney for about 8 years, working in real estate. Travel, the sheer amount of traffic made me ill, I mean really ill in terms of hypertension, going around to properties all day, and drinking alcohol at night. I earnt good money selling the place off to overseas buyers, but eventually I saw the error of my ways, left the evil industry, left Sydney, and went down the coast. Maybe others will do so too, before Sydney simply collapses:

“Sydney's planners suffer from a 'total lack of sense' and seem 'permanently asleep at the wheel' as the city goes through a massive population boom, Mark Latham has warned. In an exclusive interview, the newly elected New South Wales One Nation leader has given a scathing diagnosis of the biggest problem with Australia's largest city. The powerful crossbencher, 58, still lives in Sydney's south-west near Camden with his wife and children and commutes to work by train. But Mr Latham described the area as 'population boom town' and painted a vivid picture of schools and local services already under immense strain. That comes even as the Government plans to build a new city the size of Adelaide on Sydney's outskirts - without setting aside land for a single public hospital. 'I got involved with politics because of bad planning where I grew up ... and fifty years later you're having the same problems,' Mr Latham said. 'You have to wonder, are these people permanently asleep at the wheel? Because these are obvious, obvious problems that come from bad planning.' 

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An Animal Model for Our Zombie Times By Bruce Bennett

     When scientists ae investigating drugs to treat a human disease, animal models are used, often mice. Here is a nice illustration of the plight of the West, with an animal model, metaphorical of course.

“Like a mindless zombie controlled by a menacing overlord, the spider scampers back and forth, reinforcing its silky web. Not long from now, the subservient arachnid will be dead, its web transformed into a shelter for the spawn of the creature that once controlled it, according to a new study. No, this isn't science fiction; it's the somewhat terrifying (but very real) tale of the orb-weaving spider Cyclosa argenteoalba and the parasitic wasp Reclinervellus nielseni, two species that carry out a strange relationship in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. Together, the wasp and the spider provide a perfect example of host manipulation — an ecological process in which one species (the parasite) and its young (the parasitoids) manipulate the behaviors of another species (the host) to their advantage. … The parasitic wasp's ability to manipulate its host in such a specific and subtle way is not unique. In Costa Rica, another parasitic wasp, Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga, ups the horror by depositing its eggs inside of its host arachnid (Plesiometa argyra), which builds a cocoon-worthy web before being consumed from the inside out by larvae. And, in Brazil (as well as other countries), there are fungi that infect many species of ants, turning these insects into a host of zombies. The ants climb to the highest point they can find and then die as fungal stalks shoot through their skulls, dispersing the fungus' spores into the wind. In the case of the fungi-entranced ants, scientists know that the fungi actually release a cocktail of chemicals into the ants' brains, inducing them to do the fungi's bidding. But entomologists are still actively studying the ways that wasps and other insect parasites might control their hosts. Takasuka suspects that, in the case of R. nielseni and C. argenteoalba, the mechanism controlling the spider's web-strengthening preferences is somehow related to the hormone that is naturally released in the spider just before molting. This hormone is what motivates the spider to start building a resting nest. In the near future, Takasuka hopes to study the chemicals present in the larvae to determine how those chemicals might be related to the resting-web hormone and others.

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